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Mikasun - Strategic Vision

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Wats up my people?....The name is 'MikaSun' of 'Subliminal Sabotage'. I am a MC that represents for the southern tip Humbodt County California. Along with the band (Piet Dallmolen, Steve Webb, PC, Chris Noonan, B. Swizlo, Mike Lee, G BoB) Have been blowing up some off the chain shows in and around HUMBOLDT. I have been writting lyrics and poems for almost 9 years and have been focusing on music for almost 5. In the last year or so i have put together an album that displays some of my skills and styles. Working with producers Just One, B. Swizlo and Galen 'GBOB' Davis along with some key features, has made the album a instrumental banger all the way through. MC's like Elision and MCP, 2son and Whosane make for some lyrical fire. Vocallsit like Barel Alexander, Sophia Zidel, Jessica santafereo and BC make for some great feeling and singing. The album is dropin' MARCH 17th, so be on the look out for MikaSun 'STRATEGIC VISION'. THANX For Listening to and supportin' my Music. ONE LOVE MikaSun............ Subliminal Sabotage - the rural hip hop warriors Hip hop is almost thirty years old. It is no longer a niche sound created in New York or Los Angeles. Precisely the opposite in fact, as the sounds from the cultural capitals sounds more and more stale as they produce stale recycled crap. In the decades of hip hop two certainties are true: 1. Hip hop will be marketed and sold in every incarnation. DJs will rep cigarettes, graffiti artists will design corporate logos and emcees will sell fried chicken. 2. New hip hop will emerge to criticize the older generation for their failures and create new astounding art. Given these two observations, the tricky thing is discerning the garbage from the exceptional hip hop. Hip hop is everywhere in part because advertising and Yo MTV Raps broadcast musical seeds in spots as diverse as Saint Louis, Poughkeepsie and Redway. Now we are reaping the rewards as incredible underground hip hop blossoms across the nation, most often as a reply to the corporate world of rap music. Humboldt County is the site of the most recent upsurge of dangerous hip hop music, this time coming through the band Subliminal Sabotage. Every location creates different hip hop. The sounds are unique, the slang is distinct and the music regional. Humboldt is no different. Humboldt County is a refuge for cultural critics, homesteaders, dissidents, hippies and hermits, a deeply rural county five hours north of San Francisco. Humboldt is famous for ganja cultivation, individualistic settlers, and the timber wars that pitch environmentalists against logging companies. We can't be surprised that the hip hop that comes out of Humboldt County is radically different from the music from anywhere else. T he premier live hip hop outfit in Humboldt County is Subliminal Sabotage in large part because they embody the complexities of this funky place. Start with the band. Yep, that's right, the band, not the DJ. Arcata and Eureka are notorious party spots with vibrant nightlife. The reigning party band is Nucleus, a throng of talented musicians who play funk and dance music to adoring fans. It is nucleus who comprises the foundation of Subliminal Sabotage. The heart of nucleus is Pete Ciotti, whose thunderous drumming can manipulate a crowd better than a good preacher. Piet Dalmolen is a long-haired rock guitarist whose talent lies in his understanding of the good riff. Bass player Steve Webb creates a fabric of noise that fills any space from bar to amphitheatre. Dalmolen and Webb work together to contribute incredible depth to the sound. The backbone of Nucleus is Brian Swizlo, whose keyboards cut through the crowd at every show and whose hustle is legendary. Swizlo helps to orchestrate the multi-layered sound with DJ and producer Justone. As a musical outfit, Sublimal Sabotage fill out their sound with an incredible horn player, Chris Noonan and Galen Davis, a top-notch percussionist. Add a live show that might include Justone adding some scratches on turntables, hype man Beryl Alexander crooning choruses, or Mike Lee on the cello and you have some idea of the depth of the Nucleus crew's sound - and we haven't even gotten to the emcees yet! The three emcees of Subliminal Sabotage: MCP, Mikasun and Elision are propelled forward by the incredible sound of Nucleus. Elision will usually be the first to explode - jumping to the front of the stage with crystal-clear rhymes filled with conscious, thought provoking ideas. Behind him will be MCP, a tongue twisting lyricist whose songs get the party moving and are guaranteed to move even the most jaded hip hop head. Mikasun is a tall thoughtful emcee in the legacy of Rakim - a tower of dangerous word flow, an emcee's emcee. Together they pass the microphones over the perfect custom-produced beats and something magical happens. Subliminal sabotage came out of the backwoods of rural Humboldt County where they had known each other for years. Scratching out hip hop identity in the wooded hills created emcees whose voices just don't sound like anywhere else. Poetry and flow play with the hip hop format, letting loose something bigger and more free. When you put their voices with the sound of the best party in Humboldt County the result is infectious whether live or recorded. The certificate of hip hop credibility might be late coming for these artists, but they are certainly authentic to the community they come from. Subliminal Sabotage have been the house band for parties in the woods, bar mitzvahs, festivals and club shows up and down the north coast. They have legions of screaming fans who have memorized the words from Elision's album Chapter One - Introduction and wherever they perform, a small army of 707 soldiers roll with them to create the appropriate vibe. Given the size of the band and their communal importance it might not be too much of a stretch to describe them as a movement, or at least the most current incarnation of one. Corporate America was surprised by the power of Eminem and Ludacris who emerged out of Detroit and Atlanta as the faces of youth culture. It turns out that the rebellious sound of hip hop, the only artistic movement ever created by young people, was a sound that resonated with an incredible number of young people -- everywhere. Subliminal sabotage rides a wave of unrest in the world of hip hop. Young people whose town has two stop lights and an agricultural grange seem to find great pleasure in seeing musicians like them on the stage. Driven by their community, Subliminal Sabotage are growing, with roots deeply planted and branches reaching for the sun. They invite you to experience their rural musical revolution.

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1) Intro
2) Beauty
3) Buisness As Usual
4) No Handcuffs
5) Were Would I Be?
6) Break
7) Hip Hop to This
8) Scared
9) Space
10) Effort
11) Seasons
12) Poems of Mind
13) Overdue
14) Better Place
15) Angels View
16) Feelin'
17) Conga Break
18) Strategic Vision
19) Out the Door

Strategic Vision
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