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Various Artists
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Paramount Records / Sony Classical

Paramount Pictures 90th Anniversary: Memorable Scores actually covers a little less than 60 years of film music, but who's counting -- they were 60 good years. Presented primarily in chronological order (the first and last tracks are the exceptions), this disc presents both original soundtrack recordings and some re-recordings of music -- mostly main and end titles -- representing Paramount's film legacy. In so doing, the disc manages to highlight many of Hollywood's pre-eminent composers as well as present a sort of capsule overview of the changes in film music styles over the years. Starting with straight orchestral masterworks of the '40s and '50s (from composers such as Miklos Rozsa and Elmer Bernstein), the disc then moves to Henry Mancini's early-'60s pop sound with his "Moon River" and "Baby Elephant Walk." The late '60s and early '70s represented a time of great diversity in film and film music, here encapsulated in the syrupy strains of Love Story, immediately followed by the sublime "Waltz" and "Love Theme" from The Godfather. Jerry Goldsmith's triumphant Star Trek: The Motion Picture fanfare and John Williams' unforgettable Raiders of the Lost Ark usher in the post-Star Wars blockbuster sound. Synthesizer-based, pop-influenced music, such as "Axel F." from Beverly Hills Cop, threatened to take over film soundtracks in the mid-'80s, while Maurice Jarre brought an orchestral sensibility to the all-electronic score in his brilliant "Building the Barn" from Witness. By the '90s, symphonic sounds, rock rhythms, and synthesizers began to blend, while composers utilized a full palette to really open up their orchestrations. This disc covers a lot of ground, with the penultimate track from Jerry Goldsmith's score to The Sum of All Fears bringing it all together. His use of vocals with unique instrumentation amidst traditional brass and strings provide a glimpse at the power still inherent in the best film music. From the opening strains of John Williams' powerful "Hymn to the Fallen" to Mark Mothersbaugh's delightful "Baby Shower Happenings," this is an interesting and insightful collection. Some of the tracks aren't as "memorable" as Paramount's marketing department might want you to believe (the inclusion of music from Tomb Raider seems particularly gratuitous) and all of the music here has been previously available elsewhere, but as a sampler and a study of the development of film music as an art form, it's not bad at all. ~ Neil Shurley

Disc 1:
1) Saving Private Ryan, film score~Hymn to the Fallen - Boston Symphony Orchestra / Tanglewood Festival Chorus / John Williams (06:09)
2) Double Indemnity, film score~Prelude - New Zealand Symphony Orchestra / Sedaras, James (03:16)
3) The Lost Weekend, film score~Finale - New Zealand Symphony Orchestra / Sedaras, James (04:12)
4) The Heiress, film score~Departure / Morris Suggests Love / The Proposal / Finale - Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra / Leonard Slatkin (02:40)
5) Sunset Boulevard, film score~Prelude - Joel McNeely / Royal Scottish National Orchestra (03:50)
6) Ten Commandments, film score~Prelude - Elmer Bernstein (05:06)
7) Breakfast at Tiffany's, film score~Moon River - Henry Mancini & His Orchestra & Chorus (02:42)
8) Hatari!, film score~Baby Elephant Walk - Henry Mancini (02:42)
9) Rosemary's Baby, film score~Main Title (Vocal) - Dick Hazard (02:25)
10) Romeo and Juliet, film score~Love Theme From Romeo & Juliet - Henry Mancini & His Orchestra (02:33)
11) Once Upon a Time in the West, film score~Once Upon A Time In The West - Ned Nash Orchestra (03:53)
12) Love Story, film score~Theme From Love Story - (03:21)
13) The Godfather, film score~Main Title - Carlo Savina (03:07)
14) The Godfather, film score~Love Theme From The Godfather - Carlo Savina (02:39)
15) Chinatown, film score~Love Theme From China Town (Main Title) - Jerry Goldsmith (02:03)
16) The Godfather, Part 2, film score~End Title - Carmine Coppola (03:53)
17) Star Trek I, film score~End Title - Jerry Goldsmith (03:16)
18) Raiders of the Lost Ark, film score~Raiders Of The Lost Ark - London Symphony Orchestra / Williams, John (06:03)
19) Terms of Endearment, film score~Theme From Terms Of Endearment - (03:27)
20) Flashdance, film score~Love Theme From Flashdance - Helen St. John (03:29)
21) Beverly Hills Cop, film score~Axel F - Harold Faltermeyer (03:02)

Disc 2:
1) Witness, film score~Building the Barn - (04:59)
2) Children of a Lesser God, film score~Main Title - Shirley Walker (03:00)
3) The Untouchables, film score~The Strength Of The Righteous (Main Title) - (02:22)
4) Fatal Attraction, film score~Fatal Attraction - (03:47)
5) Addams Family Values, film score~Main Title - Hummie Mann (02:01)
6) Dead Again, film score~Winter 1948 - William Kraft (02:55)
7) Indecent Proposal, film score~Flahback & Photos - John Barry (01:42)
8) The Firm, film score~How Could You Lose Me? -End Title - Dave Grusin (03:39)
9) Clear and Present Danger, film score~Main Title/A Clear And Present Danger - James Horner (05:24)
10) Braveheart, film score~For The Love Of A Princess - James Horner (04:07)
11) Primal Fear, film score~Courtroom Montage - Artie Kane (02:14)
12) Mission: Impossible, film score~Zoom B - Artie Kane (02:54)
13) Star Trek: First Contact, film score~Excerpt - Jerry Goldsmith (05:26)
14) Titanic Suite~Hard to Starboard - James Horner (06:50)
15) The Rugrats Movie, film score~Baby Shower Happenings - London Metropolitan Orchestra / Allan Wilson (02:23)
16) The Talented Mr. Ripley, film score~Italia - London Metropolitan Orchestra / Harry Rabinowitz (01:39)
17) Rules of Engagement, film score~Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful) - London Metropolitan Orchestra (04:11)
18) Mission Impossible 2, film score~The Bait - (01:03)
19) Tomb Raider, film score~Main Titles - (02:06)
20) Vanilla Sky, film score~To the Roof - (02:21)
21) The Sum of All Fears, film score~The Mission - Hill, Shana Blake (05:58)
22) Forrest Gump, film score~I'm Forrest...Forrest Gump - Alan Silvestri (02:41)

Paramount Pictures 90th Anniversary: Memorable Scores
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