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Universal Studios

A twisting tale that attempts to chronicle the complex and diverse waron drugs. An Ohio Supreme Court Judge is appointed Drug Czar, but his loyalties are divided as he finds out his daughter is addicted to heroin.

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Director: Bruce Nash
Director: Steven Soderbergh
Producer: Edward Zwick
Producer: Elysa Koplovitz
Producer: Laura Bickford
Producer: Marshall Herskovitz
Producer: Michael Nelson
Producer: Mike Judge
Actor: Caitlin Maloney
Actor: Benicio Del Toro
Actor: Duane Manwiller
Actor: Fran Allgood
Actor: Bob Marshak
Actor: Eric Collins
Actor: Jacob Vargas
Actor: Andrew Chavez
Actor: Cliff Martinez
Actor: Jennifer Barker
Actor: Kim McCray
Actor: Michael Saucedo
Actor: Trey Batchelor
Actor: Jose Yenque
Actor: Meaghan F. McLaughlin
Actor: Emilio Rivera
Actor: Kevin Beard
Actor: Steve Melton
Actor: Jason Bedig
Actor: Michael O'Neill
Actor: Ralph Merzbach
Actor: Julianne Berkowitz
Actor: Michael Douglas
Actor: Philip Messina
Actor: Alan Meyerson
Actor: Greg Berry
Actor: Russell G. Jones
Actor: Laura Bickford
Actor: Lorene Hetherington
Actor: Beau Holden
Actor: Larry Blake
Actor: Stephen Mirrione
Actor: Peter Stader
Actor: Robert Mitas
Actor: Clelio Boccato
Actor: James Lew
Actor: Greg Boniface
Actor: Kama Moiha
Actor: Luis Guzman
Actor: Don Cheadle
Actor: Erika Christensen
Actor: Catherine Zeta-Jones
Actor: Dennis Quaid
Actor: Amazing Grace
Actor: D.W. Moffett
Actor: Tomas Milian
Actor: Jeremy Fitzgerald
Actor: Barbara Boxer
Actor: Russell Solberg
Actor: Simon Moore
Actor: Shawn Broes
Actor: Don Snell
Actor: Robert Neilson
Actor: Enrique Murciano
Actor: Frederic W. Brost
Actor: Kymberly Newberry
Actor: Gary Carlos Cervantes
Actor: Glenn Brown
Actor: Mike Newell
Actor: Don Nickles
Actor: Miguel Ferrer
Actor: Carl Ciarfalio
Actor: Tracey Brown
Actor: Eric Bryant
Actor: Jimmy Ortega
Actor: Steve Lambert
Actor: Gilbert Rosales
Actor: Kyle Carden
Actor: Rene Pereya
Actor: Jon Carpenter
Actor: Rick Avery
Actor: James Plannette
Actor: Mario Roberts
Actor: Pat Chapman
Actor: Eileen Weisinger
Actor: Ken Johnston
Actor: Victor Quintero
Actor: Mike Watson
Actor: Kurt Lott
Actor: Sonny Ritscher
Actor: Bonnie Clevering
Actor: Lincoln Simonds
Actor: Brett Cody
Actor: Buck McDancer
Actor: Ousaun Elam
Actor: Brian Avery
Actor: Chance Robertson
Actor: Charles Conn
Actor: John Robotham
Actor: Majandra Delfino
Actor: Carole Cowley
Actor: Jeff Rona
Actor: Topher Grace
Actor: Andreas Crawford
Actor: Thomas Rosales Jr.
Actor: Alec Roberts
Actor: Douglas Crise
Actor: Keith P. Cunningham
Actor: Stephen J. Rose
Actor: Dana Ross
Actor: Rena Sofer
Actor: Renee D. Czarapata
Actor: Michael Roundy
Actor: Stacey Travis
Actor: Albert Finney
Actor: D. W. Moffett
Actor: Keith H. Sauter
Actor: Charles E. Dolan
Actor: James Brolin
Actor: Laurent Schwaar
Actor: Christopher Scott
Actor: Daniella Kuhn
Actor: Brandon Keener
Actor: Maya Shimoguchi
Actor: Robert Dulys
Actor: George Blumenthal
Actor: Gregg Silk
Actor: Anthony Simonaitis
Actor: Stephen Dunham
Actor: Brian Eno
Actor: Margaret Travolta
Actor: Senator Barbara Boxer
Actor: Dave Hager
Actor: Dawn Finter
Actor: Tucker Smallwood
Actor: Steven Bauer
Actor: Steven Soderbergh
Actor: Louise Frogley
Actor: Marisol Padilla Sanchez
Actor: Amy Irving
Actor: Stephen Gaghan
Actor: Richard Solomon
Actor: Clifton Collins Jr.
Actor: Corey Spears
Actor: William Gideon
Actor: Aaron Glascock
Actor: Toby Holguin
Actor: Ramiro Gonzalez
Actor: Spooky Stevens
Actor: Kevin Globerman
Actor: Viola Davis
Actor: Carlos Gomez
Actor: James Pickens Jr.
Actor: Peter Riegert
Actor: Elaine Kagan
Actor: Katherine Gordon
Actor: John Slattery
Actor: Robin L. Green
Actor: Tom Rosales
Actor: Josh Gummersall
Actor: Norman R. Walker
Actor: Vonte Sweet
Actor: Yul Vazquez
Actor: Jack Conley
Actor: Bill Weld
Actor: Eddie Velez
Actor: Werner Hahnlein
Actor: David A. Whittaker
Actor: Geoffrey Haley
Actor: John Brown
Actor: Herbie Hancock
Actor: Mark Wineman
Actor: Mike Siegel
Actor: Keenan Wyatt
Actor: Kevin Hannigan
Actor: Salma Hayek
Actor: Harsh Nayyar
Actor: William D. Harrison
Actor: Bill Young
Actor: Mary Pat Gleason
Actor: Debra Zane
Actor: Marshall Herskovitz
Actor: Vincent Ward
Actor: Benjamin Bratt
Actor: Edward Zwick
Actor: Jason Hinkel
Actor: Jsu Garcia
Actor: Rita Gomez
Actor: Blair Huizingh
Actor: David Jensen
Actor: Barry Idoine
Actor: Mike Malone
Actor: Rene Pereyra
Actor: Gregory Jacobs
Actor: Kymberly S. Newberry
Actor: Loretta James-Demasi
Actor: Michael Showers
Actor: Karen Jarnecke
Actor: Gary Jay
Actor: Graham King
Actor: Rich King
Actor: Jay Krymis
Actor: Steven Lambert
Actor: Paul Ledford
Actor: Kurt D. Lott
Actor: Alex Procopio

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