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Dave & Kimberly Thomson - Times to Remember

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Dave & Kimberly Thomson
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"Combining many intelligences and learning styles in these pictures and songs have benefited all my students, even those learning in their second or third language, which is most of my class. The students have even started saying the rhymes to each other when their classmates get stuck. I cannot imagine teaching multiplication without using these fantastic pictures and songs." (...found in Times to Remember the Fun and Easy Way to Memorize the Multiplcation Tables!) - Mindy Seeman, 3rd Grade Teacher Times to Remember™, The Fun and Easy Way to Memorize the Multiplication Tables is a unique and innovative multi-sensory product. Fast, easy, effective, and fun, it's guaranteed to help your learner memorize the basic multiplication tables from 0-9. The Sing-Along Songs are a supplement the Times to Remember™ program which is based on beautifully illustrated rhymes, created with careful consideration to both visual and auditory learning. Fun activities, requiring minimal instruction, are incorporated to provide kinesthetic (hands on) learning as well so that all learners, regardless of learning styles, can celebrate success. The illustrations have been created with a focus on factor shape, and the rhymes with a focus on the sound of the product (the answer). For example, the numbers 6 and 9 both have long 'necks'; one stretches upward and one stretches downward. With the addition of pencil-thin legs and a few embellishments they easily convert to flamingos. So, we See, we Read, we Sing, we Clap, we Color- and best of all we Remember-"6x9 catching fish galore, 6x9=54!" The illustrated rhymes (and songs) are designed so that learners will recall the answer regardless of the factor order. For this reason there is only one illustrated rhyme per number set. All begin with the smaller factor. The portion of each illustration (the smaller factor) is later used as a 'hint' on review pages, activities and flashcards, providing additional supports. Not only is 'Times to Remember™ fun and easy way to Memorize the Multiplication Tables ', fun and easy it takes only minutes for results. It can be presented to an entire classroom, small groups, or individual learners, and is especially effective for students who struggle with rote memorization, including those with special needs. Times to Remember™ addresses all equations in the 0-9 times tables. 21 illustrated rhymes have been created for fact families in the 3,4,6,7,8, and 9 tables, commonly considered the 'trickier' tables. The 0,1,2 and 5 tables have simple strategies, which are taught and reviewed. Enjoy this 35 minute CD where all the rhymes are set to music! The Times to Remember Story... Times to Remember, The Fun and Easy Way to Memorize the Multiplication Tables began the spring of 2002 with a pencil, a notebook, and a mother's determination to teach her struggling son the basic multiplication tables. Sandra Warren, a high-school biology teacher with a Masters of Science in Education, was inspired by her love for her children. A mother of three, including one with special needs, Sandra was continually seeking innovative ways to help her children learn. So, for her son she created simple rhymes and sketches based on the shape of the factors and the sound of the product (the answer). "These were not only fun for him, they were working," said Sandra, explaining that the strength of Times to Remember is in it's simplicity. "These illustrated rhymes provided simple visual and auditory connections from the unfamiliar and abstract to the familiar and concrete." In fact, it worked so well that Sandra revived the idea in 2006 when she later taught elementary math at a bi-lingual school while her family was living in the Dominican Republic. "Like most 3, 4th and 5th graders, my students struggled with multiplication. Since they loved to sing and dance, I'd sketch an illustration on the board and have them stand and clap as we'd sing the rhymes. Weekly test scores shot up. Parents were asking about the rhymes, wondering where they could buy the book. Finding nothing on the market like it, I knew I had to get it out there." The Development Process . "The Dominican Republic was the perfect testing ground for an American product because of our growing Latino population," said Sandra. "Some of the rhymes were changed to reflect a more inclusive culture. For example, students didn't understand one of the rhymes, which included a reference to temperature when rain changes to snow. They were as unfamiliar to snow as they were to Fahrenheit. The student came up with a better rhyme and graciously allowed me to use it in Times to Remember. " Sandra refined the sketches and ideas and took them to a local artist, Juan José Vásquez (I would like to put a link to his web site), whose talent brought them to life. "Juan José spoke little English, and I spoke little Spanish. Our four-year relationship not only pulled the book together, but also improved our bi-lingual skills," said Sandra adding, "I feel very thankful for Juan José's gifts and talents, as well as his patience though out the process. " Since the illustrations were a critical component to the product, Sandra continually tweaked them based on the feedback from teachers, the special-services department, and especially from students. "The students gave amazing advice," said Sandra, explaining how Cynthia, a 5th grader, helped to simplify the background of some of the illustrations after spending several hours scrutinizing them with an amazingly professional eye. Jake, a 2nd grader, loved the hidden numbers and wanted more. They were soon added after other children agreed." After 12 years of living in the Dominican Republic the Warren family was called to Michigan for a job change for Mr. Warren. "We had a move, a job change, and our daughter's wedding all at the same time. We were just catching our breath in September when my good friend Cheryl called and said "Don't set it aside again, Sandy. Keep going, it's almost done." "I knew she was right, so over the last several months I have been extremely busy. If I'm not at the computer, I'm meeting with the book designer, the graphic specialist, editors, singers, CD makers, printing companies, a web builder, a marketing team and more. Now, as I get set to release Times to Remember to the public I can truly sing my favorite rhyme." "Nine times Nine, Hooray we're done!!, 9x9 =81"

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1) Section I Introduction
2) Zero Is the Hero
3) One the Loser
4) Two Times Table
5) Fives Times Table
6) Section II Introduction
7) 3X3 Complete
8) 3X3 No Answer
9) 3X3 Instrumentals
10) 3X4 Complete
11) 3X4 No Answer
12) 3X4 Instrumentals
13) 3X6 Complete
14) 3X6 No Answer
15) 3X6 Instrumentals
16) 3X7 Complete
17) 3X7 No Answer
18) 3X7 Instrumentals
19) 3X8 Complete
20) 3X8 No Answer
21) 3X8 Instrumentals
22) 3X9 Complete
23) 3X9 No Answer
24) 3X9 Instrumentals
25) 4X4 Complete
26) 4X4 No Answer
27) 4X4 Instrumentals
28) 4X6 Complete
29) 4X6 No Answer
30) 4X6 Instrumentals
31) 4X7 Complete
32) 4X7 No Answer
33) 4X7 Instrumentals
34) 4X8 Complete
35) 4X8 No Answer
36) 4X8 Instrumentals
37) 4X9 Complete
38) 4X9 No Answer
39) 4X9 Instrumentals
40) 6X6 Complete
41) 6X6 No Answer
42) 6X6 Instrumentals
43) 6X7 Complete
44) 6X7 No Answer
45) 6X7 Instrumentals
46) 6X8 Complete
47) 6X8 No Answer
48) 6X8 Instrumentals
49) 6X9 Complete
50) 6X9 No Answer
51) 6X9 Instrumentals
52) 7X7 Complete
53) 7X7 No Answer
54) 7X7 Instrumentals
55) 7X8 Complete
56) 7X8 No Answer
57) 7X8 Instrumentals
58) 7X9 Complete
59) 7X9 No Answer
60) 7X9 Instrumentals
61) 8X8 Complete
62) 8X8 No Answer
63) 8X8 Instrumentals
64) 8X9 Complete
65) 8X9 No Answer
66) 8X9 Instrumentals
67) 9X9 Complete
68) 9X9 No Answer
69) 9X9 Instrumentals
70) Great Times! Play It Again!

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