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Actor: Bob Wagner
Actor: Ladd McIntosh
Actor: Mauro Fiore
Actor: Alfred Ainsworth
Actor: Barry H. Waldman
Actor: Caitlin McKenna-Wilkinson
Actor: Sean Connery
Actor: Bret Alexander
Actor: Kevin McNamara
Actor: Nicolas Cage
Actor: William Washington
Actor: Andrew Form
Actor: Ed Harris
Actor: Gregory H. Watkins
Actor: John Meier
Actor: Peter Alvarez
Actor: David Amborn
Actor: Michael Meier
Actor: Bruce Fowler
Actor: Eric Amundsen
Actor: John McGinley
Actor: Keith A. Wester
Actor: Michael Meinardus
Actor: Alan Meyerson
Actor: Tim Amyx
Actor: Walt Fowler
Actor: Webster Whinery
Actor: Monika Mikkelsen
Actor: Richard Francis-Bruce
Actor: Stanley Anderson
Actor: Michael Miller
Actor: Michael White
Actor: Richard C. Franklin
Actor: Steve E. Anderson
Actor: Bennie Moore
Actor: Marva Fucci
Actor: Pete Antico
Actor: Warren White
Actor: Audie Aragon
Actor: Craig Moore
Actor: Denise Whiting
Actor: Heidi Fugeman
Actor: James Ashwill
Actor: Stuart Wilson
Actor: Suzette Moriarty
Actor: Tony Gardner
Actor: Darryl M. Athons
Actor: Jan Garner
Actor: Steven J. Winslow
Actor: Patrick Murray
Actor: Paul E. Avery
Actor: Wes Wofford
Actor: Bob Badami
Actor: Jill Musser
Actor: Matthew Wood
Actor: Boone Narr
Actor: Pat Gerhardt
Actor: Steve J. Harris
Actor: Wayne Baker
Actor: William Forsythe
Actor: Michael Biehn
Actor: Andy Ryan
Actor: Carlos Sandoval
Actor: Celeste Weaver
Actor: Dando Gaver
Actor: Dennis Chalker
Actor: Fred Savallon
Actor: Hans George Struhar
Actor: Jane Sanguinetti Luenell
Actor: John Enos
Actor: John W. Love Jr.
Actor: Joseph Hawes
Actor: Leonard McMahan
Actor: Marshall Teague
Actor: Mike Mahrer
Actor: Raymond Cruz
Actor: Ricky Toms
Actor: Robert Ben Rajab
Actor: Robert C. Besgrove
Actor: Robert M. Anselmo
Actor: Ronald Simmons
Actor: Sean Skelton
Actor: Steve Decker
Actor: Steve Harris
Actor: Thomas J. Hageboeck
Actor: David Morse
Actor: Bokeem Woodbine
Actor: Jim Maniaci
Actor: Greg Collins
Actor: Jack Yates
Actor: Juan A. Riojas
Actor: John C. McGinley
Actor: Joseph Patrick Kelly
Actor: Gregory Sporleder
Actor: Tony Todd
Actor: Brendan Kelly
Actor: Chuck Neely
Actor: Gregory Barchie
Actor: Leonard T. Geschke
Actor: Steve Wooten
Actor: Andy Gill
Actor: Andy Nelson
Actor: Gary Wright
Actor: Todd Louiso
Actor: Tom Barrett
Actor: Davia Nelson
Actor: Eddie Yansick
Actor: Ivan Bates
Actor: Jack Gill
Actor: John Spencer
Actor: Claire Forlani
Actor: Hoyt Yeatman
Actor: Jack Glenn
Actor: Kathy Nelson
Actor: Kenny Bates
Actor: Jesse Yoshimura
Actor: Nick Glennie-Smith
Actor: Scott Beattie
Actor: Tucker Smallwood
Actor: Chet Zar
Actor: David B. Nowell
Actor: Ingo Neuhaus
Actor: John Berger
Actor: Mark Goldblatt
Actor: Dick Ziker
Actor: Karen Golden
Actor: Xander Berkeley
Actor: Ann Goulder
Actor: Dan O'Connell
Actor: Hans Zimmer
Actor: Vanessa Marcil
Actor: Chris Zimmerman
Actor: Jerry Grandey
Actor: Kevin O'Connell
Actor: Larry Blanford
Actor: Raymond O'Connor
Actor: Chuck Zito
Actor: John E. Gray
Actor: Lisa Block-Linson
Actor: Thomas J. O'Connell
Actor: William Newman
Actor: Beau Bonneau
Actor: David Bowe
Actor: Harry Gregson-Williams
Actor: Bruce Botnick
Actor: Jay Guerra
Actor: Raquel Krelle
Actor: Sandra Ohlfest
Actor: Howard Platt
Actor: Jeff Okabayashi
Actor: David Orr
Actor: Gabriela Gutentag
Actor: Marshall R. Teague
Actor: Steve Boyd
Actor: Chris Haarhoff
Actor: Christopher Boyes
Actor: Duffy Gaver
Actor: Maggie Ostroff
Actor: Danny Nucci
Actor: Janet Brady
Actor: Marlo Pabon
Actor: Chuck A. Tamburro
Actor: R.J. Palmer
Actor: Ronald E. Hairston
Actor: Rosemary Brandenburg
Actor: Billy Devlin
Actor: Nick Brett
Actor: Philip Baker Hall
Actor: William A. Pancake Jr.
Actor: James M. Halty
Actor: Joe Pancake
Actor: John Brilhante
Actor: Willie Garson
Actor: Bob Brown
Actor: George Parra
Actor: John Nathan
Actor: Thomas M. Harrigan
Actor: Barbara Harris
Actor: Jack Ford
Actor: Jerry Bruckheimer
Actor: Kris Peck
Actor: Dwight Hicks
Actor: Rob Burton
Actor: Frances Pennington
Actor: Matthew Harrison
Actor: Ralph Peduto
Actor: Richard E. Butler
Actor: Anthony Clark
Actor: Bruce D. Hayes
Actor: Jeanne Byrd
Actor: Manny Perry
Actor: Doug Hemphill
Actor: John Cade
Actor: Richard Conti
Actor: Steve Picerni
Actor: Craig A. Pinckes
Actor: Cully Fredricksen
Actor: Robert S. Henderson
Actor: Jerry Pirozzi
Actor: Marco Kyris
Actor: Rick Canelli
Actor: Larry Carow
Actor: Michael Edward Rose
Actor: Rory Hinnen
Actor: K.C. Hodenfield
Actor: Ray Cavalluzzi
Actor: Sam Whipple
Actor: Stefanie Pleet
Actor: Anthony Guidera
Actor: Kristen Ploucha
Actor: Richard Hoffenberg
Actor: Darin Hollings
Actor: James Caviezel
Actor: John Ceniceros
Actor: Robert Powell
Actor: Billy Hopkins
Actor: Bundy Chanock
Actor: Jim Poynter
Actor: John Enos III
Actor: Denise Horta
Actor: Ken Kells
Actor: Michael Chonos
Actor: Scott J. Prophet
Actor: Alan D. Purwin
Actor: David R. Christensen
Actor: Frank Howard
Actor: Harry Humphries
Actor: Brad Rea
Actor: Charles Johnson
Actor: Norman Howell
Actor: Terry Claborn
Actor: Bobbie Re"|0|0|"Sean Connery stars in this action-suspense thriller about a disgruntled Marine general who seize control over Alcatraz Island and threatens to launch rockets containing lethal poisons into the heart of San Francisco if his demands are not met. With tourists held hostage and the lives of thousands at stake
Actor: FBI chemical weapons expert and top secret federal prisoner provide the only hope of averting disaster. Also starring Nicolas Cage and Ed Harris. Running time: 136 minutes.

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