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REPACKAGED. ECO AMARAY. In the middle of the 20th century, America pondered it's future - and looked to the skies. Based on Tom Wolfe's book, THE RIGHT STUFF is the tale of how that future began, a thrilling epic of intrepid test pilot Chuck Yeager and the seven pioneering astronauts of the Project Mercury space program. Philip Kaufman scripts and directs, pushing the envelope with a filmmaking bravado that matches this soaring story of training and heroism; and of sudden fame for which there is no training. Directed by Philip Kaufman. Starring Scott Glenn, Jeff Goldblum, Dennis Quaid, Ed Harris.

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Director: Philip Kaufman
Producer: Bernd Eichinger
Producer: Carlos Fernández
Producer: Dieter Geissler
Producer: Irwin Winkler
Producer: John Hyde
Producer: Mark Damon
Producer: Robert Chartoff
Actor: John F. Kennedy
Actor: Nikita Khrushchev
Actor: Peter Amundson
Actor: Sam Shepard
Actor: Greg Kimble
Actor: Scott Glenn
Actor: Thomas Anderson
Actor: Ed Harris
Actor: Geoffrey Kirkland
Actor: C.J. Appel
Actor: Dennis Quaid
Actor: Pete Kleinow
Actor: Fred Ward
Actor: Ned Kopp
Actor: Sandina Bailo-Lape
Actor: Clay Lacy
Actor: Cliff Latimer
Actor: Peter Bankins
Actor: Donah Bassett
Actor: Richard Lawrence
Actor: Christopher P. Beale
Actor: Jimmy Lloyd
Actor: David MacMillan
Actor: Tom Bellfort
Actor: Bill Bennett
Actor: Michael Magill
Actor: Henry Mancini
Actor: Steph Benseman
Actor: Dale Benson
Actor: Sharon Mann
Actor: Jeff Goldblum
Actor: Bob Elross
Actor: Edward Anhalt
Actor: Gen. Chuck Yeager
Actor: James Brady
Actor: Katherine Conklin
Actor: Lynn Stalmaster
Actor: Mary Apick
Actor: Maureen Coyne
Actor: Michael Pritchard
Actor: Mickey Crocker
Actor: Richard Duppell
Actor: Robert Beer
Actor: Susan Kase
Actor: Toni Howard
Actor: Barbara Hershey
Actor: Kim Stanley
Actor: Veronica Cartwright
Actor: Pamela Reed
Actor: Scott Paulin
Actor: Charles Frank
Actor: Lance Henriksen
Actor: Donald Moffat
Actor: Mary Jo Deschanel
Actor: Scott Wilson
Actor: James Mathers
Actor: John Benson
Actor: Kathy Baker
Actor: Harry Mathias
Actor: Mark Berger
Actor: Barbara McBane
Actor: Erik Bergmann
Actor: Jim Haynie
Actor: Lynne Birdt
Actor: Stan McClain
Actor: Jay Boekelheide
Actor: Marilyn McCoppen
Actor: Russell McEntyre
Actor: Todd Boekelheide
Actor: Ed Milkovich
Actor: Gloria S. Borders
Actor: Scott Beach
Actor: John Ryan
Actor: Kris Boxell
Actor: Darryl Henriques
Actor: Deborah Morgan
Actor: Tim Boxell
Actor: Eric Sevareid
Actor: John Morris
Actor: Kevin Breslin
Actor: Thaine Morris
Actor: William Russ
Actor: Drew Letchworth
Actor: Karen Brocco
Actor: Walter Murch
Actor: Charles Myers
Actor: Richard Dupell
Actor: Winnie D. Brown
Actor: Hiro Narita
Actor: James D. Brubaker
Actor: William Hall
Actor: Bill Neil
Actor: John X. Heart
Actor: Ed Holmes
Actor: George R. Nelson
Actor: Robert Chartoff
Actor: Chubby Checker
Actor: Jack Tate
Actor: Wallis Nicita
Actor: Catherine Childers
Actor: Patti Page
Actor: Tom Dahlgren
Actor: Barbara Parker
Actor: Dave Childers
Actor: John Dehner
Actor: David Parker
Actor: Robert Elross
Actor: Tom Christopher
Actor: Drew Eshelman
Actor: Stan Parks
Actor: Ted Churchill
Actor: David Gulpilil
Actor: Phil Pastuhov
Actor: Kaaren Lee
Actor: Bill Conti
Actor: Diana Pellegrini
Actor: Ed Corbett
Actor: Ken Pepiot
Actor: O-Lan Jones
Actor: Levon Helm
Actor: Rick Perkins
Actor: Gary Platek
Actor: Robert Crawford
Actor: Michael Polaire
Actor: Susan R. Crutcher
Actor: Dan Curry
Actor: Larry Powell
Actor: Jim Poynter
Actor: Bill Dana
Actor: Little Richard
Actor: Peter Daulton
Actor: Bruce Richardson
Actor: Peggy Davis
Actor: Claude Debussy
Actor: Tom Rolf
Actor: Martin Rosenberg
Actor: Ray Delamotte
Actor: Stephen A. Rotter
Actor: Craig Denault
Actor: Gene Rudolf
Actor: Caleb Deschanel
Actor: Fred Runner
Actor: Cal DiValerio
Actor: Alan R. Disler
Actor: Paige Sartorius
Actor: Art Schaeffer
Actor: Rory Enke
Actor: Art Scholl
Actor: Robert Evans
Actor: John V. Fante
Actor: Thomas Scott
Actor: Glenn Farr
Actor: Emily Ferry
Actor: Rick Fichter
Actor: Michael Silvers
Actor: Sukey Fontelieu
Actor: Frank Simeone
Actor: Karen Spangenberg
Actor: Lisa Fruchtman
Actor: Tom J. Furginson
Actor: Jack Garsha
Actor: Jeff Gershman
Actor: Kay Starr
Actor: Jeff Gilliam
Actor: Mark Stetson
Actor: Douglas Stewart
Actor: Ed Sullivan
Actor: Clive Taylor
Actor: Whitney Green
Actor: Peter Greenwood
Actor: Randy Thom
Actor: Dennie Thorpe
Actor: Alice Tompkins
Actor: Jon Guterres
Actor: Pat Turner
Actor: James W. Tyson
Actor: Dale Haugo
Actor: Dave Wagner
Actor: Dan Wallin
Actor: Don Watson
Actor: Jeff Watts
Actor: Margaret Whiting
Actor: David Whorf
Actor: Karl Herrmann
Actor: Karen G. Wilson
Actor: Tim Holland
Actor: Irwin Winkler
Actor: Ed Wirth
Actor: Gary Holt
Actor: Andy Wiskes
Actor: Buddy Joe Hooker
Actor: Stephen A. Hope
Actor: Tom Wolfe
Actor: B.J. Worth
Actor: Richard Hymns
Actor: Robert Yano
Actor: Chuck Yeager
Actor: Pat Jackson
Actor: Brad Jerrell
Actor: Lyndon Johnson
Actor: Philip Kaufman

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