The Mummy Returns

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Rick and Evelyn are married with a child and living in London. The mummy of Imhotep is on display at a museum in the English city where he is resurrected.

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Director: Greg Michael
Director: Stephen Sommers
Producer: Gary Goetzman
Producer: James Jacks
Producer: Judy Craymer
Producer: Nancy Meyers
Producer: Scott Rudin
Producer: Sean Daniel
Actor: Michael Minkler
Actor: Brendan Fraser
Actor: Mark Moore
Actor: Martin Adams
Actor: Megan Moran
Actor: Rachel Weisz
Actor: John Hannah
Actor: Neil Munro
Actor: Aaron Muszalski
Actor: Arnold Vosloo
Actor: Carol Ashley
Actor: Mark Nelmes
Actor: Oded Fehr
Actor: Brett Northcutt
Actor: Marc Atherfold
Actor: Del Baker
Actor: Jon Olive
Actor: Chris Barton
Actor: Chris Palmer
Actor: Adrian Biddle
Actor: David Parker
Actor: Dominic Parker
Actor: John Bloomfield
Actor: Charles Bodycomb
Actor: Bruce Byron
Actor: Jim Passon
Actor: Judy Britten
Actor: Mark V. Phillips
Actor: Rob Burgess
Actor: Dinny Powell
Actor: Jo Burn
Actor: Thomas Fisher
Actor: Greg Powell
Actor: Donna Air
Actor: Rock
Actor: The Rock
Actor: Patricia Velasquez
Actor: Freddie Boath
Actor: Alun Armstrong
Actor: Dwayne Johnson
Actor: Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
Actor: Shaun Parkes
Actor: Joe Dixon
Actor: Aharon Ipale
Actor: Allan Cameron
Actor: Joey Preston
Actor: Quill Roberts
Actor: Tim Rakoczy
Actor: Tricia Cameron
Actor: Greg Campbell
Actor: Tony Reading
Actor: Trevor Lovell
Actor: Karym Ronda
Actor: Steve Casey
Actor: Seth Rosenthal
Actor: Sylvie Chesneau
Actor: Jamie Christopher
Actor: Jane Ryan
Actor: Joanna Colbert
Actor: Mike Sanders
Actor: Mark Sanger
Actor: Neil Corbould
Actor: Aileen Seaton
Actor: Carole Cowley
Actor: Matthew Sharp
Actor: Sean Daniel
Actor: Leslie Shatz
Actor: Valerie Davidson
Actor: Dominic Sidoli
Actor: Fon Davis
Actor: Alan Silvestri
Actor: Tabitha Dean
Actor: Christian Simpson
Actor: Steve Dent
Actor: C.C. Smiff
Actor: Nrinder Dhudwar
Actor: Jo Dixon
Actor: Stephen Sommers
Actor: Jacqueline Tager
Actor: Michele Tandy
Actor: William Dodds
Actor: Brendan Donnison
Actor: Rocky Taylor
Actor: Alistair Thompson
Actor: Kate Dowd
Actor: Gavin Toomey
Actor: Simon Downes
Actor: Graham Driscoll
Actor: Patricia Velazquez
Actor: Bob Ducsay
Actor: Ian Voigt
Actor: Nick Dudman
Actor: Julia Egerton
Actor: Ty Warren
Actor: Andrew Watson
Actor: Rus Ekkel
Actor: Andy Evans
Actor: Les Weighell
Actor: Dave Evans
Actor: Marcus Williams
Actor: John Finklea
Actor: William Willoughby
Actor: Corrina Wilson
Actor: Sienna Finklea
Actor: Gordon T. Wittmann
Actor: Tom Fisher
Actor: Eric Wong
Actor: Doug Wright
Actor: Fortunato Frattasio
Actor: Alex Frazao
Actor: Peter Young
Actor: Don Zepfel
Actor: Miguel A. Fuertes
Actor: James Gemmill
Actor: Adam Glasman
Actor: Peter Glossop
Actor: Darrel Griffin
Actor: Doug Griffin
Actor: Paul Griffin
Actor: Andy Hague
Actor: Harvey Harrison
Actor: Paul Heasman
Actor: Mark Henson
Actor: Henrik Hoffgaard
Actor: Jan Hogevold
Actor: Kevin Holt
Actor: Richard Hooper
Actor: Nicki Hughes
Actor: Rob Inch
Actor: Gary Jackemuk
Actor: James Jacks
Actor: Daniel Jeannette
Actor: Merrin Jensen
Actor: Dan John
Actor: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
Actor: Drew Jones
Actor: Anne Karam
Actor: Kenneth Karman
Actor: Matt Kasmir
Actor: Hiro Koda
Actor: Keiko Koyama
Actor: Theo Kypri
Actor: John Lambert
Actor: Ben Lanning
Actor: Cliff Lanning
Actor: John M. Levin
Actor: Roz Lowrie
Actor: Simon Lucas
Actor: Tony Lucken
Actor: David Mackie
Actor: Scott Marriott
Actor: David Marsh
Actor: Giles Masters
Actor: Kelly Matsumoto
Actor: Ann McColgan
Actor: Richard Merrell
Actor: Greg Michael

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