The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

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The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.

Actor: Eric Houghton
Actor: Patrick Runyon
Actor: Alan Howard
Actor: Janine Abery
Actor: Jim Rygiel
Actor: Eric Saindon
Actor: Gino Acevedo
Actor: John Howe
Actor: Noel Appleby
Actor: John Hubbard
Actor: Matt Aitken
Actor: Tim Sanders
Actor: Colin Alway
Actor: Philip Ivey
Actor: Andrew Jack
Actor: Bob Anderson
Actor: Niccola Sanderson
Actor: Sean Bean
Actor: John B. Anderson
Actor: Mahria Sangster
Actor: Bernd Angerer
Actor: Ken Saville
Actor: Jason Schleifer
Actor: Peter Jackson
Actor: Chuck Schumann
Actor: Marc Ashton
Actor: Mark Jaszberenyi
Actor: Dave Johnson
Actor: David Scott
Actor: Megan Edwards
Actor: Mike Asquith
Actor: Jamie Selkirk
Actor: Kate Jones
Actor: Michael Elsworth
Actor: Carol Kim
Actor: Mark Ferguson
Actor: Michael Semanick
Actor: Felix Balbas
Actor: Ian Holm
Actor: Peter King
Actor: Brian Bansgrove
Actor: Heather Knight
Actor: Ian McKellen
Actor: Kiran Shah
Actor: Andra Bard
Actor: Nikolas Korda
Actor: Richard Sharkey
Actor: Viggo Mortensen
Actor: Elijah Wood
Actor: Brian Sergent
Actor: Peter Corrigan
Actor: Sean Astin
Actor: Sala Baker
Actor: Cate Blanchett
Actor: Orlando Bloom
Actor: Billy Boyd
Actor: Marton Csokas
Actor: Christopher Lee
Actor: Lawrence Makoare
Actor: Richard A. Barker
Actor: Robert Shaye
Actor: Roger Kupelian
Actor: Brent McIntyre
Actor: Daniel W. Barringer
Actor: Greg Shimp
Actor: David Barson
Actor: Howard Shore
Actor: John Kurlander
Actor: Peter McKenzie
Actor: Markus Kurtz
Actor: Roger Shortt
Actor: Sarah McLeod
Actor: Clare Beaton
Actor: Dominic Monaghan
Actor: Joosten Kuypers
Actor: Martin Kwok
Actor: Peter Skarratt
Actor: Warren Beaton
Actor: Carlos Slater
Actor: Ian Mune
Actor: Kelly Bechtle-Woods
Actor: Kelly L'Estrange
Actor: Alan Lee
Actor: Craig Parker
Actor: Ellen Somers
Actor: Ferenc Bechtold
Actor: Cameron Rhodes
Actor: Mark Stetson
Actor: Miles Bellas
Actor: John Rhys-Davies
Actor: Kyla Bendall
Actor: Rainer Stolle
Actor: Sacha Lee
Actor: Andrew Lesnie
Actor: Martyn Sanderson
Actor: Patrick Bergeron
Actor: Paul Story
Actor: Andy Serkis
Actor: Seth Lippman
Actor: Harry Sinclair
Actor: Jeanne Stuart
Actor: Matt Logue
Actor: Joe Bleakley
Actor: Liv Tyler
Actor: Michael Lynne
Actor: Victoria Sullivan
Actor: Amy MacLean
Actor: David Weatherley
Actor: Jan Blenkin
Actor: Liz Tan
Actor: Hugo Weaving
Actor: John Mahaffie
Actor: Richard Taylor
Actor: Grant Major
Actor: Kevin Tengan
Actor: Richard Bluck
Actor: Alun Bollinger
Actor: Tim Teramoto
Actor: Victoria Beynon-Cole
Actor: Lee Hartley
Actor: Nick Booth
Actor: Scott Thomas
Actor: Bridget Bourke
Actor: J.R.R. Tolkien
Actor: Michael Manza
Actor: Sam La Hood
Actor: Chris Streeter
Actor: Craig Tomlinson
Actor: Ray Massa
Actor: Jonathan Jordan
Actor: Philippa Boyens
Actor: Sean Mathiesen
Actor: Christopher Boyes
Actor: Richard Matthews
Actor: Semi Kuresa
Actor: Stephen Unterfranz
Actor: Adam Valdez
Actor: Clinton Ulyatt
Actor: Dan Breckwoldt
Actor: Jolene McCaffrey
Actor: Bob Bridges
Actor: Mary Victoria
Actor: Paul Bryson
Actor: Timothy McCallum
Actor: Fiona McDonald
Actor: Lance Fabian Kemp
Actor: Pierre Vinet
Actor: Frances Walsh
Actor: Jono Manks
Actor: Shane McEwan
Actor: Tanya Buchanan
Actor: Ben Price
Actor: Brent Burge
Actor: Chris Ward
Actor: Chris Burn
Actor: John McKay
Actor: Philip Grieve
Actor: Simon Warnock
Actor: Billy Jackson
Actor: Christine Watkins
Actor: Victoria Burrows
Actor: Elaine Burt
Actor: Jasmine Watson
Actor: Katie Jackson
Actor: Christina Hazard
Actor: Julian R. Butler
Actor: Brandon McNaughton
Actor: James Callahan
Actor: Josie Leckie
Actor: Guy Campbell
Actor: Karl Kite-Rangi "Payne"
Actor: Matthias Menz
Actor: Zane Weiner
Actor: Bob Weinstein
Actor: James L. Millington
Actor: Nina Nawalowalo
Actor: Paul Campion
Actor: Harvey Weinstein
Actor: Jason Canovas
Actor: Matt Spicer
Actor: Peter Mills
Actor: Matt Welford
Actor: Roisin Carty
Actor: Steve Mitchell
Actor: Chris Winter
Actor: Glen Christie
Actor: David Cole
Actor: Elizabeth Moore
Actor: Chad E. Collier
Actor: Jeremy Woodhead
Actor: Richard Moore
Actor: Eileen Moran
Actor: Jules Cook
Actor: Melanie Cordan
Actor: Mike Morasky
Actor: Rich E. Cordobes
Actor: Diane Moynagh
Actor: Gethin Creagh
Actor: Matt Mueller
Actor: Tim Crosbie
Actor: Liz Mullane
Actor: Carolynne Cunningham
Actor: Hiroaki Muramoto
Actor: Yvonne Cuthbert
Actor: Geoff Murphy
Actor: Steve Demers
Actor: Max Dennison
Actor: Milton Ngan
Actor: Ngila Dickson
Actor: Timothy Nielsen
Actor: David Norris
Actor: Rebecca Downes
Actor: Casey O'Neill
Actor: Peter Doyle
Actor: Matthew Dravitzki
Actor: Robert O'Neill
Actor: Mark Ordesky
Actor: Ravi Dube
Actor: Barrie M. Osborne
Actor: Greg Duda
Actor: Rob Outterside
Actor: Peter Owen
Actor: Theresa Ellis
Actor: Enya
Actor: Phil Pastuhov
Actor: David Farmer
Actor: Helen Paul
Actor: Joanne Pearce
Actor: Hammond Peek
Actor: Sean Foot
Actor: Gabor Forgacs
Actor: Mike Perry
Actor: Mark O. Forker
Actor: Tomek Piatek
Actor: Annie Frear
Actor: Jamie Pilgrim
Actor: Alex Funke
Actor: Darren Poe
Actor: Rebecca Gatrell
Actor: Rick Porras
Actor: John Gilbert
Actor: Kelly Port
Actor: Greg Powell
Actor: Al"|0|0|"Elijah Wood
Actor: Ian McKellen
Actor: Sean Astin
Actor: Ian Holm. A majestic adaptation of Tolkien's epic! Frodo Baggins must destroy a powerful ring to end the threat of the Dark Lord Sauron in this epic Middle Earth adventure. This star-studded Oscar-winning tale includes documentaries
Actor: featurettes and more. 2 Discs. 2001/color/178 min/PG-13.

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The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring | Eric Houghton