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The Last Samura

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Set in Japan during the 1870s, the Last Samurai tells the story of Capt. Nathan Algren (Tom Cruise), a respected American military officer hired by the Emperor of Japan to train the country's first army in the art of modern warfare. As the Emperor attempts to eradicate the ancient Imperial Samurai warriors in preparation for more Westernized and trade-friendly government policies, Algren finds himself unexpectedly impressed and influenced by his encounters with the Samurai, which places him at the center of a struggle between two eras and two worlds, with only his own sense of honor to guide him.

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The Last Samura.

Director: Edward Zwick
Producer: Tom Cruise
Producer: Edward Zwick
Producer: Marshall Herskovitz
Producer: Paula Wagner
Producer: Scott Kroopf
Producer: Tom Engelman
Actor: Billy Connolly
Actor: Hiroyuki Sanada
Actor: Ken Watanabe
Actor: Koyuki
Actor: Timothy Spall
Actor: Tom Cruise
Actor: Tony Goldwyn
Actor: Akihiko Nishimura
Actor: Akihiro Soen
Actor: Akihito Mimatsu
Actor: Akira Koieyama
Actor: Akira Kojima
Actor: Aoi Minato
Actor: Atsushi Ono
Actor: Brian Ho
Actor: Chad Lindberg
Actor: Chris Chin
Actor: Daisuke Okano
Actor: Daisuke Sasagawa
Actor: Eijiro Ozaki
Actor: Fred Nakanishi
Actor: Fumio Matsuki
Actor: Furuo Geiri
Actor: Genji Nakamura
Actor: Giorgio Miyashita
Actor: Hajime Unesa
Actor: Hideki Yamaguchi
Actor: Hidemitsu Nakadate
Actor: Hidetaro Ishibashi
Actor: Hidetomo Nishida
Actor: Hiroaki Amano
Actor: Hirokazu Miyata
Actor: Hiroki Hoshino
Actor: Hiromi Takatani
Actor: Hiroshi Uenoyama
Actor: Hiroshi Watanabe
Actor: Hiroyuki Muraoka
Actor: Hisao Takeda
Actor: Hisataka Kitaoka
Actor: James Okada
Actor: Jiro Wada
Actor: Joe Kitamura
Actor: John Koyama
Actor: Katsutoshi Uchibori
Actor: Kazuma Ohuchi
Actor: Kazunori Yajima
Actor: Kazuya Shimizu
Actor: Keisuke Yamamoto
Actor: Ken Takagaki
Actor: Kenji Motomiya
Actor: Kenta Daibo
Actor: Kiichiro Ishitmoto
Actor: Kiyonori Namikawa
Actor: Kiyoshi Iwata
Actor: Kogi Inoue
Actor: Koichi Funayama
Actor: Koichi Ito
Actor: Koji Fujii
Actor: Kosaburo Nomura IV
Actor: Kosuke Oda
Actor: Kota Fukuchi
Actor: Lee Murayama
Actor: Maeda Jiro
Actor: Makoto Hashiba
Actor: Makoto Ito
Actor: Masahiro Ogura
Actor: Masaki Nishimura
Actor: Masaki Sono
Actor: Masashi Odate
Actor: Masashi Shirai
Actor: Masato Harada
Actor: Masato Tabayashi
Actor: Masayoshi Haneda
Actor: Masayuki Deai
Actor: Masayuki Maekawa
Actor: Masayuki Yamada
Actor: Matt Okui
Actor: Misao Kurata
Actor: Mitsuki Harada
Actor: Mitsuki Koga
Actor: Mitsunori Omae
Actor: Mitsuyuki Oishi
Actor: Motohiro Okita
Actor: Motokuni Nakagawa
Actor: Nagamasa Kato
Actor: Naruhito Nakada
Actor: Naruto Shigemi
Actor: Nobuhiro Fujita
Actor: Nobuhiro Oshima
Actor: Noguchi Takayuki
Actor: Osamu Takahashi
Actor: Ray Godshall Sr.
Actor: Raymond Chan
Actor: Ryo Tanaka
Actor: Ryoga Kajiwara
Actor: Ryoichi Noguchi
Actor: Ryoichiro Yonekura
Actor: Ryuji Nakamura
Actor: Satoru Shibue
Actor: Satoshi Nakamura
Actor: Satoshi Nikaido
Actor: Scott Wilson
Actor: Seiji Mori
Actor: Seizo Fukomoto
Actor: Shane Kosugi
Actor: Shichinosuke Nakamura
Actor: Shimpei Horinouchi
Actor: Shin Koyamada
Actor: Shinji Matsumoto
Actor: Shinji Suzuki
Actor: Shinobu Sakurai
Actor: Shintaro Wada
Actor: Shogo Shirasaka
Actor: Shoji Yoshihara
Actor: Shun Sugata
Actor: Shusei Take
Actor: Shusuke Mitsuyoshi
Actor: Sosuke Ikematsu
Actor: Susumu Suou
Actor: Sven Toorvald
Actor: Tadashi Oiwa
Actor: Tadashi Watanabe
Actor: Taiga Etoh
Actor: Takanobu Kaneko
Actor: Takashi Kora
Actor: Takashi Maeyama
Actor: Takashi Noguchi
Actor: Takashi Taguchi
Actor: Takashi Yamaguchi
Actor: Takayuki Akaike
Actor: Takeru Shimizu
Actor: Takeshi Maya
Actor: Takeyuki Hirai
Actor: Taku Shinya
Actor: Teishu Kohata
Actor: Teruhito Takita
Actor: Tetsuro Yamamoto
Actor: Togo Igawa
Actor: Tomohide Tanigawa
Actor: Tomoya Abe
Actor: Toru Ishida
Actor: Toru Kadowaki
Actor: Toshiaki Ogawa
Actor: Toshihiko Ito
Actor: Toshinobu Shigemura
Actor: William Atherton
Actor: Yasuhiro Koshi
Actor: Yasunari Akita
Actor: Yasunari Kinbara
Actor: Yauo Hiroki
Actor: Yoshihiko Kawamoto
Actor: Yoshihiro Masujima
Actor: Yoshihisa Asai
Actor: Yoshitake Kato
Actor: Yuhei Kametani
Actor: Yuichiro Sasaki
Actor: Yuki Kawanishi
Actor: Yuki Maekawa
Actor: Yuki Matsuzaki
Actor: Yuki Tanifuji
Actor: Yukihiro Hokke
Actor: Yusuke Myochin
Actor: Yuya Nakashima

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