The Buccaneer

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Cecil B. DeMille was set to direct a remake of his 1938 swashbuckler classic, the Buccaneer, he suddenly fell very ill and his son-in-law and screen legend, Anthony Quinn jumped in and took over the directorial duties this was the first and only film directed by Quinn. Yul Brynner plays the debonair pirate Jean Lafitte who historically aided General Andrew Jackson (Charlton Heston) against the British during the War of 1812. Lafitte has been carrying a discreet love affair with Annette Claiborne (Inger Stevens), the daughter of governor William Claiborne (E.G. Marshall) who promises to pardon the pirate and his men. The stellar cast includes Charles Boyer as Lafittes right hand man and Claire Bloom as the daughter of a rival pirate. Credited as Supervising executive producer, this was Cecil B. DeMilles final film; he died shortly after the release of this film.

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Director: Anthony Quinn
Producer: Henry Wilcoxon
Actor: Yul Brynner
Actor: Claire Bloom
Actor: Charles Boyer
Actor: Inger Stevens
Actor: E. G. Marshall
Actor: Douglass Dumbrille
Actor: Robert F. Simon
Actor: Charlton Heston
Actor: Donald McLean
Actor: Douglas Dumbrille
Actor: E.G. Marshall
Actor: Fred Kohler Jr.
Actor: Ken Terrell
Actor: Mme. Sul Te Wan
Actor: Robert Simon
Actor: Henry Hull
Actor: Lorne Greene
Actor: Ted de Corsia
Actor: Sir Lancelot
Actor: Fran Jeffries
Actor: John Dierkes
Actor: Ken Miller
Actor: George Mathews
Actor: Leslie E. Bradley
Actor: Bruce Gordon
Actor: Barry Kelley
Actor: Robert Warwick
Actor: Steven Marlo
Actor: James Todd
Actor: Jerry Hartleben
Actor: Onslow Stevens
Actor: Theodora Davitt
Actor: Wally Richard
Actor: Iris Adrian
Actor: James Seay
Actor: Reginald Sheffield
Actor: Stephen Chase
Actor: Julia Faye
Actor: Woodrow Strode
Actor: Paul Newlan
Actor: Norma Varden
Actor: John Hubbard
Actor: Brad Johnson
Actor: Harry Shannon
Actor: Henry Brandon
Actor: Billie Lee Hart
Actor: Eric Alden
Actor: Majel Barrett
Actor: Robert Carson
Actor: Peter Coe
Actor: Ashley Cowan
Actor: Roger Creed
Actor: Pamela Danova
Actor: Rex Dante
Actor: Julio de Diego
Actor: Stewart East
Actor: Mickey Finn
Actor: Kathleen Freeman
Actor: Mimi Gibson
Actor: Leonard Graves
Actor: Raymond Greenleaf
Actor: Edgar Hinton
Actor: Jud Holdren
Actor: Robin Hughes
Actor: Chester Jones
Actor: Fred Kohler
Actor: Walter Kray
Actor: Jack Kruschen
Actor: Syl Lamont
Actor: Frederich Ledebur
Actor: Donald MacLean
Actor: Phil Marco
Actor: Agnes Marc
Actor: Mike Mazurki
Actor: Charles Meredith
Actor: Alberto Morin
Actor: Alix Nagy
Actor: Jack Pennick
Actor: Thayer Roberts
Actor: Manuel Rojas
Actor: Elektra Rozanska
Actor: Paul Salata
Actor: Kurt Stevens
Actor: Madam Sul-Te-Wan
Actor: Kenneth Terrell
Actor: Harlan Warde
Actor: Paul Wexler
Actor: Ty Hungerford
Actor: Douglas Evans
Actor: Skipper McNally
Actor: Ben Mantz
Actor: Charles Quirk
Actor: Ethan Laidlaw
Actor: Bill Meader
Actor: Frank Leyva
Actor: Al Paige
Actor: Chief Yowlachie
Actor: Roque Ybarra
Actor: Jerry Lucas
Actor: Mary Benoit
Actor: Dorothy Elsa Boyar
Actor: Vicki Bakken
Actor: Sondra Mateski
Actor: Bess Flowers
Actor: Beth Hartman
Actor: Beulah Christian
Actor: Maude Fealy
Actor: Florine Carlan
Actor: Amanda Webb
Actor: Lydia Wolf
Actor: Emilie Stevens
Actor: June Rose Ross
Actor: Karine Nordman
Actor: Lucy Knox
Actor: Jacqueline Beer
Actor: Harriette Tarler
Actor: Carolyn Fonseca
Actor: Barbara Hush
Actor: Diana Destine
Actor: June Jocelyn
Actor: Jan Bradley
Actor: Ruth Batchelor
Actor: Gay McEldowney
Actor: Don Megowan
Actor: Michael Ross
Actor: Ric Roman
Actor: Emmett Lynn
Actor: Gilbert Lasky
Actor: Pat Comisky
Actor: Val Benedict
Actor: William Forrest
Actor: Lane Chandler
Actor: Charles Victor
Actor: Manuel Paris
Actor: Howard Gardiner
Actor: Allan Nixon
Actor: Robert Bice
Actor: Sidney Melton
Actor: Nick Pawl
Actor: Chuck Hamilton
Actor: Carter Mullaly Jr.
Actor: Allan Douglas
Actor: Larry Kent
Actor: Richard Kipling
Actor: Len Hendry
Actor: Tom Cowan
Actor: John Giovanni
Actor: Michael Pierce
Actor: Jack Chefe
Actor: Elizabeth Slifer
Actor: Jean de Briac
Actor: Bill Bagdad
Actor: Dick Barron
Actor: Peter Bourne
Actor: Josephine Whittell
Actor: William Remick
Actor: Bill Erwin
Actor: Lee Martin
Actor: Mason Curry
Actor: Courtland Shepard
Actor: William Hunter
Actor: George W. Watkins
Actor: Preston Peterson
Actor: Tony Roux
Actor: Tom Hennesy
Actor: Mike Tellegen
Actor: George Huggins
Actor: Myron Cook
Actor: David Armstrong
Actor: Frank Hagney
Actor: Frank Watkins
Actor: Matt Murphy
Actor: Max Power
Actor: Jack Shea
Actor: Carl Saxe
Actor: Gil Perkins
Actor: Joe Gray
Actor: John Benson
Actor: Tillie Born
Actor: Joseph Marievsky
Actor: Nina Borget
Actor: Arthur Dulac
Actor: Gilda Oliva
Actor: George D. Barrows
Actor: Max Wagner
Actor: Don Giovanni
Actor: Robert Strong
Actor: Margarita Martin
Actor: Jacques Gallo
Actor: Frank Cordell
Actor: Fred Carson
Actor: Rex Hill
Actor: Phyllis Johannes
Actor: Ronald Sorensen
Actor: Irwin Marcus
Actor: Maxie Thrower
Actor: John Deauville
Actor: Raoul Freeman
Actor: Stuart Culp
Actor: Loren Janes
Actor: Jerry Chiat
Actor: Charles Heard
Actor: Richard Bailey
Actor: Bill Jacoby
Actor: Joe Williams
Actor: Eddie Frazer
Actor: Allia Miller
Actor: Al Gayle
Actor: Dan Borzage
Actor: Aluisio Ferreira
Actor: Jose Nieto
Actor: Ruth Harris Conte
Actor: Monty Margetts
Actor: Tom Daly
Actor: Joseph Wylot
Actor: Alyn Lockwood
Actor: Milt Collins
Actor: Adele St. Maur
Actor: Doris Wiss
Actor: Dori Simmons

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