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Zoinks! Two years after a clash of egos forced Mystery Inc. To close it's doors, Scooby-Doo and his clever crime-solving cohorts Fred (Freddie Prinze, Jr..), Daphne (Sarah Michelle Gellar), Shaggy (Matthew Lillard) and Velma (Linda CardenelliI) are summoned to investigate. Scooby and the gang will have to forget everything they think they know about fake ghouls and phony creatures to crack the case, save themselves and possibly... The world! Ruh-roh!

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Director: Raja Gosnell
Producer: Charles Roven
Producer: Jane Scott
Producer: Margaret Fink
Producer: Richard Suckle
Actor: Charles Roven
Actor: Freddie Prinze
Actor: Jr.
Actor: Freddie Prinze Jr.
Actor: Judith Adamson
Actor: Richard Dietl (Bo)
Actor: Doron Bell
Actor: Pamela Anderson
Actor: Ralph Sall
Actor: Sarah Michelle Gellar
Actor: Christopher Assells
Actor: Matthew Lillard
Actor: Michael Sorich
Actor: Scott Sanders
Actor: Linda Cardellini
Actor: Chris B. Schnitzer
Actor: Jim Aupperle
Actor: Rowan Atkinson
Actor: Laura Schultz
Actor: Michael Backauskas
Actor: Drew Bailey
Actor: Fiona Searson
Actor: Alicia Silverstone
Actor: Hunter Shepherd
Actor: Joseph Barbera
Actor: Peter Boyle
Actor: Ruben Studdard
Actor: Tony Barraza
Actor: Lyndon Barrois
Actor: Scott Shields
Actor: Seth Green
Actor: Andrew Silver
Actor: Tim Blake Nelson
Actor: Dan Smiczek
Actor: Lee Berger
Actor: Kelley Smith-Wait
Actor: Kent Beyda
Actor: Pat O'Brien
Actor: Andy Sowerwine
Actor: Bill Boes
Actor: Bill Meilen
Actor: Andrew Waters
Actor: Ashley Evans
Actor: Ashley Wallen
Actor: Audrey Gosnell
Actor: Cayley Gosnell
Actor: Celeste Gosnell
Actor: Chris Cruickshanks
Actor: Craig Behenna
Actor: Danielle Starkey
Actor: David Vallon
Actor: Deon Nuku
Actor: DJ Homicide
Actor: Emily Gosnell
Actor: Holly Ann Brisley
Actor: Janis McGavin
Actor: Jonathan Coffey
Actor: Keith Bullock
Actor: Kurt Duval
Actor: Kyas Sherriff
Actor: Kym Jackson
Actor: Marea Lambert Barker
Actor: Mark Hodge
Actor: Martin Broome
Actor: Michael Caffrey
Actor: Michala Banas
Actor: Miguel A. Nuñez Jr.
Actor: Murphy Karges
Actor: Remi Broadway
Actor: Rio Nugara
Actor: Robert Diaz
Actor: Robert Ricks
Actor: Rodney Syaranamual
Actor: Sheryl Benko
Actor: Simone Dumbleton
Actor: Stephen Colyer
Actor: Stephen Grives
Actor: Steve Holford
Actor: Troy MacKinder
Actor: Charles Cousins
Actor: Isla Fisher
Actor: Sam Greco
Actor: Neil Fanning
Actor: Scott Innes
Actor: Stan Frazier
Actor: Mark McGrath
Actor: Kristian Schmid
Actor: Rodney Sheppard
Actor: Nicholas Hope
Actor: J.P. Manoux
Actor: Alex Ruiz
Actor: Michael Boustead
Actor: Richard Suckle
Actor: Zahf Paroo
Actor: Christopher Gauthier
Actor: Holly Brisley
Actor: Jo Suna
Actor: Lisa Brennan
Actor: Bradley Gosnell
Actor: Glenn Suter
Actor: Peter New
Actor: Andrew Bryniarski
Actor: Morgan Brayton
Actor: Donna Brown
Actor: Jess Harnell
Actor: Lisa Ann Beley
Actor: Peter Tackaberry
Actor: Frank Welker
Actor: Will Telford
Actor: Craig Titley
Actor: Joe MacLeod
Actor: Matt Lee
Actor: Brandon Jay McLaren
Actor: Michael Montgomery
Actor: Aaron Ydenberg
Actor: Adam Williams
Actor: Floyd Casey
Actor: Lesley Vanderwalt
Actor: Amiee Clark
Actor: Lou Bollo
Actor: Mary Vernieu
Actor: John Ulmer
Actor: Michael Clemens
Actor: Tom Villano
Actor: Brian Wade
Actor: Calum Worthy
Actor: Rod Conder
Actor: Brenna O'Brien
Actor: Jennifer Cornwell
Actor: Jo Weeks
Actor: Mark Burgess
Actor: Brian Cox
Actor: Jeff Wells
Actor: Kwesi Ameyaw
Actor: Michael D. Wilhoit
Actor: Peter Crosman
Actor: Ted Kozma
Actor: Darrell Izeard
Actor: Dino Dimuro
Actor: Kurt Williams
Actor: Adam Dotson
Actor: Sally Wilson
Actor: Stephen E. Miller
Actor: Christian Wintter
Actor: David Eggby
Actor: Karin Konoval
Actor: Anthony Zierhut
Actor: Paul Jamieson
Actor: Robert Engelman
Actor: Andrew McIlroy
Actor: Kolja Erman
Actor: Laura Ziffren
Actor: Colin Foo
Actor: Leesa Evans
Actor: Andrew Jackson
Actor: Cascy Beddow
Actor: Alan Glazer
Actor: Emily Tennant
Actor: Ken Goldstein
Actor: John Goodman
Actor: Jeff Tanner
Actor: Alan C. Peterson
Actor: Dan Joffre
Actor: James Gunn
Actor: Bill Mondy
Actor: Craig Halperin
Actor: Kimani Ray Smith
Actor: William Hanna
Actor: Catherine Lough
Actor: Ingrid Torrance
Actor: Laura R. Harris
Actor: Mo Henry
Actor: Scott McNeil
Actor: Tulio Hernandez
Actor: Stephen Holford
Actor: Christer Hokanson
Actor: Matt Hullum
Actor: Gregory Jamrok
Actor: Arthur Jeppe
Actor: Leigh Hilary
Actor: Stephen Jones
Actor: Alex Lee
Actor: Brad Kalinoski
Actor: Fiona Horne
Actor: Bill Kent
Actor: Richard O'Sullivan
Actor: Bill Kroyer
Actor: Joanne Pesusich
Actor: Kevin Kutchaver
Actor: Michael Brown
Actor: Tony Lamberti
Actor: Roger Lanser
Actor: Jennifer Law-Stump
Actor: Rebecca R. Liddle
Actor: Chris Logan
Actor: Chris Loudon
Actor: Anthony Mabin
Actor: Georgina Marquis
Actor: Karen Holness
Actor: Andrew Mason
Actor: Dee Bradley Baker
Actor: Bob Papenbrook
Actor: Suza Maybury
Actor: Terrence Stone
Actor: Caitlin McKenna-Wilkinson
Actor: Angela McPherson
Actor: Wally Wingert
Actor: Jon Meier
Actor: Nicole Miller
Actor: Paul V. Molles
Actor: Jeremy Nelligan
Actor: David Newman
Actor: January Nordman
Actor: Guy Norris
Actor: David Orr
Actor: Kelly Oxford
Actor: Betsy Paterson
Actor: Philip A. Patterson
Actor: Toby Pease
Actor: Ryan Pollreisz
Actor: Travis Price
Actor: Jamie Rama
Actor: David Raymond
Actor: Mike Roby

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