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Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (Steelbook)

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Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (Steelbook).

Director: Simon Crane
Director: Simon West
Actor: Lorea Hoye
Actor: Sophie Sorensen
Actor: Adrian Spanna
Actor: Angelina Jolie
Actor: Daniel Hubbard
Actor: Peter Afterman
Actor: David Allday
Actor: John Hubbard
Actor: Jon Voight
Actor: Mario Spanna
Actor: Iain Glen
Actor: Rob Allman
Actor: Ros Hubbard
Actor: Simon Staines
Actor: Nigel Stone
Actor: Noah Taylor
Actor: Philip Alton
Actor: Robin Huffer
Actor: Daniel Craig
Actor: Neil Hughes
Actor: Paul Amer
Actor: Steve Street
Actor: Laurent Hugueniot
Actor: Maria Stroka-Robinson
Actor: Marilyn Anderson
Actor: Antony Hunt
Actor: Christopher Barrie
Actor: Dusan Strugar
Actor: Gary Hutchings
Actor: Laya Armian
Actor: Tom Struthers
Actor: Alex Bailey
Actor: Eunice Huthart
Actor: Rangi Sutton
Actor: Adam Inglis
Actor: Olcun Tan
Actor: Robert Phillips
Actor: Stuart Baird
Actor: Murray Barber
Actor: Nick Ingman
Actor: Rachel Appleton
Actor: Addison Teague
Actor: Robert Ireland
Actor: Steve Barnes
Actor: David Y Cheung
Actor: Doug Jackson
Actor: Richard Todd
Actor: Colin Jamison
Actor: Leslie Tomkins
Actor: Tim Battersby
Actor: Gavin Toomey
Actor: Janet Jamison
Actor: Steven Begg
Actor: Richard Johnson
Actor: Julian Rhind-Tutt
Actor: Leslie Phillips
Actor: David K.S. Tse
Actor: Chris Barrie
Actor: Ozzie Yue
Actor: Carl Chase
Actor: John Bell
Actor: Ben Turner
Actor: Sara Bennett
Actor: Hitesh Bharadia
Actor: Michael Jonascu
Actor: Sara-Jane Valentine
Actor: Drew Jones
Actor: Ian Biggs
Actor: Kitty Veevers
Actor: Lisa Vick
Actor: Steve Boeddeker
Actor: Stuart Kearns
Actor: Bono
Actor: Dave Keen
Actor: Lars Vinther
Actor: Sylvano Clarke
Actor: Graham Kelly
Actor: Phil Borg
Actor: Chris Kenny
Actor: Sam Breckman
Actor: Victor Wade
Actor: Karen Wakefield
Actor: Michael King
Actor: Will Broadbent
Actor: Nicola Brodie
Actor: Niki Wakefield
Actor: Sonja Klaus
Actor: Jason Knox-Johnston
Actor: Jon R. Brown
Actor: Sarah Walker
Actor: Andy Koyama
Actor: Rachel Ward
Actor: Richard Brown
Actor: Brian Warner
Actor: Mara Bryan
Actor: Theo Kypri
Actor: Emily Bullock
Actor: Jason Wasserman
Actor: Melissa Lackersteen
Actor: Angus Cameron
Actor: James Lamb
Actor: Matt Welford
Actor: Kevin Campbell
Actor: Mike Werb
Actor: Sharon Lark
Actor: Jennifer Law-Stump
Actor: Simon West
Actor: Tim Caplan
Actor: David Lee
Actor: Richenda Carey
Actor: Su Whitaker
Actor: Anthony Caron-Delion
Actor: Ben White
Actor: Lloyd Levin
Actor: Graham Caulfield
Actor: Marcus Williams
Actor: Michael I. Levy
Actor: Catherine Charlton
Actor: Colin Wilson
Actor: Penny Leyton
Actor: Richard Little
Actor: Sophie Wilson
Actor: Arthur Windus
Actor: David Cheung
Actor: Nick Lloyd
Actor: Ian Lowe
Actor: Mel Churcher
Actor: Mike Wood
Actor: Henry Wyndham
Actor: Paul Clancy
Actor: Richard Lyon
Actor: Stuart Clark
Actor: Terry Madden
Actor: David Man
Actor: Marilyn Clarke
Actor: Susan d'Arcy
Actor: Patrick Clayton
Actor: Warren Manser
Actor: Bootsy Collins
Actor: Steve Maslow
Actor: Grant Connor
Actor: Patrick Massett
Actor: Charles Maynes
Actor: Chris Corbould
Actor: Colin Coull
Actor: Jo McLaren
Actor: Bill Meadows
Actor: Gary Coulter
Actor: Joel Meire
Actor: Robert Cowper
Actor: Chuck Michael
Actor: Jon Michaels
Actor: Rowe Craig
Actor: Ivor Middleton
Actor: Simon Crane
Actor: Rick Mietkowski
Actor: Stuart Cripps
Actor: David Crossman
Actor: Nigel Mills
Actor: Ossa Mills
Actor: Sean Danischevsky
Actor: Karl Mooney
Actor: Wade Eastwood
Actor: Jim Morahan
Actor: The Edge
Actor: Ben Morris
Actor: Mark Eggenweiler
Actor: Chris Munro
Actor: Dave Eltham
Actor: David Emmerichs
Actor: Paul Munro
Actor: Ronald Eng
Actor: Steve Murgatroyd
Actor: Paul Engelen
Actor: Tom Murtagh
Actor: Nadia Naimi
Actor: Perry Evans
Actor: David Eves
Actor: Mark Nelmes
Actor: Jonathan Fawkner
Actor: Meghan L. Noble
Actor: Olegario Fedoro
Actor: Paul Oakley
Actor: Ian Fellows
Actor: Steve Onions
Actor: John Fenner
Actor: Justin Owen
Actor: Dominic Parker
Actor: Peter Field
Actor: Jim Passon
Actor: Nick Finlayson
Actor: Frank Fleming
Actor: Ricky Pattenden
Actor: Alex Payman
Actor: Colin Fox
Actor: Ian Frost
Actor: Simon Payne
Actor: Jeremy Pelzer
Actor: Nelly Furtado
Actor: Caroline Garrett
Actor: Craig Penn
Actor: Gerry Gavigan
Actor: Kirk M. Petruccelli
Actor: David Phillips
Actor: Lawrence Gordon
Actor: Davina Gottschalk
Actor: Mark Pinheiro
Actor: Ian Plumb
Actor: Katherine Granger
Actor: Dallas Puett
Actor: Rachel Grant
Actor: Andrew Quinn
Actor: Julie Graysmark
Actor: Leigh Raby
Actor: Ruth Greenberg
Actor: Michael Redding
Actor: Steve Griffin
Actor: David Grimaldi
Actor: Graeme Revell
Actor: Darrell Guyon
Actor: Trent Reznor
Actor: Andy Hague
Actor: Hilary Haines
Actor: Sandra Roach
Actor: Kavin Hall
Actor: Richard Roberts
Actor: Nina Hartstone
Actor: Tom Rolfe
Actor: Kieron Helsdon
Actor: Sally Ross
Actor: Gregory Salter
Actor: Lindy Hemming
Actor: Olivier Sarda
Actor: Robert Hemmings
Actor: Glen Scantlebury
Actor: Robin Higgs
Actor: Chris Shaw
Actor: Martin Hobbs
Actor: Malcolm Sheehan
Actor: Mark Hodgkins
Actor: Dan Sheerin
Actor: Peter Holt
Actor: Jennifer Simonds
Actor: Mark Hopkins
Actor: Andy Smith
Actor: Emma Horton

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WIDESCREE"|0|0|"Blu-ray + DVD + Digital in SteelBook packaging. The voluptuous video game heroine busts onto the big screen in this action-packed odyssey with Angelina Jolie as aristocratic adventurer Lara Croft, equally adept at collecting ancient artifacts and hand-to-hand combat. Here Lara has to keep a pair of mystical talismans from the Illuminati, a secret society who will use the artifacts to gain control of time and space. Iain Glen, Daniel Craig and Jon Voight also star. 100 min. Widescreen; Soundtracks: English DTS 5.1, Dolby Digital 5.1, French Dolby Digital 5.1, Spanish Dolby Digital 5.1; Subtitles: English, French, Spanish; audio commentary; featurettes; deleted scenes; music video; theatrical trailers. Two-disc set.
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