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Blu-ray/DVD COMBO. Join the action-packed adventure of a group of dinosaurs overcoming enormous challenges through courage, loyalty and hope in Disney's DINOSAUR, a special effects phenomenon! Set 65 million years ago, DINOSAUR tells the compelling story of Aladar, an iguanadon who is separated from his own kind and raised by a clan of lemurs, including the wisecracking Zini and the compassionate Plio. When a meteor shower destroys their home, Aladar and his family follow a herd of dinosaurs heading for the safety of the nesting grounds. Along the way, Aladar befriends Baylene, an elderly brachiosaur; Eema, an unstoppable strachosaru; and Neera, a feisty fellow iguanadon. Together, they must stand strong amidst food and water shortages, the threat of carnotaur attacks, and Aladar's run-ins with the herd's stubborn leader, Kron. A landmark in filmmaking technology, DINOSAUR's theatrical quality is fully captured in this DVD, which features a digital-to-digital transfer that ensures the best possible picture and sound quality!

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Director: Andrew Page
Director: Eric Leighton
Director: Ralp
Director: Ralph Zondag
Producer: Laurence Rees
Producer: Pam Marsden
Actor: Elizabeth Meyer
Actor: Sam Wright
Actor: Jim Meyer
Actor: Matt Adler
Actor: Douglas Miller
Actor: Eric Algren
Actor: Sandina Bailolape
Actor: Edie Lehmann-Boddicker
Actor: Pete Anthony
Actor: Tom Milo
Actor: Jim Aupperle
Actor: Kama Moiha
Actor: Zachary Bostrom
Actor: Juniko Moody
Actor: Sandina Bailo-Lape
Actor: Bobby Beck
Actor: Daniel P. Murphy
Actor: Mike Belzer
Actor: Shawn Murphy
Actor: Jennifer Blair
Actor: Jennifer Nash
Actor: Baker Bloodworth
Actor: Beau Borders
Actor: David Kramer
Actor: Neil Okamoto
Actor: Susan Stevens Logan
Actor: Kevin Bowe
Actor: Alan A. Patel
Actor: Brett Boydstun
Actor: Tracy Metro
Actor: Christopher Boyes
Actor: Daran Norris
Actor: Bobbi Page
Actor: Don Poquette
Actor: Kim Boyle
Actor: Alfre Woodard
Actor: Ossie Davis
Actor: Max Casella
Actor: Hayden Panettiere
Actor: D.B. Sweeney
Actor: Cathy Cavadini
Actor: Holly Dorff
Actor: Greg Finley
Actor: Jeff Fischer
Actor: Barbara Iley
Actor: David McCharen
Actor: Noreen Reardon
Actor: Robert Brakey
Actor: Terry Porter
Actor: Al Broussard
Actor: Evan Sabara
Actor: Winston Quitasol
Actor: Aaron Alexander Spann
Actor: Thomas R. Bryant
Actor: Thomas Rasada
Actor: Andrea Taylor
Actor: Bruce D. Buckley
Actor: John Walcutt
Actor: Kent Burton
Actor: Camille Winbush
Actor: Darrin Butts
Actor: Susan Royal
Actor: Billy West
Actor: Chelsea Russo
Actor: Yancy Calzada
Actor: Steve Carpenter
Actor: Sergi Sagas
Actor: Floyd Casey
Actor: Ken Sandberg
Actor: Atsushi Sato
Actor: Craig Caton
Actor: Kirk Scott
Actor: Christine Cram
Actor: Samuel E. Wright
Actor: Ben Croy
Actor: Carolyn Soper
Actor: Peter Siragusa
Actor: Aaron Spann
Actor: Christian Cunningham
Actor: Julianna Margulies
Actor: Joan Plowright
Actor: Melanie Spore
Actor: Dawnie DeSantis
Actor: Della Reese
Actor: Susie Stevens-Logan
Actor: Brad Dechter
Actor: Sandy Sunseri
Actor: Gerard DiNardi
Actor: Lucy Taylor
Actor: Peter Dress
Actor: Dale Drummond
Actor: Trey Thomas
Actor: Mark M. Tokunaga
Actor: Thom Enriquez
Actor: Frank E. Eulner
Actor: Kenneth VanOrder
Actor: Norbert Faerstain
Actor: Don Waller
Actor: Jon Warren
Actor: Bill Fletcher
Actor: Jim Weidman
Actor: Joel Fletcher
Actor: Marc Fleury
Actor: Rhonda Wheelan
Actor: Bobby L. Fowler Jr.
Actor: Doug White
Actor: Larry White
Actor: Scott Garrett
Actor: Eric Gervais-Despres
Actor: Mark R. Wilkins
Actor: Allen Gonzales
Actor: Kevin Willmering
Actor: Walon Green
Actor: Lisa Greenspan
Actor: Dow Griffith
Actor: Michael Zarembski
Actor: Steven L. Groom
Actor: David R. Hardberger
Actor: Dick Zondag
Actor: Dean A. Zupancic
Actor: Fred Hermann
Actor: Emmanuelle-Claude Heroux
Actor: Mark A. Hester
Actor: Mary Hidalgo
Actor: Jason Hilkey
Actor: Sam Hill
Actor: Jim Hillin
Actor: Sandy Houston
Actor: Chris Hummel
Actor: Evan Jacobs
Actor: Bill James
Actor: Chris Johnson
Actor: Marc Jordan
Actor: John Joyce
Actor: Michael Joyce
Actor: Jeremy Kendall
Actor: Mark Kimball
Actor: Michael R. King
Actor: Owen Klatte
Actor: Lori Korngiebel
Actor: Zsolt Krajcsik
Actor: Neil Krepela
Actor: Michael Kuehn
Actor: Barbara T. Labounta
Actor: Ruth Lambert
Actor: Peter Lepeniotis
Actor: Brad Lowman
Actor: Gregg Lukomski
Actor: James MacBurney
Actor: Brian Magerkurth
Actor: Greg Maguire
Actor: Cristy Maltese
Actor: Donn Markel
Actor: Walter P. Martishius
Actor: Wendy Mashburn
Actor: Sean Mathiesen
Actor: Tony Matthews
Actor: Dwayne McClintock
Actor: Dara McGarry
Actor: Kevin A. McGuire
Actor: Dennis Mchugh
Actor: Roy Meurin

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