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Jeremy Siepmann - Introduction to Brahms: Piano Concerto 2

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Jeremy Siepmann
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There is perhaps no great piano concerto grander than the Brahms B Flat. With the spaciousness of a symphony, the drama of an opera, the intimacy of a lullaby and the intertwining raptures of the greatest love songs. It touches on almost every emotion with extraordinary immediacy and power. It's virtuosity is spell-binding, yet always substantial.

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Jeremy Siepmann - Introduction to Brahms: Piano Concerto 2.

1) Introduction; Opening Horn Call and Piano's Answer
2) Rising Three-Note Scalewise Pattern
3) Quicker Descending Six-Note 'Answer'
4) Second 'Answering' Phrase
5) First Main Theme Completed By Orchestra
6) Peace Shattered As Piano Bursts Back in Like a Tiger
7) Variant of Opening Horn Call in Bass
8) Orchestra Returns Beginning of Exposition Proper
9) Big 'Singing' Theme in Orchestra; Piano 'Forgotten'
10) Call to Arms By Strings; Marshalling of Orchestral Forces
11) Piano Re-Enters Fray with Massive Expansion of Opening Figure
12) Piano 'Explores' Two Main Facets of Opening Theme
13) Transition. Sense of Key Weakened. Piano and Orchestra Come Together
14) Piano and Orchestra 'Argue' Over Speed of Thematic Three-Note Rise
15) Piano and Orchestra in Friendly Dialogue Before Piano Falls Away
16) 'Winged' Harmonic Shadow of Pure Pianistic Tone-Colour
17) New 'Transitional' Theme from Orchestra Developed By Piano
18) After Indecision and Discussion the Mood Suddenly Turns Playful
19) Reminder of Second Main Theme in It's Original Form
20) Transformation of Second Main Theme By Piano
21) Piano Hijacks Orchestra's 'Call to Arms' (First Heard in Track 10)
22) Piano and Orchestra Now Allies Explore Theme But with Piano Leading
23) Dramatic Eruption of Orchestra Leads to the Development Section
24) Pianistic 'Tiger' Replaced By Gentle Reflective Soft-Spoken Poet
25) Transformed 'Tiger' Theme Amicably Shared By Piano and Orchestra
26) An Apparently New Theme - But Battle Hymn of the Republic?
27) Brief Downward-Driving Section Prepares for the Recapitulation
28) On the Threshold of the Recapitulation
29) Recapitulation: The Magical Return
30) From Gate-Crashing Tiger to Celestial Tenderness - and a Surprise
31) An Unexpected and Portentous Change of Mood Suggesting Tragedy
32) Summation
33) First Movement (Complete)
34) Second Movement: The Upward-Driving Opening Gambit Piano Alone
35) Downward-Driving Answer from Lower Strings (Violas Cellos Basses)
36) Theme Vs Melody
37) Eerie Unharmonised 'White' Sound of Second Theme
38) Second Theme Taken Up and Developed By Piano
39) Expectation and Surprise; Harmonic Fluidity and Intensifying Drama
40) Return (And Transformation) of Theme Two
41) Theme One Returns in Orchestra; Theme Three Emerges in Major Mode
42) Sequence of Fragmentary Episodes Begins with Unexpected Fanfare
43) Variant of Theme Three in Piano (Diabolical Piano Octaves)
44) Rescored Variant of 'Fanfare' Theme; from Grandeur to Solemnity
45) Rhapsodic Variant of Fanfare This Time for Piano Alone
46) Recapitulation of Opening with Piano and Orchestra Reversing Roles
47) Theme Two Transformed By New Instrumentation
48) Cue and Second Movement (Complete)
49) Introduction Cue and First Main Theme
50) Theme One Taken Up By Strings and Solo Oboe; Piano's Entry
51) Complex Variant of Theme One with Very Different Speed and Rhythm
52) Orchestra and Piano in Mixed Variants of Theme One Now Intensified
53) Theme Two Hushed and 'Tuneless' with Piano Clarinets and Strings
54) Oboe Theme Returns Now Delicately Embroidered By the Piano
55) Cue and Third Movement (Complete)
56) Finale: Introduction Cue and Main Theme
57) Violins Take Up Tune with Winds and Piano Accompanying
58) Piano Introduces Part 2 of the Main Theme
59) Part 3 of the Theme Led By Piano in 'Fiercely' Self-Confident Mood
60) First Episode Part 1
61) First Episode Part 2
62) Piano Hands Theme Over to Clarinets and Bassoons
63) First Episode Part 3 in Piano First; Then Flutes and Oboes
64) Strings and Flutes Take Theme with Bubbling Commentary from Piano
65) Tipsy Dancers (Piano and Winds) Return Tiring; Strings Take Over
66) In the Central Episode the Orchestra Throws Down a Dramatic Challenge
67) ... To Which the Piano Duly Responds with a Stormy Outburst
68) Piano Kick-Starts Run-Up to Final Section in a Variant of the Main Theme
69) Orchestra Sets Off on a Jaunty March Later Joined By the Piano
70) Piano Propels Orchestra Into Final Section
71) Summation and Cue to the Movement As a Whole
72) Finale (Complete)

Introduction to Brahms: Piano Concerto 2
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