Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel

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Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel.

Actor: Amy Poehler
Actor: Anna Faris
Actor: Christina Applegate
Actor: Jesse McCartney
Actor: Justin Long
Actor: Matthew Gray Gubler
Actor: Zachary Levi
Actor: David Cross
Actor: Jason Lee
Actor: Kevin G Schmidt
Actor: Brian Davis
Actor: Tony Richmond
Actor: Chris Cuevas
Actor: Gaston Richmond
Actor: Mark Figueroa
Actor: Paul Tilden
Actor: Darby Newman
Actor: Alexandra Shipp
Actor: Bernard White
Actor: Bridgit Mendler
Actor: Charice Pempengco
Actor: Gregg Binkley
Actor: Kevin Schmidt
Actor: Wendie Malick
Actor: Anjelah Johnson
Actor: Kathryn Joosten
Actor: Chris Warren Jr.
Actor: John Grillo
Actor: Ross Bagdasarian Jr
Actor: Janice Karman
Actor: Arnon Milchan
Actor: Ray Davies
Actor: John Stewart
Actor: Barry Gibb
Actor: Kristen Eccker
Actor: David Sammons
Actor: Robin Gibb
Actor: John Sosenko
Actor: Maurice Gibb
Actor: John McCurry
Actor: John Beck
Actor: Winona Wacker
Actor: Mick Jones
Actor: Robyn Link
Actor: Beyonce Knowles
Actor: Glenn Brown
Actor: Alicia Keys
Actor: Bob Branam
Actor: Pink
Actor: Rick Whitfield
Actor: Macy Gray
Actor: Mark Hochman
Actor: Jon Vitti
Actor: Ryan Bradley
Actor: Bill Haller
Actor: Jonathan Aibel
Actor: David Vasquez
Actor: Glenn Berger
Actor: Kent Chan
Actor: Christopher Michael
Actor: James Parks
Actor: Rebecca Robertson
Actor: Dawn Dreiling
Actor: Keith Wilson
Actor: Chris Bailey
Actor: Alex Lee
Actor: David Perkins
Actor: Karen Rosenfelt
Actor: Jason Scott
Actor: James Lorimer
Actor: Simon Jones
Actor: Steve Waterman
Actor: Matt Friedman
Actor: Seth Peterson
Actor: Ralph Eusebio
Actor: Ryan Smith
Actor: Gary Jackemuk
Actor: Josh Cole
Actor: Gordon Antell
Actor: Robert Young
Actor: Andrew Thompson
Actor: Patrick Kavanaugh
Actor: Andrea Kistler
Actor: Chris Parker
Actor: Adam Weber
Actor: Chris Peterson
Actor: Lee Ross
Actor: Brian Bulman
Actor: Robert Morgan
Actor: Mark Graham
Actor: Robert Campbell
Actor: James MacDonald
Actor: Julianne Jordan
Actor: David Newman
Actor: Michael Keller
Actor: John Murray
Actor: Alicia M Stevenson
Actor: Scott Curtis
Actor: Leigh French
Actor: Mary Albee
Actor: Buck McDancer
Actor: Peter Burns (Jozzepi)
Actor: Danny Wynands
Actor: Stephen Coy
Actor: Eddie Braun
Actor: Michael David Percy
Actor: Larry Holt
Actor: Timothy John Lever
Actor: Bob Yerkes
Actor: Dick Butler
Actor: Alana Da Fonseca
Actor: Bob Minor
Actor: Mike Klein
Actor: Steve Lambert
Actor: Paul Lane
Actor: Ashley Moore
Actor: Corinne Bailey Rae
Actor: John Robotham
Actor: Chuck Waters
Actor: Steve Chrisanthou
Actor: Boris Blank
Actor: Wayne Dalglish
Actor: Dieter Meier
Actor: Scott Leva
Actor: Tom Morga
Actor: Vincent Alfieri
Actor: Rick Seaman
Actor: Brian J. Williams
Actor: The Deetown Syndicate
Actor: John Moio
Actor: Katy Perry
Actor: Bill Murphy
Actor: Lukasz Gottwald
Actor: Jess King
Actor: Max Martin
Actor: Jack Nagle
Actor: Michael Edwards
Actor: The-Dream
Actor: John Sullivan
Actor: Thaddis L Harrell Jr
Actor: Christopher A Stewart
Actor: Todd Butler
Actor: Greg Wilkinson
Actor: Jeremy Ruzumna
Actor: Michael Anderson
Actor: Jinsoo Lim
Actor: John Lynch
Actor: Dave Wilder
Actor: Michael Strong
Actor: Bert Ferntheil
Actor: David Cole
Actor: Jeremy Sweet
Actor: Sony Pictures Scoring Stage
Actor: Amjad Albasel
Actor: Marc Smith
Actor: Sean Vega
Actor: Steven Memel
Actor: Ben Godfrey
Actor: Julian Michael Davis
Actor: Kerry Brothers Jr
Actor: George Michael Harry
Actor: Johann Karl Schuster
Actor: Bernard Edwards
Actor: Nile Rodgers
Actor: Dino Fekaris
Actor: Frederick Perren
Actor: Joseph Katsaros
Actor: Queensberry
Actor: Yello
Actor: Jason Gleed
Actor: Foreigner
Actor: Riverside Community College Marching Band
Actor: Chris Classic
Actor: Charice
Actor: Krystyna Newman
Actor: Ali Theodore
Actor: Fred Vogler
Actor: Gregory Jamrock
Actor: Sandy De Crescent
Actor: Peter Rotter
Actor: Denis St. Amand
Actor: Dan Diprima
Actor: Jeff Carson
Actor: Richard Graves
Actor: Eric Sherman
Actor: Audrey Clark
Actor: Matthew Heffernan
Actor: Emily Greenberg
Actor: Zach Hunt
Actor: Lauren Pasternack
Actor: Russ Rorie
Actor: Michele Panelli
Actor: David Mendoza
Actor: Taylor Phillips
Actor: Rosero Mccoy
Actor: Bo Johnson
Actor: Chris Consani
Actor: Sei Nakashima
Actor: Tanseer Ahmed
Actor: Balaji Anbalagan
Actor: Srikar Balakrishnan
Actor: Guy Bar'Ely
Actor: Debaprasad Bhowmik
Actor: Patrick Bonneau
Actor: Shad Bradbury
Actor: Alexandre Bryman
Actor: Jessica Chan
Actor: Andy Conroy
Actor: Jeff Croke
Actor: Nirmal David
Actor: Carolyn Ee-Kaiser
Actor: Todd Elliot
Actor: Rachel Flowers
Actor: Edward Fornoles
Actor: Scott Fritts
Actor: Vani Goel
Actor: Tim Granberg
Actor: Phillip Hall
Actor: Gael Harlow
Actor: William Hoag
Actor: Joe Hoback
Actor: Ray Hsu
Actor: Martin Jimenez
Actor: Yogesh Kaushal
Actor: Chansoo Kim
Actor: Will Kistler
Actor: Shelagh Kitney
Actor: Sheldon Kruger
Actor: Kevin Lane
Actor: David Linsey
Actor: Amy Lu
Actor: Manuel Martinez Bover
Actor: Casey Mcdermott
Actor: Matthew Meyer
Actor: Prajakta Nandlaskar
Actor: Neth Nom
Actor: Hunjin Park
Actor: Samir Patel
Actor: David Polk
Actor: Boola Robello
Actor: Alan Rogers"|0|0|"Chipmunk singing sensations Alvin
Actor: Simon and Theodore are back for an encore in this hilarious 'squeakquel' packed with more action and more nutty fun for the whole family! When a concert mishap lands Dave in the hospital
Actor: the Chipmunks take a break from superstardom and enroll in school to fit in with kids their age. But they soon face some stiff competition when they meet the Chipettes - a beautiful
Actor: talented trio of chipmunks discovered by Ian
Actor: the boys' evil ex-manager!

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