Jimmy Buffett - Live at Fenway Park

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Jimmy Buffett
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At some point, Jimmy Buffett -- like the Grateful Dead -- learned to turn his music and persona into a cottage industry and big bucks. And while cynics might view the onslaught of CDs, DVDs, and merchandise as crass, the folks buying seem to want it. In Buffett's case, it doesn't hurt that he has a knack for delivering -- musically and performance-wise -- exactly what fans want on albums like Live at Fenway Park. One shouldn't expect long jams or reinterpretations of classic songs here, but fairly straightforward, competently delivered versions of everything from "Volcano" to "Come Monday" to "Margaritaville." Live at Fenway Park, then, is basically a soundtrack to a Parrothead party that took place in Boston on September 10th and 12th, complete with screaming, happy fans. It's no secret that Buffett's a bit of a goofball, and he loves to talk to the crowd between songs and doesn't even mind shouting out a bit of nonsense right in the middle of a song. What, then, makes this collection special when a number of other live Buffett discs are on the market? Probably the fact that the package holds two complete unedited audio discs and -- for the grand finale -- has a 55-minute DVD that includes film footage from both shows. Interestingly, it would seem that Buffett, like the Dead and Pearl Jam, has learned that it's fun (and profitable) to release one's own bootlegs. To break out a tired old cliché, Live at Fenway Park is probably the best thing next to being there, and will supply the perfect soundtrack for inviting a few Parrotheads over for margaritas. ~ Ronnie D. Lankford, Jr.

Disc 1:
1) Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes - Jimmy Buffett (03:44)
2) The Great Filling Station Holdup - Jimmy Buffett (04:23)
3) Pencil Thin Moustache - Jimmy Buffett (03:27)
4) Fruitcakes - Jimmy Buffett (06:25)
5) License to Chill - Jimmy Buffett (04:17)
6) Son of a Son of a Sailor - Jimmy Buffett (04:18)
7) Boat Drinks - Jimmy Buffett (04:17)
8) Brown Eyed Girl - Jimmy Buffett (05:59)
9) Volcano - Jimmy Buffett (04:08)
10) Why Don't We Get Drunk - Jimmy Buffett (05:05)
11) Sweet Caroline - Jimmy Buffett (03:35)
12) Hey Good Lookin' - Jimmy Buffett (04:09)
13) Pascagoula Run - Jimmy Buffett (06:55)

Disc 2:
1) One Particular Harbour - Jimmy Buffett (02:47)
2) Respect - Jimmy Buffett (05:38)
3) Gypsies in the Palace - Jimmy Buffett (04:03)
4) Grapefruit Juicy Fruit - Jimmy Buffett & The Coral Reefer Band (04:27)
5) Come Monday - Jimmy Buffett (05:02)
6) Jolly Mon Sing - Jimmy Buffett (01:44)
7) Take Me Out to the Ball Game - Jimmy Buffett (03:44)
8) It's Five O'Clock Somewhere - Jimmy Buffett (03:42)
9) Cheeseburger in Paradise - Jimmy Buffett (04:26)
10) Coast of Carolina - Jimmy Buffett (05:26)
11) Cuban Crime of Passion - Jimmy Buffett (04:57)
12) A Pirate Looks at Forty - Jimmy Buffett (04:14)
13) Piece of Work - Jimmy Buffett (04:51)
14) Margaritaville - Jimmy Buffett (07:46)
15) Fins - Jimmy Buffett (04:10)
16) Scarlet Begonias - Jimmy Buffett (04:58)
17) Southern Cross - Jimmy Buffett (03:34)
18) Defying Gravity - Jimmy Buffett

Disc 3:
1) Take Me Out to the Ball Game - Jimmy Buffett
2) Jump in Line - Jimmy Buffett
3) License to Chill - Jimmy Buffett
4) Boat Drinks - Jimmy Buffett
5) Fruitcakes - Jimmy Buffett
6) Son of a Son of a Sailor - Jimmy Buffett
7) Why We Don't Get Drunk/Sweet Caroline - Jimmy Buffett
8) Respect - Jimmy Buffett
9) Jolly Mon Sing - Jimmy Buffett
10) Coast of Carolina - Jimmy Buffett
11) Cuban Crime of Passion - Jimmy Buffett
12) Southern Cross - Jimmy Buffett
13) Defying Gravity - Jimmy Buffett

Live at Fenway Park
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