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Faux Jean - Kiss Life on the Lips

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Faux Jean
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Faux Jean burst onto the Minneapolis music scene (whatever that is) in the Spring of 2001 when the local alt-rag, the City Pages, slapped the Fauxs on the cover, heralding them as the best new band for the year 2000. This confounded some people, as Faux Jean had only played 3 shows in the very late months of that year in venues as inconspicuous as the Loring, the Clown Lounge, and the Bryant Lake Bowl. Few could deny, however, that regardless of what their music sounded like, they looked downright 'bad-ass' (in the words of Faux Wayne)(see bio below) on the cover of that magazine. Before these alt-press accolades fell upon Faux Jean, they had entered the Terrarium recording facility in Septemer of 2000, and laid the tracks for 'Kiss Life on the Lips' with producer Bryan Hanna. Over five days of sleeping at the studio and waking up with Jameson hangovers, the band crafted a solid record that would have to wait till spring to be properly mixed, since the Terrarium closed in their old warehouse location and reopened after many, many delays at a super-sexy Northeast location. As the months passed, Jean D'ax and Faux Jean (see bio below) decided to release a limited CD single of the rough mixes for 'Flight of the Bumblebee' b/w 'Tuesday Scene.' Thankfully, Radio K picked up on both singles, and people outside of their circle of personal friends began to know that Faux Jean existed. Copies of all the rough mixes also began to circulate among critics and some of Faux Jean's songwriter/producer/dj peers over the winter months--and word was out before the summer release of the record--this shit was different and good. Released in June 2001, 'Kiss Life on the Lips' is in it's second printing of 1000 copies. Rave reviews from fans and critics alike has established 'KLOTL' and the Faux Jean band as something worthy of your discerning attention. If you find that 90% of what is commonly available and made to be in your face whether you like it or not is crap, chances are you will find the visceral/intellectual balance of the Faux Jean aesthetic music to your jaded ears. Having waited until April of 2002 to make this record available via may seem a little silly, but the band runs the New Fidelity label out of Faux Jean's bedroom, which is also where the 4-track writing studio is set up, and sometimes one feels like writing instead of dealing with business, No? No distribution agreement has been established to make this record available in stores across the country. So don't be startled that you've never heard of the band. There is no machine behind the Faux Jean--no publicists, no booking agents, no managers, and frankly, no money. It's all about five boys and one girl and the music they make together to lessen the pain of daily living at Faux Jean. To sweeten the deal, a new record will be available by Fall of 2002, so don't go thinking you're going to buy this record and never hear from Faux Jean again, y'hear? below is a bio of the band, introducing each member and shedding some light on their contribution to the Faux Jean sound. :: Faux Jean is a rock group from Minneapolis, USA. They are led by the visionary songwriter who employs the appellation Faux Jean as his own. :: The story places a boy named matty on his sun porch in a pair of strange blue trousers contemplating the fin-de-sicle malaise with the sun setting Indian summer style twilight of the gods. :: Neighborhood fixtures, Kinder and Behm, noting the strange blue trousers, commented that the fake denim was becoming of matty; at this moment, he became Faux Jean. :: The next step was to disband his existing group, the spring collection - - to the end of creating a new ensemble where Faux Jean could more accurately determine the aesthetic outcome of his vision, which places bikini clad teens on the beach twisting to songs about the reproductive urges/functions of bumble bees. :: That accomplished, Faux Jean looked around for a band to complete his vision. Perhaps most important on his list was finding a strong female voice to sing the pretty parts he'd eeked out himself on two summers' worth of 4 track demos. Faux Jean saw this batch of songs and the sounds there found as tantamount to the Faux Jean aesthetic. 'So where'd you go Faux, to find the sound?' :: Imagine Jean Angel, probably circa 96. Faux Jean (then matty) went to the Bryant Lake Bowl to see a Hang Ups-y side project called the Appetizers opening for Ida. Nicole K. was there on stage, singing with the band, lending credence to their versions of ABBA and Queen songs. Covering one ear, Maurice Gibb style, belting out Dancing Queen, batting those goo-goo lashes, opera-trained Nicole - who would later play with Hickey Party and start her own group, THE MEG - won Faux Jean's aesthetic heart and her millennial transformation into Jean Angel can only be seen as inevitable at this point. :: Imagine Grinder, probably circa 93. Matty's in his new pad in Uptown, playing his 12 string ric through a crappy practice amp on the sun porch. When he stops playing, he hears what sounds like someone thrashing a drum kit coming from his basement. He investigates; the new neighbors greet each other and say 'we should play sometime.' Grinder and Faux Jean proceed to waste a full year jamming endlessly on meaningless surf drivel. The subsequent years are given some meaning as they manage to slog it out through several bands (Whippoorwill, Steel Shank, Spring Collection). In addition to his talent for avoiding hard, physical labor, Grinder has a gift for the drums and that's what makes him essential to the Faux Jean aesthetic. :: Imagine Jean D'ax, I'm thinking 98. Grinder and matty play an early pop for charity show at the Foxfire with the Plastic Constellations and Chromaphase. Chromaphase takes the stage and all one can really see are walls of keyboards and what appears to be a very happy 18 or 19 year-old-kid smiling from behind said keys. That's Dax, who had the presence of mind to purchase a spring collection AQUARIUS disc at the show and learn the songs before calling and asking to be in the band. Given that his alternative was to sell all of his gear in digust at the demise of Chromaphase, we are glad that fate intervened and made right the path for Dax. :: Imagine Faux Wayne, early 2000. Cody Wayne rolls in from Texas so as to experience the bitter cold of the northern life first hand. Coming across the proto-Faux Jean posse at a cold Mallman show at the 400 Bar, the rest of the year is spent getting to know you, getting to know all about you. Turns out the kid played bass with the drips in Texas and let it be known that the Faux Jean aesthetic seemed incomplete without the involvement of Faux Wayne.:: :: Fallen from the sky like a star-man, Gene Wire (Al Weiers) woke up on stage with the Odd and Short Fuses before fusing his aesthetic with that of the fake denim. Les Paul+Marshall +Gene Wire=rock and roll over into the New Fidelity with bells and whistles and enough thunder to keep the boat floating--men women and children are welcome.:: :: Logic and fate conspire to make the band Faux Jean complete.::.

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1) Hey!
2) Kiss Life on the Lips (K's Trip)
3) Nature
4) Flight of the Bumblebee
5) Tuesday Scene
6) Chartreuse Skirt
7) G-A-Go-Go
8) Mrs. Jean
9) The Last of the Last of the Super-Secret Stash

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