He Is Legend - I Am Hollywood

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He Is Legend
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Solid State


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Christian rock, like rock en español, isn't just one style but many different styles. In the 21st century, Christian rock includes everything from post-grunge, punk-pop and emo to metalcore, hardcore, alternative metal and rap-metal. There are Christian bands that sound like Limp Bizkit, Rage Against the Machine or Korn; there are Christian bands that claim Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots as influences. Screamo has its share of Christian bands as well; like UnderOath, Emery and Motion Picture Demise, He Is Legend combines a screamo sound with Christian-minded lyrics. Not that I Am Hollywood beats listeners over the head with religion; actually, the Christian messages on this 2004 release are delivered in a highly subliminal fashion. The album's dominant theme is the exploitative, ruthless side of Hollywood and the entertainment industry -- a theme that was also explored on Hole's Celebrity Skin. But while Courtney Love came at it from the perspective of an angry feminist and saw women as Hollywood's primary victims, He Is Legend are not so gender-minded and see spirituality as a way for both men and women to protect themselves from Hollywood's darker side. And while Celebrity Skin and I Am Hollywood have some things in common lyrically, He Is Legend doesn't sound anything like Hole musically. This melodic but aggressive and hyper CD is very much a part of screamo and is full of the clean vocals/extreme vocals contrast that screamo is famous for. Schuylar Croom's extreme vocals not only include the tortured screaming of metalcore, but also, the deep, guttural growl of death metal -- although lyrically, I Am Hollywood is far removed from the death metal/black metal field. I Am Hollywood is mildly uneven; some tracks hold up better than others. But overall, this is an intelligent and thought-provoking effort from the Christian screamo crew. ~ Alex Henderson

1) Act 1, Scene 1: The Seduction (03:48)
2) Act 1, Scene 2: Eating a Book (03:47)
3) Act 1, Scene 3: The Creature Walks (End Scene) (03:32)
4) Act 2, Scene 1: The Greatest Actor Alive... (Enters Stage Right) (03:17)
5) Act 2, Scene 2: China White (End Scene) (04:26)
6) Act 3, Scene 1: ...Best in Mexico (03:17)
7) Act 3, Scene 2: The Walls Have Teeth (End Scene) (03:54)
8) Act 4, Scene 1: Do You Think I'm Pretty? (04:13)
9) Act 4, Scene 2: Dinner With a Gypsy (End Scene) (05:36)
10) Finale: I Am Hollywood (Fin) (05:13)

I Am Hollywood
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