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Andrew Reed - I Am

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Andrew Reed
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"Andrew is a uniquely talented artist's artist; one who lifts the atmosphere wherever he goes. His depth extends far beyond the traditional musician's box, with extraordinary insight into the human condition and a sensitivity built on experience which cannot be manufactured.' ~ Steven Sharp (Founder, Sharp Objects & former Asylum/Electra, Sony/Arista, Warner executive associated with over 60 #1 recordings) Liner Notes "I Am" 3.14.11 Self-concept is a difficult thing to contemplate. At least it has been and still is for me. I attest to the fact that I find the world and all that is in it fascinating and mysterious. To be conscious of one's own existence is remarkable. If this is true for us, then why is it not true for other creatures/things on some level? Perhaps it is not the rich experience we know, but I find it difficult to believe that we are somehow singled out. It is obvious that the very foundational premises and paradigms of our thought-life and consciousness are incomplete at best. After all, we only have five senses (and perhaps a sixth...that maybe should be called the first) to interpret life. I think it is as natural to think about and explore the self-concept as it as it is to be born and die. When mathematician Descartes set out to doubt all things unless he could confirm them as true, he concluded that the five senses were unreliable and must be discounted as one could be massively mislead regarding things like size and proportion. Even experiential observations could not be absolute as a person cannot always determine if he or she is awake or dreaming. So knowledge based on senses was discounted. His only certainty was "I think, therefore I am." No one could counter this because of it's devastating self-evident solidarity. So, here we are...we ARE...we exist. We also know acutely that we are inherently limited in our knowledge/experience. Think of it this way...there are more suns in the universe than there are grains of sand on the Earth (of course the number planets surrounding each sun exponentially expands this number by magnitudes beyond comprehension)...and yet, we have only visited one small moon...and we have some rocks to prove it! Back to is extremely important how each person perceives themselves in my opinion. The images in our minds run our how we perceive things, whether correct or in error, shape our behavior (See the notes for Spaceman). We all contemplate ourselves every day to various degrees. "What am I?" - "What am I capable of?" - "Why am I happy or sad?" - "What is really important to me?" - "Why am I living the way I am living?" - The questions are boundless... Then we have the "labels and overlays" of self such as sex identification, family, name, geographical origin, nationality, job, position, et cetera, et cetera. There are so many containers of images that we are expected to fit into...but we don' least not completely... Sometimes I become very stressed at the contemplation of self especially when people ask me what I do. I don't know what to say. Like you, I do a lot of things... But for facilitation of communication, most people want a small capsule...or to see you in whatever light they want. I am "X" - is simply too narrow and somewhat insults the prospects of what we are...for I believe we are more...much much more... Perhaps "What are you?" is a better question as it is tied to essence. I find the idea of essence especially appealing...that each of us has essential qualities of what we are...and if we can live in congruence with our true nature, then we would not be in conflict with ourselves. In fact, the external world could come crashing down and we would have an operating platform that allows inner peace. However, it must also be conceded that we (even our essential natures) are also always changing. It is conceivable that this constant change confuses us as the ideological clothes of yesterday do not fit anymore. Obviously, I am no master of this as evidenced by my own distress...but I think it is a good direction... The saying in all of the ancient traditions that imply, "as a person thinks, feels or believes, so he or she is," is quite true in my experience...although I think the significance of each person and his or her contribution is greater than perceived... There is enough science to back this up to my personal satisfaction. I do not prescribe to the belief that if an idea or phenomena cannot be explained, then it doesn't exist. That unfortunately is the treatment of so many unanswered observations in our experience. The truth or nearer truth, we can say with some degree of confidence, will be uncovered and will be borne out by the future. Time will tell what is true. What has been, has been...what will follow, will follow... What am I? I am not certain, but I know that my music is the best window into who I am and more importantly how I feel. Music and lyrics are part of my essence. Many perceive me as a teacher, others as a creator of things...but how others interpret me is not, or should not be, of great importance. However, how I view myself is significant as it is the only image that I have some direct degree of control...and I'm quite sure you are similar to me in this respect... Executive Summary: We are all walking sensations...consciousness...a being modified by combinations of internal and external forces... AND we can "self-modify" through intention...climbing the rungs towards the top of Maslow's hierarchy...into the Self-Actualization realm. Our intention, thoughts and actions shape the world...Therefore, I AM... The self-concept is important...perhaps the all-important driver of creation itself... ~ Gratefully yours, Andrew.

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1) Pardon Me
2) I Am
3) Starlight
4) Watches and Mirrors
5) The Traveler
6) Rain
7) Anywhere But Here
8) Spaceman
9) One in the Sun
10) Me and Mine
11) The Darkest Night: Dark Waters
12) The Darkest Night
13) The Darkest Night: Beyond
14) Interview: Lingua Musica

I Am
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