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Alan Guno - Boy Diva

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Alan Guno
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Alan Guño, one of the hottest new artists in pop music, follows up his debut album 'Evolution', with his much-anticipated second album. 'Boy Diva' is available now! THE POP EPIC... Alan's new album is a 'pop epic' that tells a story about night and day. 'Everyone has what they can describe as the 'Night' in their lives,' explains Alan. 'There are dark times and moments of fear, and long periods of frustration and sadness. It is those times when we must battle our darkness in order to see our way to the next morning.' The story of 'Boy Diva' is the story of one night - one night somewhere in the world - anywhere, perhaps. And on this one night, a cast of characters assembles. Some of them are brave, some of them are broken. Some have extraordinary dreams. And some have long-since left them behind. But the one thing that these characters share is that they all have a burden to carry. They all have secrets, sins, and fatal flaws - Or they find themselves in desperate or compromising situations. And all of them are looking, hoping - and holding on - to see the light of day - to see the time when their night journey will be completed and they will move past these darker times. 'The stories are a bit darker than those on Evolution,' Alan continues. 'But I think they are very realistic. I think most people can relate to the characters in these songs - and the truth that not everything is always sunny or happy - but that the struggle to face the darkness is one of the most important in life.' THE SINGLE... The album begins with 'Redeemed', the stunning new single. Before the CD descends into it's darker stories, the album introduces a tale of where we often ideally aspire - that special place in which our entire world is redeemed by the love of another. 'This is a very special song to me,' says Alan. 'Before the dark comes, it is a reminder of why the struggle is worth the effort. It tells us why we should endure the tears and the pain.' This amazing, lush ballad launches this new album - and begins an amazing musical journey. THE PURPOSE... So what was the purpose behind this album? Why an album like this? 'So many people find themselves so lost,' explains Alan. 'People are always looking for a way to free themselves from the darkness that enters their lives - the darkness that tends to attack again and again. This album was a way of telling many stories - stories of people who struggle, people who are really down and hurting... It was a way to show that as difficult as circumstances can be, we are not alone. All of us encounter dark times in our lives - and all of us need to fight to make it to the next morning...' In that same spirit, the 18 songs on 'Boy Diva' tell the story of struggle and the journey to redemption. After 'Redeemed', the album continues with the rousing dance anthem 'United' and the spirited anticipation of 'One Dance'. From there, we hear the stories begin to turn towards pain and despair - from the self-involved 'Teenage Super Spies' to the agony of 'Invisible' to the fallen angel of 'Vengeance'. Difficult social issues make their appearance in dance hits, 'American Boys' and 'Savage Love'. And tales of sin and unfaithfulness fill the music of the ballads, 'Betrayed' and 'Do You Still?'. Throughout the album, the stories of the 'Boy Diva' himself are introduced, most notably, in the title track - as well as in the promise that struggles to manifest itself in songs like 'Amore' and the disco homage, 'In The Darkness'. And as the album ends, we see the hope of what may come with the morning - with the bittersweet dance track 'When the Story's Over', the joyful pop of 'Run to the Night', and the final song, 'Grace'. All the songs weave their stories in a mythical landscape - a city and place that could be anywhere. But most people can relate to at least one of the stories told here - and find some resemblance to their own personal 'night' and their own quest to defeat the darkness. THE BOY DIVA... So who is the Boy Diva? The 'Legend of the Boy Diva' is the story of a young boy - who, while only a boy, manages to find and accept his calling to bring light to those in the darkness. His is one story of the many on the album, but the themes of this particular adventure resound throughout all of the music on the CD. His legend (fully explained in the CD insert) reaffirms the theme of the album - that even in life's darkest times, one can battle the Night and be victorious - by realizing that 'the power is inside'. The actual character of the 'Boy Diva' appears in a few songs on the album, but he is also the unseen 'observer' of the other characters - becoming the glue that holds this 'pop epic' together. And as his story progresses throughout the album, we see the fulfillment of his odyssey - and of the other characters as well - as he becomes the one to 'show the way'. 'The Boy Diva is the guide, the angel, the warrior - watching over those who live in the Night,' explains Alan. 'But one must remember that his most redeeming quality is that he was - and still is - just a boy. He shows us that all of us are capable of coming into the Light - by taking a leap of faith and finding the strength that is inside of ourselves.' THE MUSIC... 'Boy Diva' confidently displays Alan's depth and perception in his vision of pop music. The variety of pop styles on the album shows an exceptional versatility in writing and performing. Dance pop takes a prominent place on this new album - with 'United', 'Vengeance', 'Groove to the Motion' and 'Savage Love'. The ballads are also a diverse collection - including the sultry cool touch of 'Invisible', the country characteristics of 'Do You Still?', and the rock ballad, 'Betrayed'. The Latin feel of 'Amore' also feels at home alongside the Europop sounds of 'One Dance'. And an homage to the disco era ('In the Darkness') leads the way to the current dance floor sounds of 'When the Story's Over'. For those who favor lighter sounds - there is the softer inspirational pop of 'Run to the Night' and the acoustic feel of 'Grace'. And of course, it all begins with the glorious ballad, 'Redeemed'. And there are many other surprises that resound in the music of 'Boy Diva'. 'I believe that all pop music fans can find something on this album that appeals to them,' comments Alan. 'And I'm hoping that all fans will not only love the variety of sounds, but the special messages in the album as well.' THE ARTIST... So let's catch up with this amazing pop artist... Since the release of 'Evolution', Alan has been hard at work preparing this new album. 'It's been a real labor of love,' says Alan. 'This album is all about hope and inner strength - in the face of even our darkest moments - and I hope the fans can find some inspiration in the stories contained here.' But the release of 'Boy Diva' is not the only thing on Alan's mind these days. Currently in production are no less than three other releases. The long-awaited dance remix album will make it's way to release within the year - offering new takes on your favorite hits from both 'Evolution' and 'Boy Diva' - as well as some brand new tracks. Also being recorded is an album of country music - which promises a new adventure but with Alan's signature style and depth. And finally, Alan's next pop album is already underway - but in his usual manner, is being kept very secret as production proceeds! 'It is an amazing journey, isn't it?' says Alan. ' I have always dreamed of living this kind of life - but never realized how wonderful - and how fulfilling - it would actually be... The fans have been truly incredible - and have been so open and welcoming of my first CD. I hope they love this new album - and find in it something special for themselves.'

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1) Redeemed
2) United
3) One Dance
4) Teenage Super Spies
5) Boy Diva
6) Invisible
7) Groove to the Motion
8) Vengeance
9) In the Darkness
10) Space
11) Betrayed
12) American Boys
13) Savage Love
14) Amore
15) Do You Still?
16) When the Story's Over
17) Run to the Night
18) Grace

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