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"The You Are Star Dust" CD Our physical body is primarily made of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. The stars are made of these same elements, although we have different proportions. Our bodies and the stars are made out of the same elements! Are we star dust? A French physicist, Joel Sternheimer, discovered sound frequencies of molecules. Joel produced a formula to calculate frequencies for elements in the Periodic Table. So every element has a frequency. Therefore carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen make frequencies, a song if you will! The stars have a song and so do we! Joel also learned that amino acids in plants produce songs. We can't hear them, but with his equipment, he can! Joel discovered that when he played back the amino acid's songs to the plant, the plant's growth doubled and ir increased in resilience to drought and disease. This says to me, that when we sing our song in harmony, we become all that we were meant to be. The scientific theory of entrainment says that a strong vibration in close proximity causes the lessor vibration to change and copy the stronger vibration. This is one reason why the plant growth doubled when it heard it's own song, it sang it's song in tune! Also, when you hear the sounds of the stars (raised up octaves into your hearing range), you can vibrate in harmony with the songs of the heavens. According to Hans Cousto, we can calculate the pitch of a planet if we know the time it takes a planet to complete an orbit: Frequency=1/period. For example, the earth takes 365.24 days to orbit the sun, so the earth's frequency is 1/365.24 days. By doubling the frequency by octaves this note can be heard. We can listen to the sounds of the stars! As you hear the star's vibration, you can vibrate in tune with it. So you can sing the song of the stars and the stars can sing in you! We are in the choir of the "uni-verse," meaning one verse or song. · As you cut the length of the rotation of stars or a planet in half, you double the star's frequency and get a pitch an octave higher. · As you cut the length of a violin string in half, you double the frequency, and get a note an octave higher. See the relationship between pitch and the heavenly bodies? The frequencies of the stars and the planets in orbits use the same laws of harmony as our music! There is harmony in the heavens! The Frequency of the Earth, Moon and the Sun Physicist, Hans Cousto suggests that when you tune into the earth's frequency, you simultaneously tune into the energy of others such as the Indian and Tibetan monks, who are in harmony with the earth. By tuning into their energy, you participate in their peace of mind, you "become part of the morphogenetic field" of all those already in harmony due to their regular meditation. When you raise the earth-day frequency 66 octaves, you create the resonance of DNA, linking the resonance of DNA and the earth tone. Can you tune up your DNA, by listening to the tone of the earth? The scientific phenomenon of the hundredth monkey shows that when a certain percentage of the monkey population learned a new trick, that the entire population of the monkeys, even those on other islands who had never seen the trick, could then easily perform it. Therefore, we can tune into the frequency of those already in tune due to their regular meditation. Cousto notes that the moon affects the tides and also our body fluids. He also suggests that tuning with the moon frequency can help stabilize fluid imbalances. He also cautions, not use tuning forks to replace traditional medicine. Cousto tells us about the impact of the tone of the sun: "Meditation music attuned to the sun tone is beyond all imagination and will lead the listener into new dimensions. Above, all, it is recommended for people whose souls are full of joy and whose spirits are clear, for those who are prepared to leave everything behind them without regret. Meditation carried out to the tone will lead the listener to a state beyond good and bad, shame and guilt, beyond space and time, knowledge and wisdom, action and rest, and being and non- being. It leads to a state where the all-in-one and the all-encompassing are no longer separate entities but are reunited at their tone, common origin -- the origin that is also you." TESTIMONIALS Dear Jill, I can not express how much your music has affected me. As a spiritual practitioner and consultant, I am so moved by the music that you have successfully created and the art that you have managed to capture on canvas and express your soul. Your work is of a realm that most are striving for, reaching and acknowledging and can use to assist them in self-discovery and awareness. The Universe blesses you, honors and celebrates you, your assistants and all that you have humbly provided. You are one who has recognized your gifts and abilities and has offered the world an opportunity not only to share but to use and discover their own talents. Noemia Greetings, Jill. You have a beautiful voice - pure and fragile. Your melodies feature a holistic, mathematical approach, which takes people outside of the pop-influenced melodic sound of commercial New Age. Taxi Dear Jill, At age 60 it has been a while since this widow had a love to lay down with. When I first listened to your music, I thought, wouldn't this be lovely to make love with! It inspires peaceful ecstasy. Thank you for the beautiful art. The visual and listening experience has enriched my life. Barbara D. My Soul goes out to you! (one of my songs) The violin calms with the very first note. I can feel healing waves flow over me with the sounds of little froggies and crickets soothing me just like they did when I was a little kid playing in the creek. Your sweet vocals cover me with softness. All the sounds go into me and blend perfectly. Marty S You Are Star Dust. The music is an exciting experience for me. Every time I listen to the melodies I go into a deep trance and pop out of it when the music is over. It is unusual to find music that relaxes you like this. I am always looking for new ways to meditate and listening to this is a most efficient way of achieving a higher energy. Rick H. Dear Jill, I have an air purifier that turns off when the air is purified. It turns off every time I play your CD "You Are Star Dust." I was surprised to find out later that you have used a tone for oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon in this CD in the tuning forks that sound like chimes in the background! Cool! Very Cool! Eric Dear Jill, Wow, your music is really incredibly healing! After listening to your CD,'You are Stardust', I felt the divine mother energy surround me in a large dose of unconditional love. Thank you for the blessings of your healing music. Peace, Sarah Jill, We have your CD's all ready queued up to help set a healing mood during our home birth next month. We can think of no better way to welcome our little Mathilda Tobin into the world! Thank you for making such a beautiful, meaningful contribution to our lives and to the world. Namaste, Justine Dear Jill, Last night I was taken by the haunting beauty of the vocals and also by the cascading effect of the music and how it seemed to create rhythmic surges of consciousness-as if my attention was being swept in and out like the waves on the ocean, that were also a part of the music. Jeff C Dear Jill, "Paint Your Soul" represents one of my most intriguing encounters with music yet: It brought tears to my eyes at first, and weeks later, still leaves me in a state of contemplative quietude after listening. Now it seems to be part of me...having helped me to feel "at home: with peace...some of it's melodies and phrases well up in my mind at unexpected moments now, reassuringly, like old friends remind me that peace awaits at the end of a day. This wistful, soulful, haunting "water"/ space music including the mysterious Fibonacci numbers and Solfeggio frequencies, and Jill's lovely ethereal, echoing voice and wise lyrics and sweet nature sounds_ all combine to provide one powerful, satisfying total experience from the entire CD that I might sum up as Love (Paint Your Soul) = peace. Judy S The one-person musical package melodic meanders through each track evoking ethereal and swimming melodies reminiscent of New Age Artist, Enya, and of British singer, Sarah Brightman. Derrick News Dear Jill, I put your CD in the player and went on to do my business, but it did not take me long to drop what I was doing and come back to the source. A big WOW!!! The words calming and invigorating do not quite accurately describe the feeling it evoked. At a loss for words, and that is unusual for me. Geraldine S Jill, When I listen to your beautiful CD my cares melt away and I feel the illusion of fear dissolve. I experience the truth of light and love when I listen to your music. Anne L Jill, As I listen to your music for the very first time, I felt it immediately begin to minister love, peace and well-being to every cell in my body. Frankly, that hasn't happened ever in my life. I felt every cell coming into perfection as I closed my eyes to breathe in this amazing music. Thank you!!! Much love, Michael Murphy Dear Jill, When I listened to your music, I got a vision of a beautiful lady. Could that be an ascended master? The channeled essence that you list on the CD? Beth Dear Jill Your CD continues to inspire, lifting energies and the atmosphere. For example, my husband's two grand children spent yesterday with us. They were good children and tolerant of my over nurturing them. Yet there was no connection between us, no back and forth conversation, until I turned on your music. Suddenly there were full of questions and in awe. It was the sounds that soothed, as it has done for me many times. Geraldine S Dear Jill, I find your music so hard to describe -so beautiful and so unearthly, just not of this world- too special to be earthly. Tillie S Dear Jill, I appreciate your ability to brush the surface in expressing nature's true grace. Rock on! Cheers Andrea Dear Jill While listening I felt a deep healing happening. I was sitting at my computer and when the CD ended I felt such profound peace and lightness. Even though I was in the thinking mode while listening to it, the music resonated right into my being. It is truly healing music for your spirit and your soul. Anne Dear Jill, Your CD is awesome. I put it on when I was working on a web page and it put me in such a mood that I was really flowing with ideas and the words flowed out of me. Jorge A. Dear Jill When I first listened to your music, I found the music somewhat disturbing. It made me feel as if an uncommon force was being exerted over me. I was if a mystery was confronting me. But he more I listened and the more I thought about it, I realized that it wasn't a mystery, but a revelation. The revelation of what might have been, and unspoken perfection, a truth lying deeply buried beneath the accumulation of rubbish in my life. You see I found in your music a hidden secret, the unconfessed part of myself, that I know to be the truest, most precious and the most sacred part, which I have steadfastly ignored. Dr. Michael Lagan Dear Jill Who knows? Perhaps such music as this might even help serve as a proverbial "hedge" of God around our nation, if He so wills, helping us protect us by touching the hearts of potential terrorists as well as our ordinary jaded selves...overcoming evil with good by transforming, "melting" us all closer in love. That might be it: Jill's music offers us opportunities to paint our souls with soothing beautiful vibrations, expressions of God's love, which we can then more easily translate into action with in out individual spheres of achieve the net effect of peace in the larger world. Judy S Jill, I love the sleep song: I feel in tune when I listen : D Dear Jill, Some of the depictions of Sri Swamiji's music (in your book) and especially the narration was most interesting. I found the co-relation with various factors of science, arts, culture and nature to be prudent, for a rational thinker. Overall it was inspiring and brilliant. Vamshi Krishna Ghanapathi Dear Jill, Perhaps you have found God's blueprint for creation! His omniscience is truly revealed in your well-documented and fascinating book. How can I thank you for sharing? Something so simple as interval, tones and symphony can bring peace, healing and the purest of love. Kathy B 'Jill is an absolute visionary who has touched numerous lives with her music and art. She creates work that is not only visually & audibly stunning, but that also contributes to the betterment of the individual, the community, and ultimately the world. I have used her music as a relaxation and focusing tool for childbirth preparation with outstanding results. I look forward to seeing (and hearing) Jill's future creative endeavors.' Justine Julian Jill, OH! This is truly beautiful and sacred work. Dyan Jill, I just so feel a need to share with you after listening to Paint Your Soul ..and I want to tell you why...firstly, I am one of those Moms who have a hard time watching videos of my children when they were little ( I have two kids..) without turning into a blubbering mass of I am sensitive.. no doubt....but when I heard you play...I remembered when I was in 4th grade... when the string instruments were introduced to our classroom and I was so drawn to the violin.....I SO wanted to learn it but my parents were poor and I remember crying many times...grieving the loss of that when I heard you was like I was living vicariously through you... forgive me for saying that I am so about living your own life without any of the Hollywood parasitic mentality ( my children's father was a famous child star so I know how silly people can be with it) but your music was thrilling for me to listen to and it filled my heart ( and day) with joy...There are many talented people in this world Jill.....but few who's talent penetrates AND is welcome in the heavenly know that your gifts are not just benefiting us earthlings...ha! Jill, Today I've decided to share with you my intake of your beautiful music. Not something I talk about much as it's a deeply personal story. When I was 8 years old I nearly drown and had a life after death experience. I was so young I didn't really understand what had happened and it wasn't until I moved to San Francisco at 19 that fully got it. I heard a radio speaker talk about a book a doctor had written concerning his experiences with children and their near death experiences. I bought the book that day and couldn't believe there were other people out there like me, what a relief. Coming from a Christian background and having an experience like that left me confused about God, worse yet, not God, the Catholic Church. Thank goodness San Francisco freed me..... Long story short, your music is as close to the sounds I experienced in that near death experience than anything I've ever heard. Weird but true. Forty plus years has strewed many memories but not this one, it's as clear as it was when it happened. Hope my story makes you feel more like a little angel than anything burdensome or heavy. Judy F Jill, I am listening to your music, now. Beautiful and Magical, to say the least! Wonderful! Hugs Kachina Re the newsletter! Thank you Jill! I really need this right now. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help. I really feel that you are meant to be in my life for this very reason. Thank You Cynthia Linnon Dearest Jill, I want to thank You for sharing all about Toning as a powerful healing tool. As I read your e-mail I felt the truth coming through and I look forward to Your next article....Thank You... Namaste' Brenda Hi Jill, Thank you so much for all the info you have given me. I am so grateful! This is amazing stuff!!! You amaze me. Please keep this wonderful info coming my way. Your music puts me right into an open heart. Kathy S. Hi My spirit guides led me to your site. I knew you were out there but it took a while before I found you on Check out My music. I was told to send you a free copy of the CD and you would be able to figure out why it so important that you receive it. I have been healing since age 12 when it was discovered that through my spirit guides I could heal anyone who had the desire to live. Since I live in Minnesota I saw a lot of people that the Mayo clinic sent home to die. They went on to live very normal disease free lives. The same frequency that we use in healing was put into the music and since music is a form of energy we now have the ability to reach millions. I have a few samples on but until you hear the CD from start to finish (there is a process) you may not feel what I am talking about. The work you are doing must be very important or my guides would not have insisted I contact you. I send you my Love David Jill, Your personal offering of helpful wisdom entices people to read through your whole emails. Keep them coming. The energy of your connection to others GROWS ! lots of love, Steve Jill When I put your CD on my cat jumped on the bed, started purring and then settled down to listen. She only does this when I pray, meditate or play Swamiji's music. Needless to say, she is a very sensitive little girl and has excellent taste!! I have to agree with Fiona. Your CD is very soothing uplifting and transcendent. Dear Jill, Where to start? ..... I received Paint Your Soul in the mail yesterday. How nice of you to put a note in with it. Your work is wonderful!! Every time I listen to it (which already, is multiple times), it has a new effect on me..... and that is the hard part to explain to you. The music itself is so serene and the words are so engaging. Part of me wants to listen to it as background music while I am working but the other part of me so enjoys the messages that you convey in the lyrics that I don't want to be distracted while I am listening. Beautiful, beautiful collection! Can't wait to soak more of it in but wanted to first send you this note of sincere thanks, Jill! Jill, I am certain that your beautiful music, through you, came into my life for a reason and it is to heal my soul. With my gratitude, Carmen Dear Jill, Here are some of my reactions to your music! Paint Your Soul 1. 'My Soul Goes Out to You' filled me with a familiar sensation: separation and longing. It took me to that moment where one is reminded that we can dissolve into That ocean and are one with It. Your music and words are ethereal, enchanting. It reminded me of Rumi whose poetry I love. 2. 'Sail the Comet's Tail' made my ears work. Initially, I was trying to adapt to pitches and frequencies; it did not take long to adjust. I loved the birds and imagined you perched on a tree in golden feathers singing your song. A unique melody with a beautiful message. Again, the sound effects combined, highlighted in melodic intervals. Vocally, the harmonic transitions were great. I appreciated it more and more as I listened to it. A soothing and comforting lullaby. 3. 'Broken Chords' seemed like a stunning and active piece to me, meaning, there was much going on many levels but never over-bearing. From the pizzicato strings to the magical wind sounds, the piano progressions and the moving violin--it was delicate and intricately woven. This song made me feel like I was rising out of body. I felt like I was doing a Sema ritual and actually rose closer to heaven. I felt pressure on the top of my head as if I was trying to burst out of myself. When the music would descend, I would feel it sink and spiral back to the pit of my stomach. It was not a sickening feeling either! I do not know what all of this is saying about me...oh my! 4. 'A Prayer for David' was interesting a combination of some of the previous sensations that rose in me more specifically in "Sail the Comet's Tail". I sensed it's motion in my headphones. Again, I felt a sensitivity in the rising and falling of pitches but not as intense. In this one, what I noted most was the increase and decrease in the intensity of sound. I did not read the lyrics prior to listening but after referring to them, then, "My hands push the clouds out of your way," hold true. I felt the strength and sorrow in the struggle and the gentle easing of it's pressure as it uplifted the spirit with a sense of understanding. "Faded Roses": I had a CD of Tibetan Monks singing - the bells and gongs always startled me when they made their entrance. This was definitely more subtle but maintained the "purifying of spirit" effect. Your vocals moved like waves overlapping the keys; later, they took on a slight staccato effect as if one had touched a thorn. No pain; the beauty of the rose endured. "Touch": I love how you play the violin! It is passionate and gentle all at once-as touch should be. It uplifted my spirits. I like the bell at the end too. Nice touch (pun intended). "Happy and Free" was just as the title implies. It brought back a pleasant memory. It was fall; the leaves were colorful. I was in Central Park, NY with my brother and sister-in-law listening to steel drummers and marimba players on stage. Afterwards, we got on a carousel, which, I had not done since I was five years old. I was flying on that horse, spinning and laughing again, happy and free. A great memory of a day with music and family-a reminder to take pleasure and be grateful for "the little things". Rebecca Jill, Somebody has been busy...great stuff! Painting must be like your own cymatics, a visual demostration of your transcient tones and healing. I truly believe that in the arts, we control nothing but our ability to improve upon our gifts if we chose to; it so closely linked to the mysterious. Think about it, of all things, even music is still difficult to define which is not unlike the Divine. It puzzles us, transforms us, it helps us heal and yes, sometimes there is that love/hate thing too. We want to walk away from it; and we have no choice but to give into it's power and then rejoice that it is. That energy coming from the eyes which you refer to is really evident in Elf Man's eyes. The other paintings-loads of power in those images and your display of them like 'Heavy Load'. Not that your paintings from before were less but these are definitely moving in another direction. Go with the flow~you've got the soul! Dear Jill, I downloaded the free MP3's from your web site and listened to them last night. I'm writing you this e-mail because I want to report an extraordinary healing episode I had as a result of listening to the song Agrimony from your Healing Flowers Symphony CD. As I lay listening to this song I felt the music begin to touch a particularly annoying fear that I have held for many years. As a highly analytical person I have been very consciously aware of this fear, yet I had also been keenly aware that it had no logical basis. But I have never sought out it's source or attempted to deal with it. I suppose I have treated it like a thorn in the side, which I was destined to carry until, perhaps, it worked itself out. After listening to this song I found that this perennial fear had simply dissipated, as if it had been dissolved by the music. I know it was the music that was responsible (the 'self-healing' aspect notwithstanding) because of the extreme resonance that occurred between that fear sensation and specific sections of the song. Immediately after listening to the song, which I played twice in a row, I was left with a sensation of extreme well being that manifested emotionally as a quiet effortless peace that had displaced the fear and seemed to seep into my whole being, and mentally as a picture of Mother Earth coddling me in her arms as if I were a small child being rocked to sleep. It was an extraordinary experience. Thank you for your music! I believe that many people will be greatly helped by your work. Sincerely, Keith David Henry Theoretical Metaphisicist God expresses the perfection and beauty and everything good in some music. It bridges the separation of god in my life when I am not able to connect the bridge by myself. I did buy some of your songs on Itunes and they are beautiful. Thank you. Jan Several years ago my brother introduced me to crystals. He was experimenting and believed they possessed certain powers ofhealing and inner revelation. I didn't know weather or not Ibelieved that but I knew there was something to it becausewhen ever I was around the crystals I could kind of hear thishigh pitched sound. It was weird because it was sort of in myears but not in my ears...almost like it was in my head. Recently my brother sent me a link to Jill Mattson's web site. Thesite was discussing a kind of music that you could hear in yourhead and not in your ears. I listened to music from a free downloadon her site and afterward noticed that same high pitched sound in my head only with the crystals, it was kind of in the background and not so discernable...almost like I had to be still to hear it. With this music I listened to, the sound was clear, pronouncedand sustained with an intriguingly soothing effect. There is something else. Almost immediately after listening to the music (which I later found out contained Solfeggio Frequencies), I feltand strange endearment almost affection towards my houseplants. Very strange and calming. I don't know exactly what isgoing on...but I like it. :) Hi Jill, By the way, last night I discovered a practical application of the Solfeggio tones which are still strong and ever present. I was going to sleep and I heard two abrupt taps and my heart started racing. I said to myself that they were in my mind and not real then as I concentrated on the tones my heat beat immediately steadied. It happened again and I repeated the exercise which worked once again. I am looking forward to watching these gifts develop. Jill Mattson is a gift of love, light and wisdom to the world. Her highly developed talents in writing, healing sound and music, and visionary art truly are contributions of upliftment and transformation. She emanates the creative spirit so needed at this time in our history and teaches us how to shift into the new world age. kennedy hassett braden executive director of The Evolutionary Heart and Future of Health Licensed HeartMath Provider and associate of the Institute Writer,teacher,healer,speaker worldwide I was afflicted with very bad head & chest cold on Sunday. That evening I could not sleep at all, and nothing in terms of medicine was working. I decided to put ALL of Jill's CDs in my 5 disc carousel, and played them as I lie down. During the music, everything that was blocking my respiratory system, throat, and digestive system began to remove itself from my body. It was truly a breakthrough that enabled me to fully recovery the following day & enabled me to do my talk show with a regular voice & energy.Jill's music is truly powerful, and is very much on the cutting edge of a rediscovery of ancient remedies healing the body mind & spirit. Gary D. Purifory Co-OwnerThe Community Listening Network Secret Sounds Modern Healing is a scholarly, comprehensive outlay of both ancient and innovative contemporay wisdom in the field of sound/frequency healing . The information and practices here give us a brilliant template for the future of transformation and is an extraordinary contribution to the planet at this time. Fascinating and mind-bending! Kennedy braden (exec.dir.of The Evolutionary Heart and Future of Health, Licensed HeartMath provider, writer,teacher,healer,speaker) My name is Karthik. Iam from India. Iam the devotee of Sri Ganapathi Sachidananda Swamiji. I read your article about the ancient techniques of Music combining them with the modern traditions. As the sample music of your esteemed website (Paint your Soul) plays, I can recollect myself in a lonely atmosphere where the serenity itself is a Music, and, I, the lonely one, is wandering for something which I lost in my previous lives. It is the Music. Iam a practicing Musician in Keyboards, and acquired a little bit of Musical Knowledge in both Indian Classical and Western Classical traditions. Me too, waiting for an opportunity to compose my feelings about God. Thanking You. Karthik Aripirala.

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