New iPad Rumors: Prices, Specs and Release Date

If you’re thinking of buying a new iPad soon, we’ve got good news: rumors suggest Apple will launch the new iPad Pro later this year! Read on for the latest iPad rumors and what to expect from the second iPad launch of 2022.

When will the new iPad be released?

We’ve already seen one iPad release this year so far, the iPad Air, but it looks like we’ll be getting a second iPad very soon! 

The iPad Pro is expected to make an appearance in September 2022, however, there’s a possibility it could be later in the fall.

How much will the new iPad cost?

According to iPad rumors, Apple is upgrading the existing 11-inch and 12.9-inch models, which means upgraded features could possibly increase the price.

For example, in 2021, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro had a higher retail price due to the mini-LED display. However, contradicting this, other rumors suggest it’s highly unlikely the new iPad will see such a major increase as the 11-inch model won’t include the mini-LED addition this year. 

The prices for the new iPad are currently unknown so let’s have a look at the iPad Pro price from last year to give us an indication of cost:

iPad Pro 12.9 (2021) From $1099

iPad Pro 11 (2021) From $799

What new features will the new iPad have?

One of the main iPad Pro rumors was that a Mini-LED display would be coming to the 11-inch model, unfortunately this is now very unlikely due to cost and supply issues. 

Other iPad rumors say Apple has been testing a glass back for the new iPad instead of aluminum. But, there have been concerns about breakability so instead we could see a larger Apple logo made of glass, which could then be used for wireless charging. 

Another exciting feature we could see introduced to the new iPad is wireless charging capabilities! iPad Pro rumors suggest the new models may support MagSafe wireless charging. 

There’s even been discussions about reverse wireless charging, which means the iPad would be able to charge other Apple products such as the iPhone. In the meantime, we can’t wait to see if wireless charging technology is added to the new iPad Pro this year. 

Plus, it’s looking very likely the new iPad will have the M2 chip. This chipset has previously been introduced to the new MacBook models and it looks as though the new iPad will use the same chip. 

Finally, according to 9to5Mac, due to complaints about battery drain caused by the Magic Keyboard, Apple has been working on a larger battery for the new iPad Pro as well. 

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