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Recommended: Download our FREE APP here & use our super fast barcode scanner to value your items.Download our free App and use our super fast barcode scanner to value your items.

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Recommended: Download our FREE APP here & use our super fast barcode scanner to value your items.
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How should I pack my Tech?

As most tech devices are delicate, we recommend packing your item in bubble wrap and using a suitable box to protect it from damage during shipping.

While theft during shipping is thankfully very rare, we also recommend disguising the contents of the package so it’s not obvious that you’re sending a tech item.

Please make sure that the order number and label we provide in your Welcome Pack are clearly visible too.

How do I check if my iOS device is activation locked?

We’ve provided some information on checking for iOS security features at this link:

Please remember: you need to remove any security features before sending your item. We’re unable to process iOS locked devices and won’t be able to pay or return your item if the iOS lock cannot be removed remotely.

Can I sell lost or stolen phones?

No, absolutely not. Part of our Quality Assessment includes referring your device against a database called CheckMEND, which provides a history of your device. If your device is registered lost or stolen, we cannot accept it.

If you think this information is incorrect, however, you will be given the opportunity to resolve the issue.

What happens to my Tech when you receive them?

Once your items arrive at our warehouse, we’ll carry out a short visual inspection. We’ll then send it on to our Quality Assessment team for a more detailed check. This includes checking for physical damage and testing the phone’s functionality.

If we find that your Tech item matches the description provided during valuation, we’ll process it at the original price offered and pay the next day.

If you we find that your item differs from the description you provided, we’ll contact you with a revised offer price. You can either accept or reject this offer. If you choose to reject the offer, we’ll send your item back to the address on your account FREE of charge.

You can find out more details about our Quality Assessment process and Price Promise in our terms and conditions.