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Want to trade a PS4 for a PS4 Pro all in one place? You can with Decluttr! Complete a PS4 trade in for a Pro - like a pro! Plus, you can buy a refurbished PS4 Pro with us too!


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Sell PS4 for PS4 Pro

The price of a PS4 has dropped now the PS5 has come out. Why not get the best price for it whilst you can? Trade in a PS4 for a PS4 Pro with Decluttr!

The PS4 allows you to capture and share your biggest moments by streaming live to your friends, or even to your Twitch account! Besides still being one of the most robust and innovative platforms around, the PS4 Pro might appeal more to you.

The PS4 Pro can display games as high as 4K - which can seriously enhance your gaming experience. But even if you don’t have a TV that can support this, the PS4 Pro can be enjoyed in Supersampling mode - by downscaling back to 1080p so you can still enjoy amazing gameplay.

Why not sell your old PS4 and buy a refurbished PS4 Pro for cheap with us? Read on to find out how you can trade in and buy in one destination.

How to swap PS4 for PS4 Pro

It's really easy to trade in consoles, just follow these steps: 

  1. Trade in PS4 for PS4 Pro the smart way! Get an awesome price for it with these simple steps:
    Choose PS4 from our menu, then select its capacity and condition
  2. Place your PS4 (and anything else you’re selling) into a box. Any will do!
  3. Ship your PS4 to us for FREE.
  4. You’ll get paid the day after we receive your items thanks to our Fast Next Day Payments! Get paid by Direct Deposit or PayPal.
  5. Use your cash to buy a PS4 Pro from the Decluttr Store!

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Decluttr Price Promise

If you choose to make a PS4 trade in for a PS4 Pro with us, we promise to pay the first price we offer, or you can request your console back for FREE – no questions asked!

Decluttr – the fast, easy and FREE way to swap a PS4 for PS4 Pro!

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