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Selling your iPhone 5 with Decluttr is super easy

Decluttr is a free and easy way to sell iPhone 5. There are no auctions and no fees: simply get an instant price, put your items in a box and ship it to us for FREE!

The iPhone 5 was the 6th generation of the iPhone and was well-received upon release. It was thinner and lighter than the 4S, had a bigger screen and was the first iPhone to use the Lightning dock connector.

Despite its innovations, the iPhone 5 had the shortest lifespan of any iPhone. It was replaced by the iPhone 5S and the 5C after just 12 months, and the iPhone 6 a year after that. It wasn’t without its issues either, with complaints about photo quality and scuffing.

The iPhone 5 may be old but it’s still worth money. And the easiest way to get your hands on that money is with Decluttr! We'll pay the most for your phone, faster than anyone else. Don’t settle for carrier credit!


How to sell iPhone 5

Just get an instant price using our valuation engine. Remember, you can sell CDs, DVDs, Games and Tech at the same time too!

Once you’ve completed your order, put all of your items in a box. Any box will do, as long it protects your items.

Then, ship it to us for FREE. When your items arrive, we’ll check them over and then pay you by direct deposit into your account or check the next day.

The Decluttr Price Promise

We guarantee to pay the full price we offer for your iPhone 5 or we’ll return it for FREE. It’s that simple!

Can I sell my iPhone by carrier?

Yes we do! We'll pay up to 33% more than carrier buyback programs and buy a HUGE range of devices. Select your carrier below for more information:

Sprint iPhone Trade In

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What Model and Generation do I have?

You can find the details you need to sell your iPhone on the original packaging. Some models have their name engraved at the bottom of the device too. 

What Size is my iPhone?
Tap Settings > General > About > Capacity to find out how much storage your device has. It should be just short of either 16, 32 or 64GB

You can also refer to the original packaging or connect your device to iTunes.