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To sell your broken iPhone, please select the model and capacity of your device from the list below then choose the ‘Faulty’ condition on the following page.


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Trade in Broken iPhone

Yes, you can trade in cracked iPhone and water damaged iPhone devices with Decluttr! We also accept iPhone devices with the following faults:

  • Cracked or damaged screen
  • Water damage
  • Regular crashes or freezes
  • Non-functional Touch ID, Face ID or NFC
  • Dust under screen and/or under camera
  • Severe wear and tear
  • Damage to the casing or rear glass

To sell a broken iPhone, just select the ‘Faulty’ condition when prompted. You’ll make slightly less when you sell broken phones than you would for a phone in good condition, but you’ll still make some cash and help to reduce e-waste too!

We unfortunately can’t buy your iPhone if it’s physically damaged beyond repair. This includes:

  • Missing components
  • The body is bent or warped
  • The device is crushed
  • The device is snapped in half or damaged beyond repair

We highly recommend recycling your device even if you can’t sell it to us though. Most states have an electrical recycling site which you can find through Google or a local directory. Recycling your unwanted tech helps to reduce e-waste, which in turn helps to save precious resources and protect the planet.

It’s super simple. Just follow the below steps!

  • Tell us what you want to sell by selecting your item from the list above.
  • When we ask you about the condition of your device, select ‘Faulty’. It’s really important you do this, as it will allow us to process your device and pay you sooner. You’ll find a full description of each condition on the product details page if you aren’t sure which one to choose.
  • Select a shipping and payment method.
  • Pack your iPhone and anything else you’re selling into a box and ship it for FREE.
    We’ll pay you the day after it arrives.

Find out more about how Decluttr works here.

If you’re thinking “why trade in my water damaged iPhone?”, there’s a very good reason: it could help save the planet!

People are throwing out their old electronics in record numbers, which is bad news for the planet. Over 50m tonnes of e-waste is produced each year, and some experts expect that to rise to over 110m tonnes by 2050.

E-waste has a lot of negative impacts on the environment. The chemicals used to produce electronics can pollute land, air and sea, and precious resources that could be reused end up in the ground.

Every time you trade in an iPhone, even if it’s broken, you help to reduce the damage done to the environment - plus you’ll make some cash too. It’s smart for you… smart for the planet!

Here are just a few awesome reasons to sell with us!

  • We’re rated Elite on Reseller Ratings and Excellent on Trustpilot.
  • We’ve paid hundreds of millions to our happy customers.
  • You’ll get the first price we offer or we’ll return your item for FREE.
  • We’ll lock in your price for 28 days, giving you more time to upgrade.
  • We refurbish 95% of the products we buy, with parts from the other 5% used to refurbish other items.

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We refurbish 95% of the products we buy and resell them on the Decluttr Store, Amazon and eBay. This gives your iPhone a second life and helps to reduce e-waste, save precious resources and reduce CO2 emissions too!

If we’re unable to refurbish a phone, we’ll use the parts to give other products a second life - so you’re still doing your bit for the planet!

Trade in your broken iPhone with Decluttr today!