Switch V2 Offer Price: $140.00

Switch V2

Switch V2 Offer Price: $140.00

Please select the condition

Good Condition
  • All parts of the device (including system software) are fully functional.
  • Must include original working power supply, controllers, Joy-Con grip, Joy-Con wrist straps, dock and HDMI cable
  • Displays image
  • No damage to screen (physical or dead pixels, liquid damage, pressure marks)
  • No more than light wear and tear
Poor Condition
  • All parts of the device (including system software) are fully functional.
  • Heavy wear and tear on console
  • Heavy wear and tear on console's accessories/controllers
  • Non-genuine power supply or accessories
  • 3 of the above faults render it Faulty
Faulty Condition
  • Non fully functional in accordance with model specifications
  • Liquid damage / bleeding screen, cracked or smashed
  • Blocked /banned/ barred/ modified/secured by user or manufacturer
  • Non-US edition console
  • Not displaying image
  • Not reading discs/cartridges
  • Missing power supply and controllers
  • Missing dock

Item Summary

Device - Switch V2

Condition - Good

We'll pay you$140.00

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Our price for a ‘Good’ Nintendo Switch V2 right now is up to $140.00. Use the options above to see how much we can offer depending on the condition of your device.

We offer our highest prices for newer games consoles in ‘Good’ condition with no broken or damaged parts. Recent models are almost always worth more than older models too.

We’ll happily accept Nintendo devices that are broken or faulty, so you can still sell your Switch V2 with us. Whether it has cosmetic damage, issues reading discs or missing accessories, you can still get cash for your old Switch V2!

You can view the criteria for each condition by toggling the ‘Good’, ‘Poor’ and ‘Faulty’ options above. Read each criteria and select the condition that describes your device best.

To get our best possible price, you need to include your controller and all essential cables (such as the power supply). If you no longer have these accessories, you’ll need to select the ‘Poor’ condition before proceeding (unless your Switch V2 is broken or faulty, in which case please select the ‘Faulty’ condition).