10 ways to live more sustainably this Earth Day (and every day!)

As we look for better ways to care for ourselves and our planet, we need to be implementing these ‘greener living’ steps in our daily life too.

Earth Day is all about raising awareness and showing that living a greener life doesn’t have to be difficult… just a few small steps make a HUGE difference!

Our top tips are perfect if you’re looking change for the better this Earth Day (and every day afterwards)!

1. Lights Off!

Switching off those lights might seem like a tiny action, but you’d be surprised how much cash and energy this small step can save!

When leaving a room, check if there’s any lights or appliances that can be turned off. Avoid leaving your TV on standby mode and turn off your games console when not in use. Trust us, the planet (and your wallet) will thank you!

2. Get Growing!

If you have space in your yard or on your lawn to grow your own fruits and veggies, try planting some seeds!

Seeds can be purchased from your local grocery store or garden store. Why not save even more money by collecting the seeds from your fruit and veg and plant them once they’ve dried out? Growing your own produce helps to reduce the amount of fossil fuels used, as transporting groceries from the field to the store can take lots of energy.

3. Recycle - Don't Throw It!

Tidying your home ready for the next season? Be sure to recycle whatever you can! Things that you no longer want could go on to be used elsewhere and make someone smile, or they could be broken down into useful materials… great for creating new products with!

What’s more, you can make cash for your unwanted tech and media items when you trade them in with us today! Result!

4. Pass On Paper!

In today’s digital world, it’s rare that you need to print out a confirmation code or write down your shopping list by hand. Thanks to technology, we’re able to save on paper and save on waste!

By only printing or using paper when it’s absolutely needed, we can reduce our paper wastage tenfold. If you do need to use paper, please recycle it responsibly in a suitable paper bin! Try reading your news online instead of buying newspapers or reuse the newspaper once you’ve done with it… it makes great packing paper for moving house!

5. Waste Less!

When grocery shopping, it’s easy to be sucked in by the deals and offers we see. However, next time you go to the store, think about what you’re buying carefully. Look at expiration dates and ask yourself “Do I really need this?”

Here in the US, we waste a HUGE 229 million tons of food per year! This energy could be used elsewhere, so shop considerately where possible or remember to donate your unwanted items to a foodbank before they expire!

6. Shop Smart!

As more and more products can be mass-produced, the price of buying for us (the consumer) is little, but the price we pay on the planet is detrimental.

We need to start thinking about the bigger picture when buying fast fashion and other cheaply produced items. Instead, why not try thrift shopping? Not only will shopping more consciously save you money, but it will also reduce the amount of demand for garments being produced daily.

Don’t forget to shop sustainably for your entertainment and tech, too!

7. Go Refurbished

As you’ve just read, buying second-hand products is a fantastic way to reduce waste and save resources too.

But have you considered buying refurbished instead? Refurbished products, including refurbished phones and tech, often go through a process that aims to restore them to a condition as close to new as possible. That means you’re getting a high-quality product for less than buying new and it’s good for the planet too! 

8. Care Daily!

Sure, we might care for our family, pets, and friends daily… but do we care about our surrounding wildlife enough?

Some farmed products and materials can cause substantial damage to the environments of wildlife that makes up our ecosystem. This can result in population decrease and poses a threat to their habitats.

By educating yourself and only supporting brands that care for wildlife in their production, you can avoid being a part of this unsustainable way of farming.

9. Have a Regular Clear Out!

Tidying your home might not seem like something ground-breaking, BUT just an hour of decluttering can make a huge difference to the environment.

How? Well, most items in your home will lose value over time… this includes your phones and tech that are sat in a drawer gathering dust! If you hold onto something for too long, it could become worthless, so it’s important to trade them in at the right time and make quick cash for them in the process! This prevents your products from going into landfill and contributing to environmental pollution.  

10. Take Good Care of your Technology (and Everything Else!)

Taking good care of everything you own is just as important as buying sustainably. If the products you own are in good condition, they will last longer and will less likely need to be replaced as often.

Keep your clothes, home furnishings and your tech in good shape as you will be able to sell them on for more once you’ve finished with them or donate them to someone who needs them too!

Why is Sustainability Important?

At Decluttr, caring about the planet is at the heart of our business. We do everything with the best interests of planet Earth in mind. So, when you shop or trade with us, you’re helping by contributing to the sustainable recycling process.

Ready to do your bit? Trade in old phones then shop refurbished tech with Decluttr! Alternatively, check out our blog for more sustainability tips. 

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