If you’re thinking ‘what’s my Phone worth?’ You’ve come to the right place! Here at Decluttr, you’ll get a valuation in seconds for your Cell Phone and we’ll lock it in for 28 days, giving you enough time to upgrade. There are different factors you need to consider when valuing your Cell Phone. Read on to learn how the value can be affected and ways to get the best price.

How much is my cell phone worth?

Wondering ‘how much is my Phone worth Apple?’ or ‘how much is Android worth?’ Take into consideration these factors when selling your device:


The condition of your Cell Phone is a main factor that can affect its value. Our three conditions are: 

  • Good -  This means your device is fully functional and your phone is not rooted. Plus there can’t be any damage e.g chips, cracks or water damage. 
  • Poor - This refers to the device being fully functional, the phone is not rooted but there’s heavy wear and tear such as deep scratches, dents, and scuffs.

Faulty - This means the phone isn’t fully functional and has hardware issues, faulty screen, cosmetic and water damage, phone sensors aren’t working, damaged pixels, or pressure marks. If your Cell Phone is bent, missing components, crushed, or snapped in half then we can’t buy it.

Locked to a carrier or unlocked

Unlocked Cell Phones aren’t associated with a carrier which means you can choose which one you want to connect to. However, if you’re selling a Phone which is locked, don’t worry -  we pay up to 33% more than carriers! 

We accept Cell Phones from Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T.

Storage Capacity  

The storage of your Cell Phone also contributes to the price. The more storage your device has, the more it’s worth. Just choose which capacity applies to your Cell Phone. However, consider that market prices can fluctuate. 

Phone depreciation

Did you know once you take your Cell Phone out of the box, it loses value? Phone depreciation refers to the value of Phones dropping, this can be caused by newer models being released or the value dropping over time. 

To make sure you get the best price for your device, sell your Phone as soon as possible.

Where can I sell my old Phone for a good price?

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