Back in November 2017, Apple graced us with the iPhone X - a popular device until this day. As time has passed, we’ve had more devices release like the iPhone 11, meaning the value of the iPhone X isn’t what it was upon its release.

Why should I sell my iPhone X?

The discontinued iPhone X or “iPhone 10” is one of the first phones to offer a truly immersive experience thanks to its large screen and lack of home button. This updated experience forces the user to make use of “swiping” actions to get to where they need to much faster.

Its 12-megapixel camera was a huge selling point and is known for its ability to capture amazing photos. It’s no wonder the iPhone X is still such a popular phone!

Phone depreciation happens when new models get released, making older ones lose value over time. iPhones have been reported to drop in value by 40% in just 5 months! That’s why it’s super important to trade in your iPhone X before it loses any more value.

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How much is my iPhone X worth?

When you trade in a phone to Decluttr, we value it by condition; Excellent, Good and Poor. You can find out more about our grading system during your valuation to help you identify the condition of your phone.

An unlocked iPhone X with 64GB is currently worth the following:

  • Excellent = $97
  • Good = $82.45
  • Poor = $29.10

An unlocked iPhone X with 256GB is currently worth the following (depending on the condition):

  • Excellent = $110
  • Good = $93.50
  • Poor = $33

(prices based on data from 02/27/2024 and can fluctuate)

Where’s the best place to sell iPhone X?

Wondering what the best way to sell an iPhone X is? Through Decluttr of course! We’re the USA’s most reliable place to sell your old cell phones and tech. 

By trading in your iPhone X, you can get cash the next day we receive it. Plus, it’s totally free to send your device to us! What have you got to lose?

Why sell my iPhone X with Decluttr?

  • We pay up to 33% more than carrier buyback programs for cell phones!
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Decluttr Price Promise

Thanks to our Decluttr Price Promise, we guarantee to pay the first price we offer you for your iPhone X, or we’ll send you your device back absolutely free - no questions asked!

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