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How do I wipe or clear my iPhone before reselling?

If you want to sell your iPhone and are wondering “how to wipe an iPhone to sell”, you’ve come to the right place! There are countless features on iPhones that save our personal information, such as Apple Pay, iTunes and iCloud. To ensure your private information isn’t accessed by anyone once you’ve traded in your iPhone, we encourage you to prepare your phone by wiping and resetting it.

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Here are the main features you need to wipe before selling your iPhone:

Sign out of iCloud

Sign out of iCloud

If you’re selling an iPhone with iOS7 or higher, you’ll need to remove your iCloud account before selling it. This process is quick and easy, follow these steps:

Removing an iCloud account from your iPhone:

  • Select settings and tap ‘iCloud’
  • Choose your name
  • Scroll and choose ‘Find my iPhone’
  • Turn off ‘Find my iPhone’
  • Enter your Apple ID password

Removing an iCloud account from your laptop or PC:

  • Switch off your device
  • Log in to iCloud.com using Apple ID
  • Choose ‘Find my iPhone’
  • Select your device
  • Choose ‘Remove Account’
  • You will get a confirmation message, choose ‘Remove’

Unpair Apple Watch

Unpair Apple Watch

To disconnect your Apple Watch from your iPhone, simply put both devices next to each other and open the Apple Watch App on your iPhone. Go to the ‘ My Watch’ tab and tap your watch on the screen and choose the information button. Then choose ‘unpair Apple Watch’.

When you unpair the devices, all the content and settings will be erased. However, you can back up this information if you want to.

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Remove iPhone from Apple ID

Remove iPhone from Apple ID

Go to settings on your iPhone and choose your name at the top. When you scroll down you’ll see a list of Apple devices that are connected to your account. Choose the device you want to remove, select ‘remove from account’ and tap again for confirmation.

Turn off ’Find my iPhone’

Turn off ’Find my iPhone’

It’s super important to delete your bank details of your device. Go to settings and choose ‘Wallet and Apple Pay’. Scroll down and find your card and choose ‘remove card’. Alternatively, you can delete any debit, credit cards or other payment information using iCloud.com.

How to reset iPhone to sell?

If you want to completely erase your device and are wondering “how do I wipe my iPhone before selling it?” follow these simple steps to reset it:

  1. Choose settings and ‘general reset’. Tap ‘erase all content and settings’
  2. Enter your passcode or Apple ID password.
  3. It should take a few minutes to erase your data.

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