Free Shipping Service T&Cs

Ownership Of Goods

Where the Customer is not the owner of some or all of the items to be shipped by the Company the Customer shall be deemed for ALL purposes to be the Agent of the owner or owners and that if any other person has an interest in the items the Customer is acting as his fully authorized Agent also.

The Customer should be aware that the Company does not agree to purchase the items until they have passed the Company’s Quality Assessment and been notified in writing of the Company’s acceptance of the items/goods (See Terms and Conditions: Selling Your Stuff-Quality Assessment). Acceptance and rejection of items shall be determined by the Company in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. As such collection of the goods by a shipping carrier appointed by the Company and/or the provision of any collection receipt or proof of shipping does not mean that the Company agrees to purchase the items or that the Customer is entitled to payment therefore.