5 Tech biopics we’d love to see

The key players in Tech – whether they’re investors or innovators – aren’t always covered by the silver screen. If we had our way, this wouldn’t be the case! Whilst The Social Network allowed us a glimpse into the early days of Facebook, here are some big names in Tech …

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What we know about foldable cell phones

When a flagship device is released, there isn’t much time before the question is asked of what’s next? We’re constantly looking ahead to what is, or what will be, the cutting edge of technology. Is the next big thing going to be foldable phones? Here are the manufacturers who are …

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How tech savvy is your state?

Which states are the most tech-savvy?

Even the most tech savvy of us occasionally have to head online for a little help. While some of us know our USB from our HDMI cables, some are still trying to get to grips with just quite what a tablet actually is. From California to Connecticut, the nation needs …

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