5 Tech biopics we’d love to see

The key players in Tech – whether they’re investors or innovators – aren’t always covered by the silver screen. If we had our way, this wouldn’t be the case! Whilst The Social Network allowed us a glimpse into the early days of Facebook, here are some big names in Tech …

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10 classic American novels to read this semester

Finding the time to read when you’re back to school and college can be really tricky. Taking the time to read lets you switch off from not only the digital world, but the stresses of your day-to-day life. Are you desperately trying to find something engaging to read but you’re …

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The future of tech…as predicted by kids!

What will the future look like? No-one truly knows, but we wanted to find out. But rather than asking philosophers and scientists, we decided to ask the generation that will actually live in the future: our kids. We asked a group of children aged 4-11 to predict which tech products …

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Favorite emoji by state

What is your state’s favorite emoji?

Emojis are more popular than ever. From humble beginnings as a ploy to boost pager sales in Japan in the late 90s, emoji (which roughly translates as ‘picture writing character’) has become the world’s first truly global language with over 5 billion emojis sent every day. They even have their …

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Phone image

What do your apps know about you?

Smartphone users downloaded over 90 million apps globally, with the average US smartphone owner opening over 30 different apps per month. From games to banking, apps have become an integral part of our lives. Apps don’t just benefit their users though. They also allow the companies behind them to gather …

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Cassette tapes

6 outdated tech products people still use

In our tech-obsessed society, you’d be forgiven for thinking that everyone streams movies from their smartphone while tracking their activity on a smartwatch. But you’d be wrong. Quite a few gadgets and formats most people thought were dead are still used pretty extensively. Here are a few examples… Dial-up Who …

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The iPad is 7 years old. Do you still need one?

Just over seven years ago, Steve Jobs strolled onto a stage in his trademark black turtle neck and dad jeans and introduced the world to the iPad. Jobs was convincing enough, but people still weren’t sure. Wasn’t it just a big iPod Touch? Can’t we do all this stuff with …

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holding an iPhone image

The Best New Tech of 2017: iPhone 8, Nintendo Switch and more!

ne fSAlright, here’s the bad news: we probably won’t get flying cars and hoverboards in 2017. The good news is we will get a ton of great new stuff, including new smartphones, games consoles and even a few new smartwatches! Here’s what we’re looking forward to most… iPhone 8 The …

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