US Top 100 Synaesthesia

A Synaesthete tastes our favorite songs and albums of all time

Know much about Synaesthesia? The neurological condition results in two senses being involuntarily connected. When the person hears a sound, they can also see an associated color, texture or pattern. Alternatively, they may be able to taste a particular food or flavor when a certain noise is played. We wanted …

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2016 most popular songs taste

What do the most popular songs of 2016 taste like?

Pharrell Williams, Lorde and Kanye West are all musicians with synaesthesia – a neurological condition where two different senses are involuntarily connected. When they hear sounds, they see colors, patterns and textures. Other people with synaesthesia can taste sounds. Considering what this would be like, the Decluttr team chatted with …

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