Alien Movies By State

What is America’s favorite alien movie?

Alien: Covenant is number one at the US box office, proving that extra-terrestrials are as popular as ever with Americans! But even though the Alien franchise has grossed nearly $1 billion at the US box office, are any of the movies from the series America’s favorite? With people undoubtedly revisiting …

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What is the least popular Best Picture winner?

The Oscars have been and gone, with Moonlight joining the pantheon of Best Picture winners (after a tiny mix-up that we’re sure you haven’t heard about). The Best Picture award is a seal of quality that generally cements a movie’s place in history, but not all Best Picture winners are …

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Superheroes state map image

Which superhero does your state love the most?

Superheroes are more popular than ever. The Marvel and DC movies have grossed billions at the box office, Comic-Con sells out every year and you’ll struggle to find anyone who can’t name at least 3 of the Avengers. But who is the most popular superhero in the US? We used …

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Favorite rom-com by state

Which rom-com does your state love most?

Valentine’s Day isn’t all about grand romantic gestures, classy dinner dates and super expensive gifts. For some of us, nothing beats settling down with our other half in front of a good old fashioned rom-com. But what is America’s favorite rom-com? We decided to find out using Google Search data …

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