Xbox One

Do you own too many video games?

Since man first picked up a joystick, people have been complaining about video games. They’re too short. They’re too long. They’re too easy. They’re too difficult. These are gripes gamers have had for years. But recently, a new complaint has arisen: I own too many games and I don’t have …

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Xbox 360 Controller

5 games consoles you should sell immediately

Saying goodbye to a games console is always hard. They’ve been by your side during the good times, the bad times and the times you were desperately trying to avoid having to complete that college assignment. It’s like bidding farewell to a good buddy. But time waits for no console …

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Xbox vs PlayStation Header

What’s More Popular Xbox or Playstation?

It’s a war that’s raged on amongst the gaming communities for decades; which console is top dog? Forget Trump or Clinton; we wanted to find out just where America stands on these two gaming goliaths. Is it Xbox One or PS4? Going head to head – Xbox One vs. PS4 …

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PS4 controller image

9 of the craziest ways to play your favorite games

Bored of playing games how you’re ‘supposed’ to? Then try one of these crazy ways to play games from across the web! Complete Dark Souls with a stupid impractical controller Finishing Dark Souls is hard enough with a normal controller, so imagine trying to do it with a Guitar Hero …

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Star Wars Battlefront

E3 in Review

Gamers from the furthest reaches of the galaxy united in Los Angeles last week, as the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) celebrated its 20th anniversary. Did Nintendo live up to its hype? Was 2015 the year for Sony to finally claim its console dominance over living rooms around the world? Or …

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