5 Batman and Superman movies worse than Dawn of Justice

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice hit theaters last week and promptly took a pummelling from the critics. Not even the strongest bat armor or bones of steel could protect two of America’s greatest heroes from the ferocious keyboards of movie reviewers. But…well, it ain’t actually that bad. Sure, it’s …

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UFC on the big screen: how good are MMA movies?

UFC is a global phenomenon, with millions of people tuning into UFC 196 to see Conor McGregor take on Nate Diaz. Despite McGregor’s loss, there’s no doubt that he’s one of UFC’s biggest stars. And history suggests that he will eventually, like other big UFC fighters, star in his own …

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4 superheroes who should get an R-rated movie after Deadpool

So, Deadpool is pretty popular. Ryan Reynold’s foul-mouthed merc’s first solo movie has been a smash hit at the box office, grossing over $600 million worldwide and well on its way to becoming the highest grossing R-rated movie of all time. This is kind of a surprise, because superhero movies …

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10 of the best movies that bombed at the box office

In a fair and just world, good movies would make a ton of money and bad ones…well, wouldn’t. This isn’t a fair and just world though, which explains why these brilliant movies bombed at the box office… Sunshine If Sunshine was released today, we have no doubt it’d be a …

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8 (Apparently) Bad Movies That Made A Ton of Money

Adam Sandler’s latest movie, The Ridiculous Six, has 0% on Rotten Tomatoes, which means critics think it sucks. Like, a lot. And yet, Netflix recently revealed it’s their most watched movie ever. Erm…what? It’s far from the first movie to get a huge audience despite downright terrible reviews, though. Here …

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