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Is your phone your BFF? Here’s how to tell.

America loves smartphones. According to research by the Bank of America, 36% of us constantly check and use our phones throughout the day. 11% don’t think they could survive an hour without their handset. Another report by Gallup suggests 81% of smartphone owners keep their device with them at all …

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The 8 Best Video Games of the ‘80s

Video games today are known for their quality graphics, elaborate levels and paths, and of course complicated soundtracks. But all of your pretty games are only possible because of the ‘80s and we’re here to tell you what the 8 Best Video Games of the ‘80s were!

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Star Wars Battlefront

E3 in Review

Gamers from the furthest reaches of the galaxy united in Los Angeles last week, as the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) celebrated its 20th anniversary. Did Nintendo live up to its hype? Was 2015 the year for Sony to finally claim its console dominance over living rooms around the world? Or …

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