What is the best retro games console?

The gaming industry has come a long way since the debut of the first-ever games console in 1972, with the likes of Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony now running the show. Although it’s definitely true that today’s consoles are bigger and better, sometimes you just can’t silence the yearning to cradle …

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iPhone 15 Release Date and Expectations

As September approaches, so does the launch of the new iPhone! With the event quickly approaching, people are left wondering “when is the iPhone 15 coming out”. To answer all the questions of those excited about the iPhone 15 launch, here’s all of the relevant information about its release date! …

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Will iPhone 15 Have Fast Charging?

Rumors have been spreading that Apple may be replacing the Lightning port with a USB-C port in the upcoming iPhone 15 series. But did you know that such a switch could potentially lead to faster charging and other benefits?  While the change has been confirmed for Europe, it is uncertain …

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