Will the iPhone 15 Have USB-C in The US or Only Europe?

For those who have been following the latest iPhone 15 leaks, you may have come across the rumor that Apple’s latest iPhone series may feature a USB-C charging port, replacing Apple’s usual Lightning port.

Though the transition from Lightning to USB-C is expected soon for Apple users in Europe, it remains uncertain whether this adjustment will be made with this year’s iPhone 15 series, or if we’ll get another year of using the Lightning port – and if the USB-C rumors are true, would this impact the US?

Here’s all the information we have up to now about Apple’s transition to USB-C!

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Why is Apple switching to USB-C?

We may not be able to confirm whether the iPhone 15 will feature a USB-C charging port, however, what we do know is that Apple is planning to make the transition by the end of 2024 for iPhone users in Europe – but why?

In October 2022, the European Union passed a regulation mandating the use of a universal charging port (USB-C) for an array of electronic devices, including Apple’s iPhone models. The objective of this regulation was to lower e-waste through the implementation of a universal charger. So, Apple has until the end of 2024 to make the switch to a USB-C charging port if they want to continue selling to EU countries.

Will iPhone 15 have USB-C?

Are you curiously wondering “Will iPhone 15 have USB-C?”. Until Apple’s official Keynote event, we can only make guesses based on the iPhone 15 leaks and rumors.

It’s possible that the iPhone 15 series may feature a USB-C port, given the EU rule demanding the change is set to take effect by the end of 2024. Although, considering the deadline is at the end of 2024, Apple may choose to delay the change until the release of the following year’s iPhone. Despite this, we believe it’s more probable that the change will occur sooner rather than later.

What countries will be affected?

The EU regulation requiring a universal charging port will primarily impact EU countries and a majority of countries in Europe. However, Apple’s significant role in the smartphone industry has left individuals outside of Europe questioning whether the rule will also affect them.

It is not definite, but it appears that Apple may make this change constant for all future iPhone models, including those marketed in the US and throughout Europe.

It seems logical for Apple to maintain uniformity and provide only USB-C ports in recent iPhone models. This would be more economical than producing two different versions of the identical phone with varying charging ports.

In the UK and Europe, it’s not a question of if, but rather when. And for those in the US and the rest of the world, we reccommend getting ready for the change as well!

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