iPhone 15 Features and Specifications – What are the Big Upgrades?

It’s almost time for Apple to unveil its newest iPhone models and all of the speculation is intensifying. if you’re looking for the latest information about the four iPhone models, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s what we know about all the iPhone 15 rumors circulating so far.

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iPhone 15

As of yet, there is no concrete information on the upcoming iPhone 15. Nevertheless, rumors are that all models of the iPhone 15 will include Dynamic Island, a feature that was previously limited to just the iPhone 14 Pro.

It is anticipated that the iPhone 15 will look quite similar to the iPhone 14 with a 6.1-inch display. There is a potential change to the iPhone 15 design, though, with a move from Lightning to USB-C for charging. If this speculation is accurate, iPhone users will have to replace their Lightning port chargers.

Some reports claim the iPhone 15 will be available in a selection of six colors, with both standard and thrilling new options. These potential iPhone 15 colors might include pink, blue, mint green, red, and of course the ever-popular Midnight and Starlight variants.

Current iPhone 15 camera rumors indicate that the standard model won’t have ProMotion technology, so you’ll need to buy one of the Pro models to get it. The iPhone 15 will use Wide and Ultra Wide lenses instead.

Reports indicate that the iPhone 15 won’t feature an Always On display, even with the addition of the Dynamic Island. It is expected that the iPhone 15 will contain the same A16 chip seen in the iPhone 14 Pro, which could disappoint those anticipating newer specs.

iPhone 15 Plus

Rumors surrounding the iPhone 15 Plus suggest that the iPhone 15 Plus will have a very similar design to that of the iPhone 15 model. It is likely to have a 6.7-inch display, like the one seen on its predecessor, the iPhone 14 Plus, and will be powered by the A16 chipset, which was featured on the iPhone 14 Pro.

It looks like the iPhone 15 Plus will not be equipped with ProMotion technology or the Always On display feature. But the good news is, the phone is rumored to have the Dynamic Island.

Reports suggest that the iPhone 15 Plus will come in the same colors as the standard iPhone 15 model, such as pink, blue, mint green, red, Midnight, and Starlight. Furthermore, if these rumors are to be believed, not only will the iPhone 15 Plus switch from Lightning to USB-C, but the entire 15 series could experience the same change, including the iPhone 15 Plus.

iPhone 15 Pro

If you’re expecting something new from the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro, you could be in for a surprise! Sources say the Pro version might be equipped with a new processor. The iPhone 15 Pro is said to come with A17 chip, USB-C port for charging, and Dynamic Island.

Are you curious to find out what the iPhone 15 Pro will look like? Reports suggest that the Pro versions will be overhauled to include a titanium frame with slimmer bezels and curved edges. As for the colors of the iPhone 15 Pro, it is expected to come in dark blue, deep red, gold, black and silver.

Leaks about the iPhone 15 Pro’s camera don’t seem to indicate any major upgrades. It looks like the Pro variant will feature a typical zoom lens while its display size is expected to remain the same at 6.1-inches.

iPhone 15 Pro Max

Will the iPhone 15 Pro Max offer any features that the other iPhone 15 models don’t have? According to reports, the Pro Max model this year could have an even better camera than the iPhone 15 Pro.

Leaks regarding the iPhone 15 Pro Max suggest that it may feature periscope lens technology for improved zoom capabilities, which the iPhone 15 Pro might not have.

Similar to the iPhone 15 Pro, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is expected to have the same titanium frame, narrower borders, and smoother edges. Rumors suggest that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will also come with a USB-C port, A17 chip and Dynamic Island as part of its features.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max should have the same color options as the iPhone 15 Pro: dark blue, deep red, gold, black and silver. Furthermore, its size should be comparable to that of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, having a 6.7-inch display.

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