Data reveals the games fans want to see turned into a movie the most, according to social media 🎮

In the last 10 years, there have been a total of 16 games turned into movies – seven of which have been released in the past three years. With the box office success of Super Mario Bros.,and The Last of Us already being renewed for a second season on TV, it’s clear game adaptations are one of the biggest trends of the decade. So, which movies do fans want to see next?

New data from Decluttr reveals the games fans most want to see hit the big screen, according to people’s social media posts. 

By using social sentiment data and analyzing over 540,000 posts across social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit, Decluttr was able to reveal the movies that fans have been discussing the most positively online and hope to see re-created in the near future.  

Revealed: More than HALF of gaming fans want a movie adaption of The Legend of Zelda

RankGameNumber of social mentions on a movie adaptionExcited about the prospects of a movieSkeptical about the prospects of a movieNegative about the prospects of a movie
1The Legend of Zelda100,00060%20%20%
2Red Dead Redemption75,00055%25%20%
3Grand Theft Auto70,00050%30%20%
4The Sims65,00045%35%20%
6Crash Bandicoot55,00040%35%25%
7Call of Duty50,00045%30%25%
9The Elder Scrolls40,00035%40%25%

New data shows that The Legend of Zelda is the game most fans want to see made into a movie. From a total of 100,000 mentions across social media, 60% of comments had a positive sentiment towards the possibility of a movie.

“A Legend of Zelda film would be amazing if it was done right. They could really explore the world and characters in a way that the games can’t.”

Red Dead Redemption comes in second place with 55% of fans hoping to see the game transformed into a movie, followed by Grand Theft Auto seeing 50% excited for a future cinematic release. 

Meanwhile, both The Sims and Minecraft sit midway in the table but have fans questioning whether a movie adaption would be any good.  

Whilst one fan said: “I think a The Sims movie could be really successful. It would appeal to fans of comedies and video games alike”, 35% of people are skeptical and have expressed concerns that a Sims movie would be too focused on the Sims’ lives and not enough on the world around them”. They also don’t believe it will come across well on screen as “the game is so much about creating your own environment”. 

The classic sandbox game Minecraft also has the largest negative sentiment towards the prospects of a movie at 30%. Many fans have concerns that a movie adaptation would be too “kid-friendly” despite being a “great game for all ages” and that they don’t see how a game about creativity and exploration could “translate into a compelling narrative”. 

Fans are MOST skeptical about a future Fortnite and Elder Scroll movie 

Fans of recent favorite Fortnite (35,000 mentions) had only 35% positive sentiment when talking about it being made into a movie, meaning 65% were either skeptical or negative about the prospect.

One fan said: “I’m not sure if a Fortnite movie would be possible. The game is constantly changing and there’s no real story.”

The Elder Scrolls was another notable game with mostly skeptical or negative sentiment (65% in total)

A fan of the Elder Scroll games posted that “the game’s world is too vast and complex to be translated into a movie” whilst another also said that “the game’s characters are too obscure and unlikable to be relatable in a movie.”

Time will tell if these classic games hit the big screen, but if they do, fans are cautious as to whether they can recapture the magic in movie format.


Decluttr used Google Bard to analyze the social sentiment of mentions of games being discussed as movie remakes across social media, looking specifically at top selling gaming franchises that had not already been made into a movie. AI was able to understand the tone and meaning of words and sentences and gather the amount of positive, negative and skeptical mentions.