Should I Buy iPhone 14 or Wait for 15?

Are you curious to know the difference between the iPhone 14 vs iPhone 15? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We will be comparing the upcoming iPhone 15 against the 14 to find out which one is better and if upgrading is worth it. 

Using the current iPhone 15 rumors, we’re exploring the potential iPhone 15 features to see if the latest flagship model is worth the upgrade. So if you’re wondering, “should I buy iPhone 14 or wait for 15”, you’ll find the answer here!

In this blog:

It is said that the new iPhone 15 will have some noteworthy improvements compared to the iPhone 14. Although the iPhone 14 already offers great specs like the A15 bionic chip, dual camera and Super Retina XDR OLED display, the iPhone 15 could have some extra goodies worth considering.

Display and performance

Rumors suggest that the new iPhone 15 could feature the Dynamic Island, which was initially exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models. 

Additionally, the iPhone 15 may be equipped with the A16 processor, another feature that was limited to the 14 Pro and Pro Max. 

While this is great news, there is a possibility that the Pro and Pro Max iPhone 15 models may have the more advanced A17 Bionic chip.


Talk is circulating about the iPhone 15 featuring a smaller bezel and a customizable Action button instead of a mute button. It’s also said that in terms of iPhone 14 vs 15 dimensions, the new iPhone 15 will be 0.1 inches larger than the iPhone 14. 

Apple is reportedly planning to switch the charging port of the iPhone 15 from the standard Lighting port to USB-C, which could be a great benefit for households with a mix of Apple and Android devices, as Android chargers will now be compatible with the new iPhone. However, this could inconvenience people who have built an Apple-only ecosystem.


Looking at Apple’s previous battery upgrades, there may be little to sing about when it comes to the iPhone 15 battery.

The iPhone 13 runs on a 3,227mAh battery, which is almost the same as the 3,279mAh battery of the iPhone 14 – so we can take a guess that the iPhone 15 and the iPhone 14 won’t have too much difference. 

One potential rumor with the iPhone 15 is the addition of reverse wireless charging, which would allow you to charge other Apple devices with your iPhone. However, we’ll have to wait and see if this feature is incorporated.


If you’re searching for an improved camera configuration, the iPhone 15 features should be similar unless you’re willing to spend more and get the 15 Pro or Pro Max. 

The iPhone 14 has a dual-sensor camera setup with a 12MP main and 12MP ultra-wide. We anticipate the iPhone 15 to have a similar two-sensor camera system, although reports suggest the iPhone 15 might have the 48MP main sensor that the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max have.

Final thoughts

When it comes to choosing between the iPhone 14 vs 15, if the reports are accurate, we’d highly recommend getting the new model. So, if you are asking yourself, “should I buy iPhone 14 or wait for 15”, it might be a good idea to wait and see what features the iPhone 15 will offer.

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