Disney live-action remakes that have tanked

Disney films have been adored by all ages right back to 1937 when Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was released. But over the last 20 years, live-action remakes have been extremely popular, with adaptations of beloved movies such as Cinderella, The Lion King, and Beauty and the Beast

As we look forward to the release of The Little Mermaid and Peter Pan & Wendy this year, we’ve got to admit there have been some remakes that, quite frankly, should have never made it to the big screen. Let’s have a look at the top five worst Disney live-action remakes.

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The heartbreaking story of Dumbo was turned into a live remake in 2019 and we ask ourselves, did it really need to be remade? This movie didn’t have the best reaction from Disney fans, with many finding it dull and depressing. Even though the visuals and effects are stunning (credit to director Tim Burton), it just wasn’t worth the hype. 

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We all remember the animated story of the wooden puppet who wants to become a real boy and somehow 82 years after the original, Disney decided to create a live-action remake which didn’t go down too well with fans. 

It doesn’t have the same impact and charm as the 1940s hit and is ranked as one of the worst Disney live remakes, with many calling it dull and unnecessary. 

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In 2019, the live remake of Aladdin was released and one of the most controversial parts of the film was the casting of Genie. Will Smith’s performance had a mixed response, with many who loved the original negatively commenting on the storyline and portrayal of the character that the late Robin Williams made his own over 20 years ago.  

There were also questions regarding the choice of filmmaker, with director Guy Ritchie, who is known for gangster films, having no experience staging a musical or a Disney film. Let’s just say critics thought it was a bit of an odd choice. 

Overall, Disney fans again didn’t really see the need for a remake and it came with its fair share of controversy. 

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Alice Through the Looking Glass

The 2016 sequel to the 2010 film Alice In Wonderland was a huge disappointment for Disney fans. Many thought it was boring, with the same themes reused from the previous film. 

Even though the sequel focuses more on The Mad Hatter, Johnny Depp’s performance was criticized as underwhelming. 

Needless to say, we think Disney should have just stuck with the original. 

102 Dalmatians

Another sequel that tanked, 102 Dalmatians was criticized as boring and too long, receiving a whole load of negative reviews. Critics even thought it was too violent for a children’s film. 

It steered too far away from the original story of the animated classic and unsurprisingly it performed poorly at the box office.

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