Improve your AirPods battery life in 6 simple steps

Do your AirPods run out of battery suspiciously fast? If you’re tired of popping in your AirPods only for them to run out of juice in an hour or so, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ll show you six simple tips and tricks you can use to improve your AirPods battery life. Keep reading to find out more!

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How long do AirPods usually last?

Before getting straight into the battery-saving tips and tricks, let’s see what the typical AirPods battery life is to check if your AirPods are inline with expectations!

 AirPods (1st gen)AirPods Pro (1st gen)AirPods (2nd gen)AirPods Pro (2nd gen)AirPods (3rd gen)
Listening time (buds)5 hours5 hours5 hours6 hours6 hours
Talk time (buds)2 hours3.5 hours3.5 hours4.5 hours4 hours
Total listening time (with case)24 hours24 hours24 hours30 hours30 hours
Total talk time (with case)11 hours18 hours18 hours24 hours20 hours

If your AirPods are running out of battery considerably faster than their average battery time is supposed to, there are a few things you can try before giving up!

How to make your AirPods battery life last longer

Keep them in the charging case

You’d be surprised at just how many people forget to put their AirPods back in the case, but this is an easy tip that can keep your AirPods fully charged and ready to go!

The case provided with your AirPods will recharge your earbuds back to full capacity each time they are put back into the case, so if you’re not putting them back in the case to charge, this could be why your AirPods are dying.

While this won’t improve your battery life, but it could be the reason why your AirPods don’t last very long!

Try a lower volume

Do you enjoy blasting your music on full? Well, this could be the cause of your fast-dying AirPods! This kind of usage will likely run through your battery faster than usual, as a high volume means a high level of battery is needed.

Try turning down the volume on your AirPods to a medium-low level to get your AirPods battery life to last longer. Plus, a lower volume is better for your ears too!

While this will save your AirPods some battery, it will be minimal as AirPods use more power on things like Bluetooth.

Leave the case alone

If you tend to fidget with your AirPods case, it could be why your AirPods are losing their charge quickly. Opening and closing the case will reduce its battery charge, so doing this repeatedly will quickly reduce your AirPods battery life.

While it won’t directly affect how long your AirPods hold a charge, it will affect how fast your case loses charge, which is a big deal if you need to go all day without a charger.

Avoid extreme temperatures

Extreme heat or cold can negatively impact your AirPods battery life, as they cause the battery to overheat or shut down. In some cases, these conditions can even permanently damage your device!

Try keeping your AirPods (including the case) out of direct sunlight when possible and store them somewhere that won’t get cold.

Try using one earbud

Did you know that using only one earbud helps to preserve your AirPods battery life?

If you use a single earbud rather than using both, you’ll only use half the power you usually would use. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to charge the other earbud in the charging case so that you can swap earbuds when the one you’re using runs out of charge!

If you’re going to try this tip out, don’t forgert to switch your AirPods over to mono audio. This can be done via the settings on your phone and will ensure your music plays correctly through a single earbud.

Turn smart features off

AirPods come with lots of smart features and while all these smart features are handy, not all of them are necessary. These features such as Automatic Ear Detection, Noise Cancellation, Spatial Audio, Transparency and charging case sounds tend to be battery-draining as they all need extra power. You can turn off any or all of these features by going into your setting on your iPhone.

If you turn off certain features, you’ll have to alter how you use your AirPods. For example, if you turn off Automatic Ear Detection, you’ll have to remember to turn your music off manually or else your AirPods will carry on playing and will run out of charge even faster!

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