Spring cleaning

8 ways to make spring cleaning easier

The days are getting longer and the trees are starting to bloom. Spring is here, and that means one thing: it’s spring cleaning time.

Spring cleaning can be tough though, which is why we’ve compiled these tips to help you get through it faster and with less stress. And hey, you might get a few dollars out of the deal too!

Break it down

Spring cleaning is daunting. So daunting, in fact, that some people don’t even start.

It doesn’t have to be though. Before you start, sit down and make a plan of action. List the various tasks you’ll need to complete and schedule them over a series of short sessions.

Suddenly, spring cleaning will seem a whole lot easier!

Set achievable targets

‘Clean my entire house’ is not an achievable target. It’s a start, though, because you can break that grand goal into smaller, more achievable targets.

So, ‘clean my entire house’ could become ‘clean my lounge’, ‘clean my bedroom’ and so on.

You can then break those targets into even smaller, even more achievable goals: ‘declutter the bookshelf in the lounge’, ‘organize my sock drawer’, ‘deal with the DVDs’ – you get the picture!

When you’ve drawn up your targets, use an app like Todoist or Wunderlist to track your progress.

Make time

We’re all strapped for time, which is why ‘less important’ stuff like cleaning often falls by the wayside.

Scheduling ‘cleaning time’ into your calendar will help you avoid dodging your cleaning duties. Open the calendar app in your phone and, wherever you have a free weekend or evening, block in an hour of spring cleaning (or two, if you’re feeling productive).

Set an alarm to remind you when it’s time to start cleaning, and use all your willpower to avoid turning it off.


Turn your trash into cash!

You know what they say about trash and treasure. The stuff you don’t want any more could actually be worth quite a lot of money!

Case in point: your CDs and DVDs. With our FREE app, you can scan barcodes as you declutter and see how much your stuff is worth instantly. You can sell video games, books, cell phones and tech with us too.

For clothes and household appliances, take a look on eBay or Amazon and see how much they’re selling for. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Make it fun

Listen to a podcast (a decluttering one may even inspire you to work harder) or put on some music while you work. It’ll make it so much easier and a lot more enjoyable too.

Avoid anything too distracting like a compelling TV show or a movie though!

Visualize your beautiful, tidy home

Try to imagine how great your home is going to look after you’ve put in all this effort. It’ll keep you on track and remind you why you’re spending so long on your hands and knees sifting through CDs you don’t even remember buying.

Get help

Ask a friend or family member to come and help you. A problem shared is a problem halved, after all. Return the favor by helping with their spring cleaning too.

Question everything you own

Bestselling author and decluttering expert Marie Kondo suggests picking up everything you own and questioning whether it adds value to your life. If it doesn’t, thank it for the good times and get rid of it!

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