Horror movie state map

Trick or treat: which horror movie is your state scared of most?

Halloween is approaching faster than Freddy Krueger on a dream motorbike.

Although millions of us dress up and go to a party or even trick or treating (hey, you’re never too old!), a lot of us prefer to draw the curtains, turn the lights off and watch scary movies.

But which movie is your state scared of most? We used our data to find out which horror movie the residents of each state have been selling most, which obviously means that they’re just too scared to cling onto it… right?

Here’s what we found…

Scary Movies by State

According to our data, there are six horror films Americans are scared of most…

IT: Arkansas, New Hampshire, South Dakota

The Conjuring: Florida, Mississippi, New Mexico

The Ring: Ohio, Massachusetts, Texas

The Grudge: New Jersey, New York, Oregon

The Exorcist: Alaska, Kentucky, Tennessee

Friday the 13th: Arizona, Nebraska, Washington

Ghosts, creepy little kids and a serial killer in a hockey mask – they’re enough to make anyone want to sleep with a nightlight.

And we guess that whole creepy clown thing is really getting to folks in Arkansas, New Hampshire and South Dakota too!

Honorable mentions also go out to A Nightmare on Elm Street (2 – Jason beat you Freddy, sorry), The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2), The Evil Dead (2), Sinister (2), Hannibal (2), The Others (2) and, most surprisingly, Secret Window.

The most surprising results of all, though, come from Delaware and Pennsylvania, where Blade and Blade 2 came out on top respectively.  If you’re from either of those states, let us know if you find anything scarier in the comments!

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Here is the full list of movies by state…

AlaskaThe Exorcist
AlabamaThe Evil Dead
ArizonaFriday the 13th
CaliforniaThe Shining
FloridaThe Conjuring
GeorgiaA Nightmare on Elm Street
HawaiiThe Hills Have Eyes
IowaThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre
IdahoThe Others
IndianaA Nightmare on Elm Street
KansasWrong Turn
KentuckyThe Exorcist
LouisianaDark Water
MassachusettsThe Ring
MaineThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Michigan28 Days Later
MinnesotaSecret Window
MississippiThe Conjuring
Montana28 Days Later
North CarolinaWrong Turn
North DakotaThe Evil Dead
NebraskaFriday the 13th
New HampshireIT
New Jersey The Grudge
New MexicoThe Conjuring
New YorkThe Grudge
OhioThe Ring
OregonThe Grudge
PennsylvaniaBlade 2
Rhode IslandWolf Creek
South CarolinaUnborn
South DakotaIT
TennesseeThe Exorcist
Texas The Ring
UtahThe Shining
VirginiaSilence of the Lambs
WashingtonFriday the 13th
West VirginiaThe Others
Wyoming Friday the 13th