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6 easy ways to cut down your CD collection

A few weeks ago, we showed you how to cut your DVD collection down to size.

Now, it’s time to turn your attention to that huge pile of CDs…

The Never Listened

The album you bought to ‘support the scene’, the compilation your well-meaning aunt got you for Christmas, the CD you can’t remember buying and don’t know how it got into your house.

These are ‘the never listened’, CDs that never made it into your stereo but for some reason you haven’t let go of yet. Sell these as soon as possible!

The Bargains

No-one can resist a good deal, even if that deal lands them with a total dud that they only listen to once.

If you still love an album that you picked up for a dollar at the gas station, awesome. If it’s just sitting on your shelf, sell it! The chances are you’ll make most of your money back anyway.

The Embarrassing Secrets

Oh yeah, we know all about that Crazy Town CD you’re stashing under your bed. Mainly because we all have it too.

Sometimes, though, the risk of getting rumbled just isn’t worth the 40 minutes of guilty pleasure bliss. Give them one last spin then bid farewell to your fear of people finding out you like Hanson.

The Bad Memories

Music soundtracks our lives: the good moments and the bad moments.

Some are unable to listen to Celine Dion without being reminded of a break up, while others struggle to make it through a single note of a Limp Bizkit track without remembering that time they got ridiculously drunk at college and ran around campus naked.

The point is, there’s no use hanging onto bad memories. Sell them and free yourself. Unless someone has pictures of that whole naked run thing.

The Borrowed

“Oh hey, you have to check out this band. I’ll let you borrow the album!”

“Sweet, I’ll go home and listen to it straight away”

*5 years later*

“Erm… what is this?”

You’ve got two options here: a) return the CD to your friend and hope they haven’t been harbouring a grudge for the past 5 years or b) sell the CD and hope it never comes up in conversation again. If it does, say the dog ate it. It always works (most of the time).

The Prestige Buys

Music is a great way to show off how cultured and cool you are. A Godspeed You! Black Emperor record says, yes, I can listen to challenging music and no, I don’t just listen to the Billboard 200.

Of course, the real test is when everyone leaves. Do you listen to Revolver or do you spin the latest Lil Wayne album? Even if it’s a classic, any CD you don’t listen to often has to go!

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Image credit: Fred von Lohmann on Flickr