Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Each US State Is Desperately Searching For On #PokemonGo

Pokémon Go fever has gripped America, with millions of people across the country using their phones to hunt for Pikachu and pals. It’s the biggest mobile game in US history, with just under 21 million daily users at its peak.

If you’re not familiar with Pokémon Go, it’s an augmented reality game in which Pokémon ‘appear’ in real life through the camera of your phone. The game alerts you when a Pokémon is near and when you find them, you ‘catch’ them using a virtual Pokéball. The aim of the game is to ‘catch ‘em all’!

Catching them all is no easy feat, though, and Americans are turning to Google to help them find certain Pokémon.

We decided to find which states are looking for which Pokémon most. To do this, we took phrases like ‘where is…’ and ‘how to find…’, paired them up with the Pokémon in the game and measured the volume of searches in each state.

So, without further ado, here are the Pokémon each state is desperately trying to find…

Pokemon Go main image

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Alabama Ditto
Alaska Eevee
Arizona Pikachu
Arkansas Charizard
California Squirtle
Colorado Porygon
Connecticut Golem
Delaware Pikachu
Florida Mewtwo
Georgia Abra
Hawaii Pikachu
Idaho Mew
Illinois Eevee
Indiana Moltres
Iowa Vaporean
Kansas Pikachu
Kentucky Pinsir
Louisiana Electrabuzz
Maine Charizard
Maryland Ditto
Massachusetts Dragonite
Michigan Gengar
Minnesota Gyarados
Mississippi Pikachu
Missouri Squirtle
Montana Bulbasaur
Nebraska Mew
Nevada Eevee
New Hampshire Abra
New Jersey Articuno
New Mexico Zapdos
New York Ditto
North Carolina Eevee
North Dakota Scyther
Ohio Dratini
Oklahoma Vulpix
Oregon Lapras
Pennsylvania Aerodactyl
Rhode Island Pikachu
South Carolina Staryu
South Dakota Ditto
Tennessee Zapdos
Texas Eevee
Utah Charmander
Vermont Persian
Virginia Onix
Washington Moltres
West Virginia Growlithe
Wisconsin Metapod
Wyoming Blastoise

Pikachu is currently the most wanted Pokémon in America, with Arizona, Delaware, Hawaii, Kansas, Mississippi, and Rhode Island all hunting for the ultra-cute star of the TV series. As the ‘face’ of Pokémon, this is no huge surprise.

More surprising is the second most searched Pokémon: Eevee. Despite being one of the lesser known Pokémon, players in Alaska, Illinois, Nevada, North Carolina and Texas are desperate to find her.

The third most searched Pokémon in America is Ditto, another fairly obscure Pokémon. If you find one, let players in New York, Alabama, Maryland and South Dakota know!

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